Thursday, May 07, 2009


The practical exam has been over. Yeah!
I have done a quite good job in "TIK". I've finished all the tasks given. Even I finished it badly in Macromedia Flash part. I was doing good in Ms Word, Excel and HTML. Thank God! I'm quite lucky today. I finished it QUITE well. haha.

And the last one is English. The listening part is easy, but still, I got only one mistake! I regretted it, why I chose answer C. It suppose to be D. T.T But in speaking part, I think I can covered my bad in listening, because I'm doing good in telling a story, even some odd-guys were hanging around me and made some dorky expression to lost my concentration.
*This is called : LUCKY*

Now I only have 1 exam left. The Theory Exam, will held on May18-20

Anyway, I dunno what should I write..
I'm stuck here!
I'm thinking hard, seeing many tuts on my keyboard.

Thinking what should I suppose to write...

*Brainstorming A While*


*still brainstorming*


Today, I watched "World Trade Center" in Cinemax, starring by Nicolas Cage. (John McLoughlin). This movie is based on the true story from William & Allison Jimeno. William is an officer from New York Port Authority Police who saved from the attack on WTC that day (Sep11, 2001). Two thumbs up for the movie! As you know, people in New York, saw "evil" on that day. Two planes which was hijacked by the terrorist crashed the twin towers. With this movie, I realized that Nicolas Cage's acting was so awesome and amazing! He's my idol now, after Will Smith^^. Maybe, after the exam has been over, I'll ask my daddy to watch Nicolas Cage's newest movie : "Knowing" in the cinema. My friend said that "Knowing" is a really worth watch movie.


I also visited and found a NEWEST-SUPER-CUTE-PIC of Sakurai Sho!!!

Here is the pic :

Aww... lift me up too, Sho!!! >,< (He really loves kid)



Sho-chan is

Do you guys know him? I hope you do. So why do I really really idolise this guy? I even don't know why I fell in love with this Japanese guy. First impression me for him is nothing^^. I know Matsujun well instead of him. I started to idolise him since I watched his rap in Arashi's PV : We Can Make It! and a Japanese drama named Yamada Taro Monogatari. In the drama, he acting with his band-mate in Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya. Well, I just can say that he is :

1. Smart
* Sho is the guy who will get things done. He's the only one who went to college; when he was a junior (as in, a Johnny's Junior, before he was in arashi), he made school a priority, and he is graduate from Keio University, a well-known top university in Japan. His parents once said to him : "If you don't go to college and graduate in four years, you can't do Johnny's anymore." So yeah, he went to college and majored in economics, SO HE COULD STAY IN ARASHI. I don't mean that the other members is not smart as well as Sho, but Sho made school as a priority after his career. From his way in speaking, you will know that Sho is kinda a smart guy^^

2.Rapper & Newscaster
* Every JPop boyband must have one. I think the ability in singing rap isn't easy. But Sho has proved it. He also writes the rap part in some of Arashi's songs by himself. Sho is also known as "Sakurap" because his ability in rapping. Besides singing and acting, Sho is also known as a newscaster for News Zero. We are hardly ever found an artist like Sho, also become a newscaster. What a great guy! You'll see that his serious expression becoming a newscaster is also kakkoi~! (kakkoi means cool)

3. Funny - Cute
* My first impression, the funniest guy in Arashi would be Aiba and the cutest guy is Nino. But it's false. Aiba is quite baka (sorry for Aiba's fans) not funny at all and Nino is just a prank, for me he isn't cute anymore now. I've found out that Sho is the only one funny and cute guy in Arashi. He can't do backflip or doing anything that challenging him without scream,"Kowaii! Kowaii!" (kowai means scary) or "Muri!" (muri means impossible). Why I call him cute? This is because, when he screamed that phrases, his eyes were like bumped out and made his face more cute! He also likes to make some funny expressions! You will be happy and laugh if you see his damn CUTE expressions! And .. yah, have you heard he speak English? His English is quite fluent but it has his own accent! We called it "Shoggrish." Hehe XD

Kowaii = Kawaii

4. Natural
* His expression is really natural. If he likes it, or something is going funny, he will laugh hardly. *I love his laughter, anyway* If he doesn't like it or feel scary about something, he will tell it towards honestly.

5. Hot!
* Haha. He has the best body of all. That's all. Even he's not the tallest one in the group.

6. Mr. Perfect
* Sho's perfectionist. He will try the best to do something. He want to be the perfect one. Nevermind, if we call him "Mr. Perfect." He's the only Mr. Perfect and an ideal guy for every woman, including ME!

7. The REAL Leader
* As you know, Arashi's leader is Ohno Satoshi. We known him as Riida (Riida means Leader). But, Ohno is a leader who always do nothing as a leader. He act doesn't like a leader. For me, the real leader is referred to Sho. Despite not being the leader, everyone knows he's the one with the leader-ish qualities. So, even Ohno won the janken-poi to be a leader, the real leader should be Sho!

8. Sho is my INSPIRATION
* I was inspired by his quote : "We want to be a group which can make one proud to say that they are Arashi fans." Isn't great, buddies? I've never found a group which has a really strong bond like Arashi. This September, Arashi will celebrate their 10th Anniversary. I will still idolise Sakurai Sho. He has been inspired me that school is the first priority.

I just can say :

"Arashi, as you may have realized already, is a group of five people. Five different people with different personalities, but that's what makes them special. Aiba's always saying, "If Arashi hadn't been formed, we definitely would've never become friends." The special part about Arashi is how they're so different (they're sparkled into many characters : cool, funny, baka, stylish, pranks, etc.) but so close."

credits to :

enough for the post today, I'm doing fangirling instead of blogging XD
I'm really sorry, but I'm really "in" to Sakurai Sho!
It's time for me to sleep.
Arashi Arashi sleeping..

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