Hanabira Giveaway

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Hi readers :) To celebrate the 6-months-versary of my lovely online shop, Hanabira, I make a giveaway.

So, here's the rules :

Hanabira Awesome November Giveaway 
Period : 14 November 2012 - 26 November 2012


1. Like this page first (go to http://www.facebook.com/HanabiraOnlineShop) (+5 points)
2. Follow our Twitter (@HanabiraShoppe) (+4 points)
3. Promote our shop to 5 people of your friends (real Twitter account, please) (+3 points)
4. Share this picture to your FACEBOOK TIMELINE and some of your friend's or page account by clicking "SHARE" button in this photo (every picture you share worth +1 points - you can share AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ^^)
5. After you're done with steps 1-4, tweet "I want to win November Giveaway from @HanabiraShoppe" (+2 points)

For EXTRA POINTS (optional) :
1. Give a comment of any items on http://www.facebook.com/HanabiraOnlineShop (+4 points)

If you're done, please leave a comment on this picture with this format :
1. I want to win free accesories from Hanabira!
2. Your name
3. Twitter Account & Facebook Name
4. Tweet's URL (your tweet "I want to win November Giveaway from @HanabiraShoppe)
5. Extra Points *optional* (tell us whether you have commented on our fanpage or not)

We will picked 2 winners and announce the winner on November 30, 2012. Picked depends on 
HOW MANY POINTS you have collected. Please make sure you've set your Facebook & Twitter 

This giveaway is open for Indonesian readers until November 26th, 2012. 

A Person with No Will to Fight, Will Never Be Happy

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So yea... this is me. Recently. Didn't gain any weight -____- I'm not chubby anymore :( College life is slowly killing me. Life is really hard. As a sophomore, I am still "free". I don't join any organizations. You might think I am unsocial? Unfortunately I have to say yes... I haven't found a place where I could enjoy to be myself. Haven't found partners who have the same perspectives as mine. I have gone so many organization's interviews, but no results. I still don't get accepted :( I don't know what's wrong with me. Well.. all I need to do now  is to stay focus on the academic things. GPA is the most important thing, at least for now...

There haven't been any people who I could talk everything to... So, writing is kinda my sanctuary. It's always been relaxing after I writing some posts, here, in this lovely blog :') And moreover, this makes me look like a-total-introvert, ya know x))

I'm gonna FIGHT no matter what... I'm never gonna give up! :) 

"A person with no will to fight, will never be happy." - Mei-chan no Shitsuji

To My Present Self

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Dear present self,

Why you keep on tearing yourself down? You are always upset, even when there's actually nothing to be upset of. You make things complicated when it should be simple. What are your plans? I know you have dreams you wanted to pursue but the problem with you is that, you know the opportunity is just right in front of you but you don't grab it. Your stubborn mind stops you from doing those things that will make you happy. You are nothing but a coward who only knows how to hide and pretend. How long you intend to remain like that? You expect too much from yourself. That expectation is the ultimate reason why instead of being contented, you are asking for more.  You are truly blessed compare to others so please stop your absurdity. Be grateful. You need to focus on the beautiful events in your life, not unto the problems. Come out of your shell. Don't live in the world's standards. Don't strive to become popular. You shouldn't care what others think about you. You don't live to please anyone. Thus, live as yourself meant to be. Learn to accept your imperfections. There's nothing to do with those but to embrace them. Your flaws, it's what makes you, you. Remember, you are loved.

your future self

Things I Want to Treasure in Life

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Picture credit to Jeanice (@em_jeanices)

Thank you for being such best friends in these past 2 years :")

Undisclosed Feelings

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Akhirnya baru sempat menemukan waktu dan mood yang tepat untuk nge-post lagi. Apa kabar gue? Yah, masih begini-begini aja kok gue. Masih single and (not) very happy :P Iya kok. Masih belum happy aja sama kehidupan kampus gue. Don't ask me why deh. Tolong jangan salahkan gue kalau blog ini isinya melankolis semua. Khususnya yang suka baca blog ini (ya kali kayak ada yang baca aja). Ya karena hidup gue begini-begini aja. Bukan berarti gue gak bersyukur. Tapi... hidup gue masih seperti ini saja *pengen nangis di pojokan*. Gak berubah banyak. Cuma di blog ini gue bisa menumpahkan "my undisclosed feelings" *duh bahasa gue* 

Sampai saat inipun.. Masih belum bisa 100% happy di kampus... Selalu ada penyesalan. Kenapa gue harus masuk kampus ini... Karena jujur aja kampus ini seolah cuma sudden-decision dari gue aja. Dari awal gak pernah lho kepikiran sekali pun untuk kuliah di sini... Dari dulu... cuma pengen kuliah di luar negeri. Titik. Ya, mungkin Tuhan mengingatkan gue. Kalau gue memang lebih tetep stay di sini. Mungkin gue-nya terlalu songong. Padahal gue memang gak mampu kok untuk studi ke luar. 

Harus tetap kuat. Harus tetap semangat. Man jadda wajadda!