Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter 6, Very Please...!

Uh-oh. Hello peepers! Coming back again.. 2 days before my first day entering my new high school.

Today is the world premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. KYAAAH!!! As a PotterMania I really want to watch it desperately... Can't wait it.. >.<


Nino said it!
pictures credit to tasshi@wordpress

I'm planning to watch HP6 at the Blitz on Saturday. But Saturday is my first day entering my new high school (with the new uniform *tee-hee*). So, I need to re-schedule it now. T.T

Anyway, which HP6 poster do you like the most? I've found 4 so far.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

I like Poster 3 the most. How about you, bloggers? *comment please!* Love the tagline above it..."I AM NOT AFRAID, I AM WITH YOU" This sentece is referred to Prof. Dumbledore. He said it to Harry when they searching for the Horcrux.

At last, I can't stand waiting for HP6 anymore. Need to watch it very soon!

Off now. I'm going to Kumon. Catch you later!

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  1. weee! were going to watch that tomorrow! i'm so excited! hahaha :D ur watching it too? :]

  2. yes i think. but not tomorrow. i need to find a spare time to watch it. haha.

  3. ga ada yang suka, posternya pada ga jelas semua... Xp

  4. oh,everyone is blogging about HP ah, im not watching HP hehe, but goodluck in watching hehe

  5. wahh makasii yaa sampe liat2 DA aku juga..iya aku graphic desiner,nanti kalo ada yang mau ditanyai aku email aja ya tutorialnya =)

    btw..dah tau blm tiket harry apet di potter dah bisa dibeli duluan?parah ya dimana2 dah penuh hehe..untung aku dah dpt di plaza indonesia,kamu kapan nonton?

    oiaa makasii yahh dah di visit balik ;)

  6. uweeeeeeehhhhhhh?? bisa dibeli duluan???????? O______________O

    btw, lu pundah skula ya eugenia? O.O you sadi that you entering new school....