Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Award

hello, my sweetie pie!
how's life treating you?
today is another boring day...

i did blogwalking and i opened Deassy's blog and found out that she gave me an award. woah~ a million thanks to you, Des!

after receiving this award, i've got to give this award to another 10.

this is FRIENDSHIP AWARD, i got this from Deassy

saa~ i will give this award to another 10 my friends, here are they :
1. Marcia, love her simple blog!
Pingkan, my "little sista"
2. Tricia, love her kawaii blog and stuffs
3. Riri, schoolmate
Herwian, schoolmate
5. Widi, schoolmate
Ayame, another Arashi's fans
Indita, love her posts
TL, chatmate XD
10. Qi Wen, love her blog's stuffs!

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