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Name: Eugenia Septhariani
Sisters:1 -
Brothers: -
Shoe size: 38
Height: 5'1"

Where do you live: Jakarta
Favourite drinks: mineral water
Favourite breakfast: fried rice
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yup
Swam in the ocean: never
Fallen asleep at school: nope
Broken someone's heart: hope not
Fell off your chair: yup
Saved e-mails: if the message is from the person i like I always save it

What is your room like: messy
What's right beside you: bookshelf
What is the last thing you ate: pau

Ever had chicken pox: nope
Sore throat: yep, i recently having sore throat o.o
Stitches: nope
Broken nose: nope

Do you believe in love at first sight: I believe..
Like picnics: yeah
Who was/were the last person/people you danced with: none
Last made you smile: my friends
You last yelled at: my maid

Today did you: I went to school
Talk to someone you like: yeah?
Kiss anyone: nope
Get sick: nope
Talk to an ex: nope
Miss someone: miss him soo..
Eat: yup

Best feeling in the world: when you reach your goals
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: nope
What's under your bed: dunno
Who do you really hate: no one
What time is it now?: 6:15 PM

Is there a person who is on your mind now: nope
Do you have any siblings?: none
Do you want children: absolutely
Do you smile often?: not really
Do you like your hand-writing: yes!
Are your toe nails painted: nope
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: anyone's bed
What color shirt are you wearing now: white
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m.: prayed in the class
Are you a friendly person: i think yes
Do you have any pets: I don't have one
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: dunno
Do you sleep with the TV on?: nope, i sleep with the eyes closed
What are you doing right now?: doing this
Have you ever crawled through a window?: yeah hehehe
Can you handle the truth?: maybe yes and maybe no
Are you too forgiving?: yeah
Do you eat healthy?: LOOK at mine!
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: family
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: i'm a quite person. i don't talk a lot
Are you confident?: yeah!

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. i'll force my dad to move to another country^^
2. give money to charity
3. buy a new big home for my dad
4. traveling around the world
5. etc

5 of my bad habits:
1. Silent
2. Sensitive
3. Hide my feelings
4. Egoism
5. Absent-minded

5 places I have lived in:
1. Indonesia
2. Canada
3. Japan
4. Nobita's house (hehe)
5. Arashi's meeting room

Accepted at Sancta Ursula

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i'm so happy today! well... big THANKS to the God! He has shown His grace to me this afternoon.
guess what??

(drum roll effect)

tadaa.. i'm accepted at Sancta Ursula Senior High School! wow! what an amazing thing for me and for the eight girls who also being accepted with me. congratz to you gals : jessica, maria, livia, yovita, ovi, vinley, chenny, gitta! green jail... i'm coming! we are ready to become a Sanurian! hehe XD

despite that, i'm so sorry to my friends who didn't pass Sanur. i know it's hard for all of you. but, believe that God still offers you many chances (see my previous post!).

okay, well.. that's enough for today. i want to study biology and english for the test tomorrow! once again, thanks God * thanks Mom! i feel grateful for you. you are the best in my life. keep me on your blessings, God. amen.

xx, eugenia


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kemarin itu (27 jan) pengumuman tes CC. dari vincent yang keterima ada 8 anak(!). banyak juga ya! well, congratz to these guys (alphabetically) : bhareno, bitachon, erwin, hansel, herwian, kalvin, ucup, widi. you were doing great! i'm salute with you, folks! CANISIAN! haha. lols. unfortunately, i knew that my friend, kevin, won't pass the test. he looked very stress and down today. it's very hard for him, seeing that his friends were so happy because they have accepted at Canisius College. but don't worry fellas, i think your way is not in CC. i believe that God still love you and He offers you many great chances which is maybe more better than CC : study abroad, for instance. it's more more better than CC, right? come on, let's smile! once again, congratz to all of you guys who accepted at CC!!!

today is the day when OSIS 2009/2010 inauguration held (duileh bahasa gw! keracunan Obama nih XD). and the new Chief of OSIS is Felita Setiawan! yeah.. we made it, man! toss (baca : give me five) dulu vin! (baca : kalvin). me and kalvin is Felita's "tim sukses". we get big success~ well, this is the format of OSIS 2009/2010 (Pengurus Inti) :
Ketua Umum : Felita
Ketua I : Cindy
Ketua II : Steven
Sekretaris I : Greta
Sekretaris II : Pingkan a.k.a acil! (congratz ya dek..^o^v)
Bendahara I : Angga
Bendahara II : Dela
Ketua FPK : Eko (wetzeh.. out of my expectation! congratz yaa eko..! canggih lo, jessica aja jadi kek "in loph" gitu sama lo. XD piss, jes! ampun..^^)

tomorrow we will have geography test. i'm studying now. actually i'm multitasking. typing on this space and studying geography. wish me luck! hope i can get good scores! amen.

oh ya, i realized. FEBRUARY 2nd : pengumuman SMA Sancta Ursula! it coming soon, ne! wow. please pray for me. semoga gw keterima di Sanur. amin. amin. amin! dan begitu juga dengan kalian yang pengen banget masuk sanur. sekali lagi.. amin!

enough today. i wanna study geography, even it's hard to remember! i will try and do my best!

xx, eugenia

Doraemon Last Chapter

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heya guys. this is my 65th posts. i'm back again. i did blogwalking to my friend's blog, Michele, just now, and i found the Doraemon Last Chapter. i sighed when i heard the line "DORAEMON LAST CHAPTER". soon, i feel that I can't read my lovely comic again. i love Doraemon in a quite long time. since i was in kindergarten. until my age now, 15 years old, i still like to watch it on TV. as you know, Doraemon is a well-known story from Japan. everyone knows about the incredible cat, Doraemon and his friend, Nobita. you know Doraemon, right?

i opened the link and i see it.. the story was very sad I think. Poor Nobita, woah! X(. I'm very sad to read that. well, each story must has its ending, right? just see the ending by yourself.. i couldn't tell you anymore. and leave your comments what do you think about the ending.

just open and read it on HERE.

daisuki itsumo.. DORAEMON!!
credits to :

xx, eugenia

Happy Chinese New Year!

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happy CHINESE new year !!!
to all of you guys, who celebrate it
gong xi fa cai
xin nian kuai le

an se ru yi ..
may on this buffalo year, everything will be better than last year

today I didn't have any plans. I just stayed at home. I even don't get any 'ang pao'. I wonder why : wo de ang bao na li? hehe. it's true, since me and my family didn't celebrate it. we have chinese ancestry but we don't celebrate it. maybe I think, um.. we're too .. ehm.. modern! yeah. haha.

anyway, by the way, busway, today (january 26th) is also Justin's 19th birthday! wow. amazing, ne. he's getting older. haha. 19 years old! i've met him when i'm 14 years and he was 17 years old!! today, thanks for your cellphone message! i was happy you were reply my greetings! i appreciated it! X)

HAPPY 19th Birthday

i wish you all the :)
may God always be with you!^^

xx, eugenia

Wasurerarenai (English Version)

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I Can't Forget
By : Arashi

Beyond the ending of a long dream
We must leave one by one
The words that I cannot very well say
Only scattered tears are left in my heart

If I look up, the sunlight is dancing high up to the already white sky
Amazed on how much... I cannot forget you

Walking shoulder to shoulder on winter road, I felt closer to you more than anyone else
I've forgotten the times your always by my side
Because the warmth of our kisses gently fade away
My heart is getting frozen

When I hold a finger of your numbed hand,
I understand the coldness you are giving me

It was mortifying the last time I saw your smile but it was precious
It pierce my heart... I cannot forget

In the corner of the changing days I was always carrying
those days stayed the same when I was searching for you
When the long winter comes beyond the long period
I will even have to collect tears

I cannot forget
Walking shoulder to shoulder on winter road, I felt closer to you more than anyone else
I've forgotten the times your always by my side
Because the warmth of our kisses gently fade away
My heart is getting frozen

credits to :

xx, eugenia

Help Me God Don't Lemme Pass It

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heya guys! i've just woke up from my sleep. hehe. well. today i've done my science competition on kota administratif level. i don't know why. i really really don't want to pass it. help me God. please.. i beg you God!!! let me won't pass it! i'm doing good in biology, but doing badly in physics. ssh.. i really hate physics, but i love biology (: if i pass, i can't join our first try-out for UAN (huh.. ). i wanna join the try-out.. so help me God, let me don't pass it! amen >0> well.. only God who knows. let's see next week.

next week, exactly on january31th - february1st, i will have the first try-out UAN. please help me God to the do my best. i'll start study tomorrow! support me guys!

ok. here are the things that gonna be happen in the near-future (one week later) :
1. Solar Eclipse! (tomorrow -- it's a rare moment! let us see it!)
2. The first Try Out UAN (jan 30th - feb 1st)
3. Pengumuman SMA Sancta Ursula on Feb 2nd (semoga gw keterima dan gw harus keterima! AMIN!)

oh, i almost forgot today is 27th sho-kun birthday!


panjang umur + awet muda, sehat selalu, makin sukses, makin kakkoi ~ !

ready for chinese new year tomorrow!
enjoy my post! ^o^v

xx, eugenia

A Friend Can Turn Into A Foe. Is It True?

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geez! again. i was soo tired, man. outta control^^ but i still try to manage my time by blogging on this space. hehe. the geography lesson was boring. i don't really like the new teacher, honestly. but, still, i try to adapted with her. okay. anyways, recently, i always get bad temper easily. i dunno why. i always grieved all day. hmpp. i have to remember my resolution (smile! smile! smile!). it's hard, ne - since i feel that i'm kinda an inexpressive person. fiuh.. even it's hard, i will try. support me, ok?

today, "Pendalaman Materi" for IX.3 was cancelled because Ms. Lidia were out of town. She has been in Bandung now. we're all so happy. but i also feel a lil' dissapointed.. haha. XD guess what! therefore, this afternoon, maria went to my home after the school. we did some stuffs which are needed for OSIS 2009/2010 inauguration on january 28th ( who will be the next Chief of OSIS? ). it hasn't done yet, actually. hehe. we opened my computer and we tried to find Pet Society's cheat code by Googling. neither me nor maria was very curious about how to cheat. a few seconds later, we didn't found anything. then, we downloaded the cheat engine. the main problem is we couldn't operated it because we don't know how the program works. i give up first, because i didn't take any interest on Pet Society anymore. it was kinda boring and sucks! haha. my paw points hasn't gained up yet. that was make me lazy to play on it.

let's move to the other topic. i read a book and i found that : "a friend can turn into a foe." do you believe that? i think yes. you wonder why? the first reason, he or she is the person who knows you very well. second, he or she of course knows about your strength or even your weaknesses. that's the key, why a friend can turn into a foe, sooner or later. it's my opinion. what's yours? gimme your comments and share your thoughts with me, okay?

well, that's it. i wanna do my essay right now. and also have a dinner. after that, i have to make a prediction table for UAN (must be finished tonight! ganbatte! XD).

~good evening~

xx, eugenia

Everything is Out of My Prediction

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God has showed his grace for me today. Everything is out of my prediction. I swear. I wasn't lied. First, the physics test. Yesterday, my teacher said that i did not get 100. But the truth said.. i got 100 (what an amazing score!). Till the second semester of 9 grade, it's kinda hard for me to get 100 in physics lesson. Thanks to the God! XD It was out of my prediction. Second, i was success in the science competition, and i have to follow the next competition on january 25th (Sho-kun 27th birthday -- support for me Sho-kun!). You know, last Sunday i couldn't answer the test well. I didn't study and the lack of preparation. I had so many difficulties in physics. So i just answered it randomly and choose the best answer which appeared from my messy mind^^. Wow! Sugoi, ne~ God is the best! Once again, i thanked to the God! Please keep me on your blessing till the next competition. God bless me! AMEN. Support and pray for me, okay?

Well, tomorrow we have the Mathematics test : phythagoras. It's not hard, actually. You should have to be more careful in this topic. Hope that i can do my best and I can answer the questions well and carefully.

Oh, i almost forgot. Congratulations to Mr. Obama! You're so cool, Mr. President! Hope you can do the best for the United States and for the world. You're the only one hope for this world. Later I hope you could visit us, here, in Indonesia. P.S : "Jangan lupa mampir ke Menteng, Mister Presiden! Nasi goreng, bakso dan rambutan sudah menanti!"

OK, man. Enough for today. It's already 10.30 p.m, time to go to sleep.
Good night, guys!
~ oyasuminasai ~

xx, eugenia

Mission SUCCESS!

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MISSION SUCCESS! *i'll tell you later*

anyways, school is still ok. even on january 31th and february 1st ( i bet it's hard coz we have to go to school in saturday and monday.. ) we will foll
ow our first try-out. please do me a a favor : pray for me and i promise i will study harder so i can get good scores (AMEN!). today, the campaign goes well. i can't tell you anymore 'bout today coz i wanna eat my dinner. my dad ask^o^.

to my beloved cousin : EVE AZALEA
wish you all the
best, sis!

enjoy reading, guys!

xx, eugenia

Mission FAILED

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uwaa... our final report has rejected. *no! (read : tidakkkk ....... )* it was because so many mistakes and we have got no preparation before. ugh. oh man, i regretted it. we weren't ready. and .. i wonder why we have to do this? i mean revision. ah .. all i have to do now is making the report.

okay, leave that topic! let's move to other topic. today, i joined the science competition. wow.. it's difficult. i admitted it. i did the biology better than physics. the result will be inform on thursday. i ain't hoping that much. haha. so i just can pray to the God. only God who knows. tomorrow, the 8 candidates will held a campaign to show their programmes if they're choose to be a Chief of OSIS 2009/2010. i hope they can do their best.

me, as the official success team, suggest to all of you, who read my post right now, and if you're a Sancto Vincentius's student .. i beg your please...

please vote
FELITA (8.3) as the new Chief of OSIS!
maksa mode : ON

haha.. i believe that felita is able to leading the OSIS. she's kinda a hard-worker typical person. she's smart, nice, faithful, and creative! so, vote for FELITA!

i believe in the miracle! and miracle can change everything! AMEN.

gotta leave now. wanna eat my lunch.
see what will happen tomorrow.

xx, eugenia

The Making of Year Book

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today i was soo tired. we have done for the making of MAGNIFICENT, for the part of 9.1 and 9.3. fiuhh.. anyways, i got a quite "freaks" pose for the yearbook. huhu T.T my teacher directed me to take photo under many plants. uwaa.. that's so freaks! my friends said that i look like a Queen of Plants! ^^ that's so embarassing.. i just can hope, that the photos won't bad as well as i thinking of. haha. coming soon : the photos of yearbook!

enough for today. i'm so tired, man. i'm too tired to type anymore.

xx, eugenia

Cherry Blossoms

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This love, just one love, that I have for you is going crazy in my heart, my heart
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms are blooming in my heart
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms are blooming, flowers called “you”

I’m grateful that I met you in the first place, in these same times in this world
As I think that, all the anxiety I’ve felt up to now disappears, one love
Being awkward, fooling around, talking all evening
The more I come to know of you, the more you seem to me like a sparkling treasure
And it’s because of that that I feel like I’d be hopeless on my own, but once again your smile saves me
I feel like I’d be hopeless on my own, but then I’m wrapped in a huge love
I can forget every bit of the sadness in my heart
If I have you, I can be much stronger than I am now

credits to : Runaway Prince (nice poem, big bro^^ - thanks!)

Hoy! Hoy!

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*drumroll effect* tada... this is my 55th post! yeay! you know, i feel happy now XD. i've told about Vivaldi's biography in front of my class in a good way. and the Four Season played well. thanks God! i could do it well. so i'm feel free now! feel free from the music! for your information, i didn't choose beethoven either chopin. i was confused to decided, man. by the way, thanks, vivaldi :) now, i'd like to prepare myself for the 3 busy days to go!

my waiting list :
1. the making of year book (tomorrow!)
3. science competition (ah.. i always lazy talk about this)

arghh.. it seemed so hard to do! but i keep try to do my best.. and i'm still hoping that i can be accepted in Sancta Ursula High School. help me God! well, i'm still hoping it because that school is the only school i choose.
keep spirit!
ganbatte kudasai, ne!^^

enough for today. gotta eat my dinner^^
i hope y'all like my post!

xx, eugenia

Another Stupidity

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harloo! hahaha... well, until now the rain still dropped hard. i feel lazy to go to school this morning. i'm still hoping that the flood won't happen^^ ehe :D nothing special in school, but i don't know why, i feel more happier today and the laughter decorate my face! wow! it's a big better movement for me! you know, since third grade, i always feel unenthusiasm, since i have to decide my future.. ah. forget that, back to the main topic. i've got an embarassing experience just now.

i wanted to send a mobile message to my friend. her name is jennifer leona. i asked her about the making of LPJ's report. then, i send it to jennifer. a few minutes later, i got the reply. i was shocked. jennifer leona didn't reply it. it was jennifer! gee, wrong number! wrong send! fyi, i have two friends named jennifer in my school. one is jennifer - my classmate, the other one is jennifer leona - in the other class. that message supposed to be jennifer leona, not jennifer (without leona). that was so embarassing. hazukashii ne~ >.<
so. . . after you read that .. based on my embarrasing experience above, i suggest you to:
don't you ever give your future child's name by a-well-known name! you should give them by an unique name, like mine : EUGENIA. that was so unique, right? (NARCISSIST MODE : ON). my friend had ever say to me that my name sounds like a fairy name! wow *blushing* >.<

ok.. enough for today. gotta make my music report!
i'll be very busy for this 4 days to go! year book, LPJ, and science competition! gimme your blessings, God! so i can do my best!^^

xx, eugenia


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something awful was happened in P.E lesson of my class. it was freak-crazy! LOL. jadi pas kumpul di tengah lapangan buat pemanasan, udah mulai gerimis tuh. fyi, kelas gw yang biasanya 38 anak, menyusut tinggal 26 anak. you know what? 12 of us have to join the intake test for St. Theresia's High School (good luck for them!). anyways, aneh ya cuaca sekarang. tadi pagi masih cerah, mulai siang malah ujan. pas disuruh lari keliling lapangan hujannya udah mulai deras. nah, pas lagi istirahat abis lari, hujannya makin gede gak keruan. anak2 cowok bareng pak agung langsung lari ngamanin matras yang dipake buat lompat tinggi. mau tau yang cewek-cewek pada ngapain? (termasuk gw tentunya -- i'm a girl!). kita berteduh di bawah atap taman ria TK. tadinya sih kita duduk-duduk aja di bangku. eh, hujannya makin lama makin gede terus berangin lagi. jadilah kita semua berdiri, trus sebagian balik badan ke arah taman ria TK. di tengah hujan yang gede ntu, kita pada teriak-teriak kayak pengungsi yang udah berhari-hari gak dapet makanan. duh! drama-queen banget ya, gw? :) udah gitu, tiap ada anak SD lewat bawa payung, kita teriak2 minta pinjem payung! xixi^^. saking hebohnya [kata marcella teriakan kita sampe kedengeren ke kelas 9.2 -- masa sih?] kita teriak, pak veri yang ngajar di kelas 8 sampe ngeliat ke arah kita. haduh... cewek-cewek 9.3... ckckck. bahkan waktu pak iwan masuk ke perpus, kita malah manggil-manggil pak iwan. akhirnya, karena udah rada lama nunggu, dan hujannya gak berhenti-henti, ya udah, kita inisiatif lari ke arah gedung SD. hujan-hujanan deh. haha. kita sempet nunggu di aula baru yang di bawah. gw, maria, jessica, widi, inot sempet maenan donal bebek (-.- maenan gw jaman baheula tuh!). it sounds childish, ne? haha. tapi cuma bentar, kok (: abis itu pak agung nyuruh anak2 cowo buat masukkin matrasnya ke aula. jadi deh latihan lompat tingginya. gaya flop or anything namanya.. ribet amat ya, lompat tinggi aja kebanyakan gaya.

-- 1 hour P.E lesson .. everything was okay--

the bell rang at 10.40 a.m. P.E lesson was over. i went to the side of the hall, and i realized that my shoes was wet. OMG! not just the shoes, but also the socks! nah. soon i decided not to wear my shoes. my friends do either. haha. we seemed to be like an "ANAK KAMPUNG" (kevin says. lol!), since we walked around school without wearing any shoes. fortunately, the teachers didn't got angry of us. one of them just take a look on my feet and smiled! hehe. so.. it's OKAY, ne!

P.F : January 12th 2009
wish you all the best, friend!

i think it's enough for today. i still have many homeworks to do. and of course.. study! haha. don't be shocked if soon i'm turned into a nerd whether a freak. a super nerd or freak, i think. haha. okay, then.
gotta log out soon.

quote for today : "Jangan maen hujan-hujanan!" (loh? haha.. jayus banget ya quote yang gw buat based on my experience today?!)

xx, eugenia

Boredom ..

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fuuh. boored. :D kinda tired and lazy. i just could sleep all day. LOL. nothin' special today. anyways, anyone can help me? could someone translated Fur Elise partiture which composed by Beethoven? i can't understand anymore, since i don't like music. ***n with music! haha.

well.. i think enough today. gotta study. hehe. (remember my resolution : study harder!)

xx, eugenia

Cute Stuffs

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awww.. they were extremely cute!
hope i can have one!

pink onigiri

onigiri *blushing*

mr. onigiri

cute kitty

credits to :

xx, eugenia

Which One?

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heya there. i'm back. could you help me?

which one should i choose?


Ludwig van Beethoven

Francois Frederic Chopin

i like both of them. they were two great composers in the romantic age. Beethoven come from Bonn, Germany. Chopin come from Poland. Beethoven with his Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata. Chopin with his Fantasie-Impromptu. for me, Fur Elise is easier than Fantasie-Impromptu to play with. on the other hand, i like Fantasie-Impromptu more than Fur Elise. haha. which one should i choose, then? please gimme some advice! do you guys mind to teach me to play Fur Elise? this is a project for my music lesson next week. help me, please! leave some comments! thanks!

xx, eugenia

My Pic!

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OHno-ninoMIYA Satoshi-Kazunari

you can see my pic (handmade -- of course!) above. haha. what do you think? it looks cute, isn't it? lols. fyi, it's ohno and nino from japanese boyband, Arashi. leave a comment on CBox (please click on 'Tag' menu). today i was tired coz i attended the christmas party at my mom's former office^^. at there, i met my mom's officemates. they were really care and kind to me. and you know what, i also met people from USA. he is the head of the office. he brought his family, which are consists of : a-pretty-wife and two cute boys. i swear! his children were really good-looking, even though they were still .. um... under-age. yes! they're just kids! wow XD.
i think enough for today. i'm too tired to type it.
gotta sleep. the clock has shown 1.20 a.m!
good night! see y'all later.

xx, eugenia

Otanjoubi Omedettou, Sensei!

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wish you all the
hope that your wish will be granted, always success in your career as a teacher and God Bless
You and your family!

today (jan 8th) is our home-teacher birthday, Mr. Veri. we made a lil surprise to celebrate his birthday. haha. it a lil bit strange - i think. after the broken-bell-ringing (iyalah.. secara lonceng yang bunyi kalo digoyangin itu dideketin ke mic -- speaker sentral. swt... totally gak modal! bel rusak gak dibenerin..), maria, our class leader wanted us not to leave class. soon, we asked each other : buat apaan sih? mau ngumpul buat apa? and then riri told me that we would have to celebrate Mr. Veri's birthday. upps, i forgot! (emang absent-minded banget gw >.<). tapi denger kea gitu, gw biasa aja. dan mengutuk dalam hati, "yah, kapan gw lunch-nya?" bisa kelaperan pas PM nih. haha. it sounds not good, right? guru ulang tahun, gw biasa-biasa aja. terus, pas pak veri menuju ke kelas, kita semua masuk ke kelas. trus, ngobrol-ngobrol kek biasa. and then, mr. veri came into our class. some students returned their grades to him.

pak veri : "apa yang mau kalian bicarakan dengan pak veri?"
maria : "siap! beri salam!" (ketawa-ketiwi)

anak" : "selamat (pak veri mulai aware nih.. ) ulang ta
hun, pak veri! HAHA ! HAHA! pak veri : (hanya bisa nyengir -- terharu kali ya!)

abis itu kita semua tepuk tangan. widi maju sambil bawa kue ultah yang dibeli oleh edit. di situ angka 34 tertancap di kue (wow! ternyata masih muda juga ya! that was totally out of my expectation before. i thought he was 38, more or less ^o^) that was mean the was born on january 8, 1975). oya, lilinnya sempet gak bisa nyala gara-gara lighternya ngadat. udah gitu sempet jatuh lagi kena ke kuenya. tapi untung ada inot yang bisa nyalain...). kemudian pak veri ngucapin terimakasih karena kita udah perhatian sama dia. tapi ini nih.. yang bikin ni surprise rada gagal : "sebenernya dari tadi pagi bapak udah curiga. kok anak-anak pada menghindar. tiap ketemu ngejauh, dan belum ada yang ngasih selamat. bapak pikir : 'wah, pasti ntar mau dikerjain nih!' ternyata benar." sambil nyanyiin lagu 'Tiup Lilin' (idk what's the exact title for this song), pak veri manggil maria, our class leader maju ke depan buat megang kuenya. sebelum niup lilin, pak veri make a wish (duh bahasa gw). abis itu... fiuhh!!! *see this pic below*

abis niup lilin beliau menyampaikan wishes-
nya. pertama, dia pengen banget punya rumah sendiri (setelah punya istri dan anak 'sendiri'). kedua, dia pengen kita bisa lulus dengan nilai bagus (AMIN!!!). kemudian pak veri motong kuenya.

you know for whom he gave his first cake? it refers to DIPTA! dipta adalah satu-satunya murid yang dapet diperhatiin terus sama pak veri selama satu semester kemaren. what a nice teacher! here's dipta :

second cake.. it goes to WIDIA! for her efforts during the first semester. (sorry i got no pic. T.T)

third cake.. for the most awkward-funny guy in 9.3 : KEVIN!!!

the last one.. ALEX! pak veri berharap banget dia bisa masuk seminari! (ayo lex, usaha n niat buat masuk seminari!)

abis bagi-bagi kue, maria motong-motong kuenya jadi 23 bagian. masih kurang 15. haha. but, it' OK. setelah itu, acara selese karena udah bel tanda mulai PM (pendalaman materi -- buat UAN!). abis UAN, pulang deh. untung pak dami lagi baek, jam setengah tiga lebih kita udah boleh pulang (thanks, sir!)

well.. congratz for mr. veri! god bless u! and for you guys, keep spirit for this exhausted-pendalaman-materi.. okey??? cheers!

malem ini masih harus ngulang bahan .. ayo! semangat! semangat! harus bisa! fighto~oh!
xx, eugenia

Found Some Arashi Cute Pics

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Found some arashi cute pics ..

sho ~ nino cute expressions

sho & nino COOL MODE

riida ~ nino



xx, eugenia


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This poems are taken from novel "Maryamah Karpov" written by Andrea Hirata

Tahukah dirimu, kawan?
Dalam serpih-serpih cahaya
Dan gerak-gerik halus benda-benda
tersimpan rahasia
Mengapa kita ini ada

Dengan pisau lipat
Kuukir pelan-pelan
Kalimat yang dalam
Dari perasaanku yang larat
Karena hormatku yang sarat
untuk pesona persahabatan dan kecerdasan
Lintang, Lintang, hatimu yang benderang
qui genus humanum ingenio superavit
Manusia genius tiada tara

Horizon, horizon setelah itu, tak ada hal lain
Horizon di langit dan horizon sejauh jangkau pandang
Muara menyempit, delta mengerut
Hutan lindap, daratan kelabu
Lalu laut, laut seluas langit
Datar, tetap, tak berhingga, biru mendebarkan

Siapa yang menabur senyum
Dialah yang akan menuai cinta

Kuberi tahu satu rahasia padamu, Kawan
Buah paling manis dari berani bermimpi
Adalah kejadian-kejadian menakjubkan
Dalam perjalanan menggapainya

Dan tiba-tiba hari-hariku berubah menjadi puisi
Semilir di pagi hari
Meriang jika riang
Pecah, serupa ombak-ombak
Pasang kalau malam

Credits to : Andrea Hirata

xx, eugenia

Welcome 2009!

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-- HELLO 2009! --

have a prosperous year to you and your family! god bless us!

finally 2009 is coming! and this my first post on the first day on 2009! LOL XD. you know, bad news today : gw baru bangun jam 1 siang! oh my God, that was the worst record of my life! haha. sumpah, seumur-umur rekor bangun jam 1. biasanya selalu jam 9, tapi makin ke sini gw bangun tidur makin siang aja. huhu.. well, sekarang udah 2009! yang pasti banyak hal yang akan terjadi di 2009. good or bad, who knows?

let's see what's gonna happen on 2009 :
* January5th : the school begins! for 2nd semester [study hard!]
* Pengumuman SMA Santa Ursula on February 2nd [moga" masuk, AMIN! bless me GOD!]
* Try out ujian try out ujian praktek exams exams EXAMS ... [do my best!]

* UAN 2009! [help me God to do the best and i will graduate well]


i hope :
* bisa diterima di SMA Santa Ursula [it's about one month to go from now... my sudden death! lol]
* bisa ikutin try out semaksimal mungkin
* LULUS SMP dengan nilai memuaskan [AMIN!]

* bisa apply ASEAN scholarship! dan bisa dapetin beasiswanya [i'll do my best.. and help me God for my better future... ]

* His blessing will never stop, t
o me, to my Dad, to my family, to my friends, to Indonesia
* the war between Israel n Hamas will be stop! [kan penjajahan di dunia ini harus dihapuskan]
* Indonesia will become a better country!

my resolutions :
* lebih ceria n semangat!
* study harder .. of course! [fighto ~ oh!]
* makan banyak biar gendut..! hoho [resolusi yang meaningless ya?^^ tapi buat gw meaningful banget...]
* jadi cewek yang lebih dewasa .. [must! this year i'll turning 16!]
* be a nice girl at all!

oke segitu aja buat new year ini. gw cuma bisa berharap semoga tahun ini gw tetap diberkahi keberuntungan, kebahagiaan dan segala sesuatu yang baik! keep blessing me God! god bless us! :) message for readers : hadapi 2009 dengan senyum!