Thursday, November 25, 2010

Graphic Designer, maybe?

I'm currently in love with Adobe Illustrator CS 3 . Why? Simply because that tools could make my drawings way more better hahaha. Here are my artworks so far :

The main theme is Superhero, made by me and my friend : Rheta Audilla
Call it Super Unyu-Chu (it means Super Cute-Chu ~ something like that)

And here's truly made by me, during the final test :

That's my own character : EVGENIYA (sounds Russian, right? (o.o)v )

and take a sneak-peek on what I did in illustrator :

do you see the flying-pink-object near the girl? LOL

That's all for today. Im gunna nyicil for ulum haha. 3 more days to go before the final exam. Wish me luck!!! :D

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