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Arashi FNS Meikyuu Love Song Performance

So here's my resulf of Rainbow Quiz (referring to Arashi's color)

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LOL. It's red yo. Red represents Sakurai Sho ^^ (he's my ichiban, btw) Somehow it fits me :) Well, yeah... talking about Arashi. I'm gonna talk about the incident in yesterday's FNS Kayousai 2011. Want to know? Arashi's second performance (Meikyuu Love Song) was really bad and embarrasing, I have to say. I'm gonna post an article from saobang2211@lj

Here's the article :

Hello everyone,
Did you happen to watch FNS Kayousai? Or even if you haven’t, I am sure you are aware of the problem that happened while Arashi was singing Meikyu Love song. I would like to tell you about this problem that I heard.
My dance friend’s mother’s friend’s sister works as a camera man. She was an assistant at the FNS Kayousai. Her, being a fan of Arashi, went to go watch Arashi on the monitor backstage. As soon as everyone heard Arashi singing, backstage was full of panick. These reasons are:
1. Nino’s mic wasn’t turned on in the beginning, until the staff went to go turn it on.
2. Ohno-kun’s mic was not on at all times except his solo.
3. They were supposed to have the earphones in their ears for the rhythm, but they didn’t have them for some reason.
The staff were desperately trying to find the cause for this problem. Finally, they made a conclusion that it was a trap. Have you guys heard? Last year, when it was announced that Arashi would be the host for Kouhaku, there was a weird article that had fake information about Arashi. The problem at FNS Kayousai is not the first time.
It seems that Arashi knew it was a trap. Yet, they continued to sing Meikyu Love Song with a smile.
Hearing that, it made me cry for many reasons. That there are people who do this to Arashi. That Arashi had such a hard time. That Arashi still continued to happily sing.
All credits goes to

So, what can I say about this incident : At first, I felt cringed you know, at the first 10 seconds when the instruments were played. And yeah, Nino's mic was turned off at the start of the song. From that point, all of them were like singing off-tune and I had to say that their voices were dissonance :(( Too bad. But, it was all paid-off with their first performance "Imouto". They sang nicely and their voices blended well :))

Arashi performed "Imouto"

According to what I read in LJ, the incindent wouldn't be a surprise, because they can't hear over themselves with the instrumental being so loud, WITHOUT EARPIECE and EAR MONITOR on the stage. They're trying to raise the volume vocally, which adds to the off-pitchness. For instance, Aiba who was tend to scream and make the song unharmonized .____.

I believed that they were so annoyed. I saw Matsujun's PISSED-OFF face during the song LOL XD I don't really know it was really a trap or someone tried to sabotage them. But as a professional entertainers, eventhough there were technical problems, the show must go on, right? And Arashi has proved their professionalism. Two thumbs up for them! During the song, they kept calm and cool, keep dancing and smiling as if there were nothing happened :') And at the last part of the song, Matsujun gave an "OK" sign it somehow made me tear and broken :(( I know Arashi was really really embarrased and I felt the same way too. Maybe that circumstances was called seconhand embarrased.

Sho sing Meikyuu Love Song (he act like nothing happened, huh?)

As far as I observed, Ohno's voice was great (as always), Sho was decent and stable, Nino.. I don't know... but he was like lowering his voice (it's not unusual Nino since his voice is always on a high-pitch), Matsujun and mostly Aiba who was screaming not singing and sometimes off-tune. LOL with that. All I heard was that they were more likely screaming rather than singing. Thanks to Ohno who sang well during the solo part. I don't know if there was no Ohno, it could be much worsen.

Nino sing Meikyuu Love Song

I know that Arashi is not the best singer. But... after I repeated their performances for the second times, I thought it was NOT THAT BAD AT ALL, eventhough their voice were mostly off-tune. I would like them to continue singing LIVE (not lip-synchronization), because I could HEAR THEIR TRUE VOICE, no matter how bad it is :))

Finally, I really want to say that I'M REALLY PROUD TO BE AN ARASHI FAN. They had already shown us that THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION and that THE SHOW MUST GO ON AND STAY CALM no matter what happens.

For Ohno, thankyou for showing us your great skill during the critical condition
For Sho, thankyou for your big refreshing smile in every condition (after this incident, I'm about to love him more and more coz I know that he is the one that's the most calm in the group, he acted like nothing happens :)))
For Nino, Matsujun, Aiba, thankyou for keeping your smile and stay calm (eventhough I know that Matsujun was deeply annoyed xD)

Haters and anti-fans gonna laugh their ass-off, but Arashi did their best during the performance. Afterall, they are a PRO ARTIST who shows their professionalism :))



  1. LOVE THIS ARTICLE! Thanks so much. Yes, we fangirls must continue to unite and support Arashi :D

  2. thanks for your article,, i'm new for knowing about arashi,, yes, it's late, but i wanna love them for whole packages, not only their shining but also their hardtimes,, they still shining for me,, for arashi, thanks for being arashi 'till now...