Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm a Dreamer

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During this very long and boring holiday, I've decided to spend it with learning Nihongo. I already bought many books to learn it by myself. It sounds funny, eh? But I did. Now I'm able to read all Hiragana characters. I haven't learned for Katakana. It a lil bit hard to me. I just know the basic Katakana like a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko.

I don't know what's forcing me to learn Nihongo desperately. It might be because of Arashi. Yeah, those 5 guys has made me more fell in love with Japan. I also put a big interest in Japanese culture. They have so many festivals. I like Hanami the most. It is a festival where you can enjoying the beauty of Sakura. It also known by "Cherry Blossoms'. From the mid January to early May Sakura bloom all over Japan. Ah.. so sweet (click on the word "Hanami' for further information) Well, I hope I can talk in Japanese fluently and wish I were there someday.

Anyway, if you're a regular-reader of mine, did you hear something different with the background music? xD Yep. I changed it. Now, the music is from Maaya Sakamoto, Purachina (it's Japanese phrase from 'Platinum). This song is opening theme for an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura Season 2. And I just love the soft and gently voice of Maaya Sakamoto. Turning on that song is like reminisce my childhood memories, when I sat on 5th grade. Haha. Natzukashii naa... (means 'so nostalgic')

In the very first of the song, you'll hear "I'm a dreamer... hisomu pawa (means 'hidden power')..." That's sooo mine. Yeah, I'm a dreamer. I have so many dreams to pursue and also many goals to achieve. I love the word "D-R-E-A-M". It sounds like a magic word for me and it may also affected my life.

What 'dream' means according to my Oxford Dictionary :
1. [C] series of images and events that happen in your mind while you are asleep
2. [C] wish to have or be sth, esp one that seems difficult to achieve

In this matter, I'll talk about 'dream' in the definition number 2, okay?

All people in the world, might be have a dream. I've told you above that I've so many dreams. I've ever been dreaming have a trip to Japan and studying in Keio University. I put a big interest for Japan. The another 'unimportant' dream is... I really really wanna meet Arashi in person!!! Back to the reality. For the first one : go to Japan. That's very impossible to pursue. The main reason is I'm not come from the wealthy ones. The other reason : I don't talk Japanese at all! How can I study there? And for the other dreams : meet Arashi. OMG. This one is moree impossible than go to Japan. Haha. It just ah.. not a dream I think. It's just current obsession. Hehehe^^ (but I don't know if it'll be a long lasting obsession)

In my opinion, dreams are divided into two main parts :
* Your dream in short period. Example : study more hard next year, be able to buy a thing that you think expensive, etc.


* What you plan for the future. It means 5 years or even 10 years from now on. Example : study abroad, build a family, travel around the world, be a doctor, etc.

Nah, peepers, listen to me, as long as we keep the good effort and always pray to God, no matter how improbable your dream is.... SURELY will come true! Trust me. I'm not trying to teach you all LMAO, ok? I'm just wanna share what I think and what I feel.

This is my favorite part of my background music

"Watashi no sekai.. yume to koi to fuan de dekiteru
Demo souzou wo shinai mono... kakureteru hazu

Mitsuketai naa.. kanaetai naa..
Shinjiru sore dake de koerarenai mono wa nai.."

in English it means :

"My world is made of dreams, love, and worries.
But there are still lying things hidden that I can't even imagine.

I want to find my dream.. I want to make it come true..
There's nothing that I can't overcome if I believe.."

Purachina (OST Cardcaptor Sakura)

Lastly, look at the wise words about 'dream' :

"Dream. And God will hug that dream."
Andrea Hirata

Too much blabbing today *giggles*. I need to sleep, daddy has scolded me many times to turn off the computer. Catch you later, peepers. Kindly please do comment, click on the word "dreams" in the end of my post to proceed. THANKIES!

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  1. terkadang, kt nganggap klo mimpi yg ingin kt capai itu kyy g mungkin d.Impossible, tp
    Nothing is impossible jika kt berserah n percaya kpd Tuhan :)

    Samuel Pattinasarane

  2. Hi..
    wah, suka Arashi juga ya...
    sama, aku sukanya seh gara2 nonton hana yori dango.. pe sekarang masih suka Arashi..

    Wah, lage belajar nihongo juga yach, buku yang kuning tuh buku pertamaku belajar nihongo... tepatnya 1 tahun 2 bulan yang lalu...
    baguss banget tuh buku.. ^^
    abisin deh pelajarannya.. ^^

    kalo semangat pasti bisa cepet menguasai kok..
    btw aku suka penjelasanmu ttg mimpi..
    aku juga punya long term dream, yaitu pergi ke jepang... ^^

    kamu gmn? ^^

  3. wah kalo aku hiragana malah baru bisa 75%, belajarnya katakana dulu sih hwhwhw

  4. hmm lawls. i see ur learning
    if u need help in jap stuff.
    maybe i can help in some parts.
    well, can write hiragana and katakana already.
    not kanji.lawls so hard..

    also i can write korean so maybe i can help yah.anyway..i love ur song.
    i memorized all the cardcaptor sakura soundtrack.because this was my fave anime back then.lawls.goodluck...
    ganbatte ne!!

  5. hello there your post is very interesting, i also have the same dream, I WANT TO have a trip to JAPAN too, its becuase of miura haruma and HSJ haha. and oh I am also trying to learn nihonggo and oh you define the word "dreams" clearly ah, nice topic :) YOUR right it sounds like "magic" hehe and i believe with what you say, just believe in god and it will come true

  6. I love the mean of the song that u write xD. especially, when I'm in the middle of so many troubles like now. thank you eugenia for sharing this. you have encourage me! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH hiks... T___________T

    btw, cheers for cardcaptor sakura!! xD

  7. mana nih yg punya
    ga ngebales comment nya

  8. thanks minna! for the comments!!!

    keep commenting me!