Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello peeps.
I was busy with school and my final exams are coming up. It's about one week to go. I must study hard to face it. Starting from today, I'll study! Haha^^ I have to prepare it from now on.

Today the rain fell hardly. I got wet from school. My uniform, my bag, my shoes, all were wet! Luckily, I was helped by a man who generously give me his umbrella. Thanks, Sir!

Recently, I'm listening Crazy Moon-Kimi wa Muteki by Arashi during my free time. The song has made me turn to be crazy! Really high energy fast dance routine! "Kiss crazy wakaranai Don't stop baby tomaranai..." Hahay. Even the release date is still far from now (May 27), they finally performed it at Utaban. They are actually very hot! Especially for Sho and Matsujun. They dance really fast! >.< I love Sakumoto pair in that song.. haha. It's just funny when I imagine Sho and Matsujun will be so close just like Ohno and Nino (Ohmiya pair). ahaha... but I hope it won't be happen or I'll be shocked! *crap*

Anyway. I feel the sudden urge to rewrite the latticework which given by my teacher. But I have no energy. I'm exhausted. SOS. Help me.


So, I declared that I'm on HIATUS mode right now, because of my final exams. Don't miss me yah. Hehe. I need to be more serious in studying. Pray for me ya, guys. Hope I can pass the exams with my best. I promise I'll do my best. And thanks for the juniors who have lend me your book! (pingkan, helena.. thanks!)

I think that's all.

Imma going now. Gonna take a nap for a while.

Hope you have a nice day ahead!


(i'll be back in a week)

see u later, after the exams..

emoticons, credits to : Nicole and Milkysmile


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