Sunday, February 13, 2011

Turns Up and Down

Life is a game. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.
Life is definitely a roller-coaster. It turns you up and down.
Life is weird. Sometimes you laugh. The other day you will cry.
- Eugenia Septhariani

My life now is being very different compare with my life in the past. In the past, my life was very very great and I thanked God for His blessings. I'm not trying to be boast here, but since I'm in elementary till junior high, I am a kind of popular person. I get a lot of friends. I always in the big 3 in the class. In junior high, I was a vice chief of student organization for 2 periods, I joined so many competition, I got many achievements, I got along very well with some teachers, I smiled and laughed a lot. I got so many experiences, for instance Konferensi Anak Bobo 2004, Asia Pacific Ursuline Youth Camp 2007 and Kuis Bintang Pintar Ultra 2009.

All my life been good in the past but now I'm thinking WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLL NOW??? I'm feeling too much worry about what my future will be, always in a deep regret every time I got a bad score (even other people looked very calm each time they get bad score), feeling very lonely these days, feeling like other people don't care with me (even a slightest attention--am I too transparent? ha-ha // I'm not trying to get attention from you guys) and probably the most important thing for me now is : WHEN I CAN SLEEP WELL? Everyday I sleep for only about 4-5 hours per day. OMG, I could destroy my health *sigh*

Well, this proves that life really turns me up and down. Tell me God, HOW DO I SURVIVE FROM THIS SITUATION?

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