Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Better Suicide Myself Next Monday

Gosh. I'm in a bad bad mood now.
Tons of tests and assignment are waiting from now on. Though I've finished it for about 50%, I feel like killing myself. Gawd, does that apply to every Sanurian? I mean, the-mental-breakdown-coz-of-too-much-work? I feel DOWN. I'm TIRED. I lose my spirit. I really need someone who can support me all the time. Recently, I lose my taste to study science subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. Yeah. That's the truth. I feel so effin' brainless! Even I don't want to enter Science program, I still don't want to get any bad score from the subjects above. I mean, paling-nggak-dapet-pas-65 aja untuk tiap ulangan aja udah cukup. Oh God, please help me! All I need is SUPPORT. That's it.

Btw, next week, I will be having 6 tests! Each per day. How could this be even worse? GROAR! Well, I need to prepare some coffee :D I will stay overnight to study! As far as I study in Sanur, caffeine is my best friend LOL The saddening one : since I entered Sanur on July I couldn't do anything that I like as much as I can :( Like reading books, webdesigning and fangirling! The last one is all I need now. But I don't have much time X:

Look! Here are the tests that will be held next week :
Mon : Accounting--> Making some financial reports (It's fun!)
Tue : Visual Basic --> Making a program
Wed : Chemistry --> Ikatan Kimia (idk what's ikatan in english, pardon me for this lol)
Thu : Physics --> Newtons's Law
Fri : Math --> Trigonometry

Wish me luck bloggers, especially for Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday''s tests. I feel pessimistic for Chemistry, Physics, and Maths. I'm not into Science. I know I'm not that smart, that's why I need to study hard and be the hardworkest one .. and I hope, Saturday Nov 14 will coming soon ASAP! I need some refreshments by watching YATTERMAN! yatta~

Well, that's all for today.
Gonna turn off the PC, finishing all the assignment, sleep, go to church on Sunday morning, and STUDY...! Bless me GOD! *cross-finger*

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