Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 10 Universities in Canada

1) University of Toronto - Toronto

2) McGill University - Montreal

3) Simon Fraser University - Burnaby

4) The University of British Columbia - Vancouver

5) York University - Toronto

6) University of Calgary - Calgary

7) University of Alberta - Edmonton

8) University of Waterloo - Waterloo

9) University of Ottawa - Ottawa

10) University of Laval - Quebec City

Which one will you choose? :)


  1. woooo niaaaa bagus2 bgt sih gedungnya ahahahahahha tidak seperti sekolah :3
    goodluck niiii!

  2. hello nia post ini sangat menginspirasi gw untuk belajar di Canada, semua gedung universitasnya begitu bagus goodluck nia :)

  3. I won't choose xD
    must be reeaaallyyy insaneellyy expensive~ *at least for me..
    hahahah xD

  4. wah simon fraser university keren banget kak! pilih yang mana nih? :D

  5. Nice post nia! :D! I'm going to york in 2 years hehhehe~ :D -TL

  6. Kewl!!
    I would like to enroll in Toronto but i think the standard is too high for me so i think i will find the one who gives full scholarship, do you have info about that? Thank YOU :D

  7. Wah, some of my seniors got accepted to McGill and other unis in Canada, they said the cost of living there is lower than in UK, then they can do part-time job there. NICE.

  8. Halo Les Lucioles, terimakasih yaa supportnya :)

  9. Halo Yovita Pradita, terimakasih supportnya :)

  10. Hai Vivin, terimakasih commentnya :) Iya, sekolah di Kanada memang cukup mahal termasuk bagi saya :D

  11. Hau Ayke :) Iya Simon Fraser University emang keren! Dulu saya sempat bercita-cita untuk kuliah di sana :D Semoga terwujud yaa ;D

  12. Hello TL :)
    What? You're going to York? Cool :D

  13. Hai Asai64,
    You can contact CESI (Canadian Education Services International) for further information about Study in Canada or visit