Monday, July 13, 2009


Good news peepers. Now, I'm watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun on NTV, LIVE!!! Streaming via KeyHole TV. Thanks to Reinal-san who has informed me this superb application (arigatou!). With KeyHole, we are able to watch a few channel of Japanese TV live (those availables are Fuji TV, TBS, NTV, Japan TV) or in the other words... REAL TIME, fellas! As well as we watch TV Cable!

Really, this must be a great way to watch Arashi (or other Japanese groups) shows real time. The post is new so the show schedule must still apply. Though take note that Japan time is 2 hour ahead of Indonesian Time. So 8AM in Tokyo is 6AM in Jakarta.

KeyHole TV is a Windows P2PTV application that broadcasts all the regular Japanese TV channels (with the exception of NHK) and the occasional American channel, webcam, or whatever random thing that might pop up. With this program, you can stream Japanese channels in real-time. The quality of the audio and video isn’t that great, unfortunately. The sound can be downright terrible, especially when music performances or loud audiences are involved. But overall, it’s decent enough to hold us over until the show is uploaded or a better-quality alternative comes along.

So bloggers, whoever you are, which have interest in Japan (culture, music, news, etc.). It's a must to have this lovely application! Just go to to install, and download the latest installation file (currently version 3.13).

P.S : To have a clear video, you may also need a good Internet connection!

I watched it just now! Arashi no Shukudai-kun. So funny, as always. And I love SHO in his Polo shirt!!! I don't know who the guest star is, since I doesn't really understand what were they talking about. Haha.

For the Aibaland part, I also don't know what game they play. But I think they played the baby race, since they wore a thing like the baby stuff in their head. Like this :

This is Riida. Kawaii, deshou?

Anyway, I've just got another award from Ayame-chan. Arigatou, Ayame!

Here are the rules.. just fill in this profile!
1. Nama : Eugenia Septhariani
2. URL/Web :
3. Email :
4. Hobby : blogging, designing, browsing Internet
5. Cita-cita : I just wanna make my Dad proud of me
6. Mulai nge-blogwalking : januari 2009
7. Kota kamu : Jakarta

I'll give this award to all people who wants to grab it. xD Because I'm too lazy to tag!!!

And.. don't forget to vote for Sho (The Quiz Show 2) and Jun (Smile) for Best Actor Category and Best Drama at Nikkan Sport Drama GP. If you wanna vote, click here (try Googling - Google Translate, if you have difficulties in voting, because they're all written in Japanese!). To be honest, I confused about which one should I choose, coz Sho and Jun is the best pairing for me. But at last, I voted for Sho! Haha. Since he is my REAL ICHIBAN~

Enough today. I think this post is too "short" but yet it is written. Haha. Another weird side of me.

Good night!!
Oyasumi ~

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  1. Eh keyholetv, aq malah baru tau kalo ada versi windows...
    senang sekaliii... ^^
    jgn lupa comment jg di blogku y... ^^
    dah liat hanadan movie lom?

  2. uwehhhhhhhhh????? sugoi!!!!!!!!!! Dx hueee?? hueeE?? watch arashi live? nyummmeh! xD

    wkkwkwkw ya~~ kawaii~~ lololol he looks dumb there =='''

  3. wahaha..keyhole??
    hmm..havent watched that yet..ahihih..
    imma try
    wait is the character there..
    the one in kimi wa petto??

    takecare now..

  4. @reinal-san : iya. kukira gak ada versi windowsnya. udah ku comment tuh di blognya

    @vivin : yep. do you like Arashi?

    @kym : which character did you mean? yeah. there are the one in Kimi Wa Petto. He's Matsumoto Jun.

  5. wow! real time tv in the net? haha cool! :D i'll try that keyhole thing for sure! haha

  6. @regie : yeah. but it only provides Japanese TV Channel. heheh