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Blogging, Facebooking, Plurking and Polyvoring... so multitasking, eh?
Kinda boring...



-- Today (June 10) is my Daddy's 44th birthday --

Otanjoubi omedettou gozaimasu, otou-san! May His blessings always beside you, have a good career, and stay healthy. Wow. My dad isn't young anymore. He's already 44 years old now. But for me, he looks 37 or less! Haha. I'm proud of him. He could do everything that I couldn't do! I didn't cook well, but he did. His cook is delicious! He's very good at household thingy. Here's his photo :


He's a SUPER DAD! The other thing that make me proud of him is he NEVER touch a-dumb-thing named cigarettes, while many adults addicted to it
. Love ya Dad!

-- I joined Polyvore! --

This is the right place to improve your ability in designing a fashion set! It's quite fun, anyway, to convey my desire in design and (a-lil-bit) fashion :) To be honest, I don't like fashion. I don't know well any famous brand like Channel, Louis-Vitton, etc. I'm not fashionable, though. But I think I could make some soft, sweet and cute design, like this :

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Shoko Mizukawa featuring Dolce Vita shoes

and this...

Sakura Dazzling
Sakura Dazzling
Sakura Dazzling by Shoko Mizukawa featuring CHANEL bags

I've tried my best. I'm newbie on Polvvore. Hope you'll like it! I did Polyvoring just to kill my time, my boredomness. So, pardon me for the tasteless design or anything. Because.. I'm still in the process of improving my skill and creativity in designing!

-- I re-read all my Detective Conan's Manga LMAO--

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Aside from going online everyday, I also re-read my Detective Conan's manga. And.. I just wondering, why the story plot is just AWESOME? LOL I heard that a Conan-statue has built in Hokuei, a city when Aoyama Gosho was born. It was pretty cool! I wanna see it!

GOSH~ I'm really really addicted to this manga! I'm Detective Conan's Otaku!

-- Reminiscing SAILOR-MOON-time --

When I was in kindergarten, I was really fell in love with a manga called Sailor Moon. I collected many Sailor Moon's stuffs. Furthermore, my parents gave me a Sailor Moon birthday cake for my 6th birthday!!! Hahah.. And with some of my childhood friends, we played Sailor Moon together. I missed my childhood. Sailor Moon time was so sweet and adorable! I was played as Sailor Venus! I like her! The blond and feminine one!

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In Facebook, there was an application. "What Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Are You?" and guess what the result? Sailor Mercury! It was out of my prediction. I'm expecting for Sailor Venus before. I smell something wrong here ROFL zz..


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Read the explanation for the results :

Sailor Mercury

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"You're quiet and sweet. You are very determined and very logical. You long to seek order and approval from all those around you to help with your insecurities. You're shy and insecure about your love life. And, even though you are embarrassed to admit to it, you love reading about pop culture and even some romance novels. When you make friends, though, you burst out of your shell and find there are more important things than schoolwork."

What's with quiet, sweet, determined, and logical? LMAO XD

-- The last one.. I've decided my fake name --


For some people, real life and cyber-world are a different world. Maybe, in cyber-world, a person looks very talkative, but in the real life, he or she is calm and quiet. And they decide to use a fake name for any reasons. Soo... I've decided a fake name for my cyber-world.

*drum roll*

TADAA... it's Shoko Mizukawa or 翔子水川 Well, since my real name doesn't have similarity with any Japanese name, so I make that name. There's no special meaning in that name. Just like it. So, don't be confused when you found this name. It's me! Eugenia!

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p.s : made by me with Paint (^o^)v

That's all for the updates. Kinda complicated, right? I need to enough my post here. And yah... I need to take a rest for a while!

Catch you later!
I'm leaving...


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NOTE : 10 DAYS till my "day" (pray for me ya guys...)

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