Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday


*drumroll effect*

I don't have anything to blog about today... *brainstorming a while* because I have so many things to do right now. so I'm gonna type anything that comes into my mind...

As you know, "no more study!" yesh! we were declared free from any exams! we'll having about 3 weeks of holiday. that's one of God's grace, you know. we have fought for about 4 months to prepare all stuffs for exams. I hope that God still give His blessing to me and all my friends, so we can graduate well. AMEN! actually I feel so scary thinking about June20th. just pray.. and God will do the rest!
He makes everything good in the right time. I believe this!

Today, I was going to school when the other students were at home, enjoying their holiday. Yep, I have to do this to prepare our farewell party on June 19. We made a team called "Panitia Perpisahan".
After the meeting at school, my friend Ria went to my home for a while. we opened the Internet and watching Boys Before Flowers After Stories together. that must be cool! I love Jun Pyo's story. I love the way when he cooked some cute chocolates formed Jandi's face in many expressions. Aww. . how cute! Coincidentally, we scrambled my TV channel into Celestial which provides many Chinese movies. I was not quite a fan of Chinese movies but this movie has caught my eyes : I'm Not Stupid Too.

"Every person needs to be flattered."

"I'm Not Stupid Too is a Singaporean movie, sequel to I'm Not Stupid. This movie really touched my heart because it talks about family deliquencies where children felt neglected by their busy parents. It is sad to say that most of the things portrayed in the movie, though in our neighbour country Singapore, is really happening in today's world, isn't it? We can found many children who felt like this. It is basically about 3 boys,
Tom & Jerry and Chengcai. Tom & Jerry are brothers who parents are busy businessperson who have no time for their children. Tom have a talent at blogging though his parent dissapprove it as 'a waste of time'. Jerry on the other hand is trying to get his parents to go to his school concert where his playing the lead role. Chengcai's problem is with his single father who always beats him and he grew up a man much like his dad. He got involved with all sort of disciplinary problem and eventually got kicked out of school because he fought with a teacher. The story doesn't stop there and it eventually ended in a happy ending." (credits :

You better watch the movie by yourself. I recommended this movie for you who read this! Anyways, the lead actor who act in this movie was "
shuai" a.k.a handsome! I'm starting to like Shawn Lee, he act as Tom Yeo in this movie. Fyi, he's just 19 years old! 3 years older than me. He's a Singaporean and he's a good actor at his age. Wow.. I adore him soo much XD here is his picture!

Gee! He's so cool! I lovee him..!

Now, I'm playing Restaurant City, plurking, editing the yearbook and also listening music. Haha. I'm so multitasking, right?
I'm bored!
You don't know how many times I typed here and backspaced~ then I'll just end up telling everyone that I am bored! GAHH!!!!
And I am not feeling good lately... I caught a cold.. and a little tired
I need to done my yearbook!

Imma going now. Gotta play Restaurant City!
Happy Weekend, peeps!
Catch you later tomorrow.
Don't miss me yah!

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