Thursday, June 29, 2017

Museum Nasional Indonesia : An Educational Day Out

"Real museums are place where time transformed into space." - Orhan Parmuk

It's summer time and everyone seems to be out-of-town due to Eid (Lebaran) holiday. So I think it was the best time to explore my own hometown: Jakarta. Me and my friend decided to take an educational day out by visiting National Museum Indonesia or popularly known as Museum Gajah (Elephant Building). For a person who always has a "thing" for history like me, I was very excited. We went there using free city tour bus that has been provided by Jakarta's government (big thanks to Pak Ahok, former Jakarta Governor who started this cool idea). Started from Istiqlal Mosque, we rode this double-decker bus. We managed to seat on the top level of the bus. Due to Lebaran holiday, this bus was full-packed with family who brought along their children. So you know, it was kinda noisy with children's nagging, curiosity and most of all : CRYING hahaha. I think the city tour bus is a good thing but it would be better if this bus has a guide that can explain a little about Jakarta's history or at least they can play an audio telling the passengers along the route. Because dude, so many children asking what and why, but their parents cannot give a clear explanation. 

Jakarta City Tour bus
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Jakarta during Lebaran week is like a heaven, I must say hahaha. The only time where no traffic exists anywhere. Another thing to be grateful is I get to see a rare view of Jakarta: A CLEAR SKY OF JAKARTA!

Jakarta's skyscrapers and clear sky : MAJOR LOVE!
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Semanggi area
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Selamat Datang statue and Bundaran Hotel Indonesia
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In total we spent almost 1 hour doing Jakarta sight-seeing tour using this bus. I didn't expect that the enthusiasm of people visiting Jakarta's recreational spots were still high. We planned to explore Jakarta from museum to museum but in the end, we got the chance to visit National Museum ONLY haha. We should come earlier next time then. So here we go, a little review from me about National Museum Indonesia:

Museum Nasional
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Connecting the Dots

It's almost 3 weeks in 2017.
Happy belated new year, anyway.
I personally happy knowing that I survived through the storm in 2016 :")
Patience and faith are two things I learned the most during 2016.

I found no motivation to write on this blog, recently.
Work matters seem occupied my mind, my body, or even my soul (?)

It's been 2017 already and I'm still feel like I'm lost in life, somehow. I still don't know if my journey right now is the right thing and the best path for me. Steve Jobs once said, "You cannot connect the dots by looking forward, but you can connect dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."

But my "dots" in life seems so errand and unconnected HAHA. Looking back, I majored in Science when I sat at high school. Going forward to uni life, I took Accounting as my major and Capital Market as my minor (oh God, look I AM DEFINITELY SO RANDOM); and finally here I am now: working in IT Audit field. I am not even familiar with IT things :")

Well, all I have to do is believing that someday all efforts in the past will make sense in the future - that somehow all my random dots will finally connect in the future :"). I will simply do my best, stay focused on the track and don't forget to pray; let God do the rest. Good things take time, Ni. Try to be happy and be grateful :))

P.S : curhatan dari seorang debu Asso yang sedang lelah diserang deadline bertubi-tubi :")