Arashi Meme

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Snagged it from someone's multiply

1) Who would you get caught in bed with?
Eh? LOL xD I think it would be Sho-chan or even Matsujun, coz yeah, their bodies are yummy... :p

2) Who would you most likely get into a fight with?
Mostly I think it's J. Though I don't want to fight with anyone at all.

3) Who do you think is hot?
All five of them are hot in their own ways but for me definitely it's my ichiban, Sho xD his cute expression while losing games in VS Arashi and his hot sexy dance while performing T.A.B.O.O LOL LOL

4) Who will you most likely marry?
It's definitely SHO! He has that husband-like figure the most!

5) Who would you go on a date with?
Aiba-chan, for sure it'll be loads of fun, I think :)

6) Who is most like you?
I think it's because he's very much just like me; even though I'm not a game otaku like him. But my sarcastic personality yet my sharp tongue definitely similar to him~~

7) Who could you be enemies with?
Like i said earlier, i don't wanna fight with anyone...especially with Arashi

8) Who would be your hang out/shopping buddy?
I think it would be J, since he is the most fashionable in Arashi...

9) Who will you have a one night stand with?
Riida of course~~

10) Who will get along with your parents/family?
I really think it would be Aiba-chan due his friendly personality

11) Who would you fall in love with?
Sho-kun desu, since he's my ichiban :)

12) Who would you want to be your brother?
Sho or J, they have an image of being caring and protective respectively

13) How would you confess your love for them?
I'll just have to be able to confess to him directly, and just shout that i like/love him

14) Who do you think has the sexiest body?
Sho-chan :3

15) Who do you think will give the best sex ever?
Either J or Sho (again) lol xD *like I'm biased with this pair*

16) Situation: you saw the most gorgeous dress that you want to buy for a function but the price explodes right out of your budget, so you go up to one of the boys and ask to borrow some of his money. His reaction would be…
Aiba: Hai. Take this.
MatsuJun: How much do you need?
Nino: Muri~ That's too expensive!
Ohno: Nani??!!
Sho: Ehh??!!

17) What nicknames would you call the boys?
Aiba - Aibacchi
MatsuJun - J
Nino - Neen
Ohno - O-chan
Sho - Sho-kun

18) Who is most likely to settle in a quiet town beside the beach and find pleasure sitting and watching the sun rise and set?
It's definitely Riida :)

19) Who is most likely to be spotted at the buffet table?
Aiba-chan :)

20) Who would you like to go on an exotic vacation in Italy with?
J of course :)

21) Who do you want to be the godfather of your kids (with any of the boys)?
I hope it's Sho-chan :D

Happy Lunar New Year 2012

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It's officially the year of dragon :)

Menurut peruntungan, katanya shio ayam air alias shio gue bakal mengalami banyak peruntungan di tahun naga air ini. Ya gue sih sebenernya gak gitu percaya sama hal-hal yang kayak gini. Tapi sejauh ramalannya bagus ya gua amini dan percaya saja :)

Katanya, pemilik shio ayam harus lebih banyak membangun jaringan atau koneksi dan bergaul dengan teman-teman baru. Kemudian ada baiknya para ayam harus belajar mengambil keputusan dengan bijaksana, terutama yang berkaitan dengan masa depan. Ada baiknya mencoba untuk berbisnis. Terus juga katanya semua kerja keras tahun 2011 akan membuahkan hasil di tahun 2012. AMINNN :))

Kalau dipikir bener juga lho ini ramalan. Secara tahun ini gua akan mulai kuliah, bertemu lagi dengan temen-temen baru :) Terus katanya sebaiknya mencoba berbisnis. Ini juga salah satu yang sedang gua pikirkan, yaitu rencana untuk berinvestasi sehabis UN. Yah semoga rencana gue untuk berinvestasi tahun ini bisa kesampaian deh yaaa AMIN AMIN AMIN :) Dan yang gak kalah penting lulus SMA dengan nilai yang gemilang. AMINNNN :)

That's Why I Love Them

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To be honest, Arashi’s music really has a lot of parts where we cannot develop freely according to our own will, but to be content with ourselves even under many different restrictions is also our style. “It’s precisely because it’s us that we can find pleasure in what we do” kind of feeling. That’s probably very important too. If even we can’t find the joy in what we do, then how can the fans do the same?
- Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashigoto Photobook; 10.000 Word Interview)
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Hari ini gua belajar banyak dari misa kelasnya Bimasena & Drupadi tentang EKSPEDISI (Ekspektasi dan Realisasi). Dari segi dekorasi, misa kelas kali ini memang cukup simpel. Tapi two thumbs up banget buat visualisasinya! Pesannya dapet banget dengan jalan cerita yang unik dan mengena~ GREAT JOB GUYS!
Jadi gua sadar kalo kita hidup di dunia ini pasti penuh dengan ekspektasi. Definisi ekspektasi sendiri artinya lebih dari sekedar harapan saja. Di dalam ekspektasi ada kegigihan, ada usaha untuk merealisasikan apa yang kita cita-citakan. 

Ekspektasi dari harapan, cita-cita dan impian juga perjuangan keras merealisasikannya :

1. TIDAK ADA KEBETULAN dalam hidup ini, yang ada ialah PENYELENGGARAAN ILAHI
Sering gak ngeliat teman kita yang ulangannya dapat 9 atau 10 dan dia cuma bilang "ah, gua hoki doang kok..." Gak ada tuh yang namanya hoki! Atau juga tentang pertemuan cowok dan cewek yang ketemunya gak diduga-duga seperti yang sering kita lihat di drama-drama Jepang atau Korea, dan  kemudian mereka berakhir menjadi sepasang kekasih yang tak terpisahkan. Mungkin kadang kita menganggap semua hal yang tidak terduga, tidak disangka-sangka, yang kita alami, adalah suatu kebetulan atau keberuntungan semata. Gak ada kebetulan ataupun yang namanya keberuntungan di dunia ini. Semua peristiwa yang terjadi di dalam hidup kita, baik itu yang baik maupun buruk, BUKAN SUATU KEBETULAN. Semua itu udah diatur sama Tuhan dan hal ini merupakan penyelenggaraan Ilahi.

2. Tidak ada berkat atau rahmat, yang ada ialah kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang harus kita pilih
Pernah kan kita bingung banget menentukan sesuatu misalnya saja jurusan kuliah yang pilihannya amit2 banyaknya. Dari sekian pilihan yang tersedia, cobalah untuk yakin dan teguh, pilih satu pilihan, jalani dan hadapi pilihan itu, dan kemudian dengan sendirinya akan mendatangkan berkat dan rahmat buat kita :)

3. Hanya ORANG BIASA yang mengatakan bahwa ada SESUATU YANG TIDAK MUNGKIN
Pasti sudah kenal dengan quotes ini : "Impossible means I'm possible." Percayalah, TIDAK ADA SESUATU YANG TIDAK MUNGKIN. Oleh karena itu dikatakan hanya ORANG BIASA yang bilang kalo ada sesuatu YANG TIDAK MUNGKIN. Jadilah orang yang LUAR BIASA yang PERCAYA bahwa SEGALA SESUATU MUNGKIN!

Postcard #7

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From Kajo - Finland (FI - 1137041)

I don't have anything to comment about because this is an ad-card :)

Postcard #6

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From Biene75 - Germany (DE - 967312)

I wish I could live there for the rest of my life :')

Postcard #5

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From Thea2 - Netherlands (NL - 697856)

Actually the sender is the wife of the first sender :) (see postcard #1). Coincindence, eh?
And this Hoorn city is awesome. I would like to visit here, someday

Postcard #4

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From ShivaShanti - Switzerland (CH-83592)

Switzerland night-view. So beautiful, isn't it?

Postcard #3

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From hef  - Germany (DE - 962391)

This is the third postcard that I received :) The palace is so beautiful, isn't it?

A Little Wish

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I wish I got a New Year postcard from Sho-chan with his dragon picture in it. *seems LEGIT LOL XD*

Taken from Twitter @/soranarumi

Happy New Year 2012 ^^

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Akemashite omedetou :) Yoi kotoshi o :D

I really hope that this year will be better than 2011. And plus.. let's prove what's going to happen in December 21st, 2012 ;) I don't make any resolutions, by the way. I just want to keep it going... kinda.. let it flow. Yeah, just let it flow.  This year  maybe the last new year I could celebrate with my high school friends. We're all going to different paths in life. Some will stay in Indonesia and some will go abroad to continue their study. What about me? Yeah,*unfortunately* I still stay in this country to continue my study majoring in accounting. I hope life in university goes well ^^ 

About the yesterdays's New Year Eve, I didn't do anything in particular. Just stayed at home and watching 62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen on NHK and it was AWESOME. GREAT. AMAZING.  There were some parts that I loved from this year's Kouhaku. 

First, Arashi and Mickey part. They danced and sang "Wish Upon A Star" and "It's A Small World" in  Japanese version :) What made funny is that my dad commented on Arashi members :) He said that MatsuJun is the most charismatic yet handsome member LOL xD But in the other hand, he said Aiba is the most silly member *so true dad!* He didn't make any comments for Sho-kun and Riida, I don't know why.

Second, Ashita o Utao part when Arashi sang "Furusato" (Hometown) and Sho playing the resurrected piano. It was so amazing yet beautiful. I was touched when Ohno sang the first line of the song :')) I almost broke into teary eyes while listening the song. The song and the lyrics was just so beautiful :) And through the VTR, they sang the song with Tohoku earthquake and tsunami victims. As for Sho's piano performance, now I LOVE HIS SIDE PROFILE :) I also love his intense looks towards other members while playing the piano.

Some caps :

Sho-kun, Nino-Ohno, dan Jun-Aiba dalam 3 frame caps #KOUHAKU2011


Super close up Sakurai Sho #KOUHAKU2011
Sho-kun intense look ASFAKSFJASDLOMGGG 

Nino close up #KOUHAKU2011
Nino while singing Meikyuu Love Song

Third, Arashi's performance. They performed Kouhaku Special Medley with Meikyuu Love Song and Hatenai Sora in it :) This performance was AMAZING :) ARASHI OWNED THE STAGE! The illuminated Arashi at the end of the Meikyuu performance was totally awesome, I have to say. They played with kinect, actually. Here's the caps :

Oh God, why the world is beautiful ? :''')))

They walked and kicked the block :)

As the Hatenai Sora started, the screen showed some butterflies ^^ and when they started singing, the screen turned into blue sky with cloud on it. I imagined that Arashi sang in heaven LOL xD. Below is the picture, look at the blue screen :

Arashi membungkukkan badan setelah membawakan Meikyu Love Song #KOUHAKU2011

Another silly things that I noticed was that Sho was always standing side-by-side with Jun from the start until the end Kouhaku #yes I am a Sakumoto shipper ❤ :)) The other one was when Inoue Mao and Jun talked while MC-ing :') Jun only payed attention too much on Mao, btw :) My HanaDan couple has returned ^^

Overall, this year's Kouhaku was great :) All the performers did their best ^^ Congratulations for Red Team who won this battle. It surprised me when Inoue Mao-san was really touched and she cried with pride because of the winning :) Hope next year Kouhaku will be as great as 2011 Kouhaku!

All pictures credit to : Arashindo :)