Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Rule Our World?

Who doesn't know Google? I think there's no one in this world who don't know about Google. Nowadays, Google is the best search engine in the world, and the richest source of information. I always using Google to help me do my homework.

As we know Google now was really popular everywhere, Google can help us to find a great information about something, find to search a map, search for an image or also video, or anything. in just one click! By Google too people can earn money, people also can place their advertisements. And the weirdest of all there's a bunch of people who said that Google is a religion. It's Googleism. Have you heard about it? Sorry in this opportunity I won't talk about that since that was a sensitive case.., see, bloggers?

I just only wanna give you some funny picture that describe if Google RULE our world... find out and have fun.. here we go :

P. S : Once again, this is just for fun, OK? I don't want to interfere someone by this pic.

Source : Crazy World

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  1. lol. your post was so awesome. where did you get that picture and all the stuff ??

  2. @Dinar : i found it at Crazy World. hehe ^^

  3. yay..i love the post..hihi..it was awesome.anyway...yeah ive noticed that google is really famous..i use it a lot too.

  4. was here again popping in to say "hello" :) Indeed your site is dreamland like, :)

  5. what a cute blog!guess mine is a mess compare to yours..hahahaaaa...

  6. cool! i'm googlelicious! two thumbs up dahh..^^