Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Simple Way to Appreciate Our Local Handicraft

As we know, Indonesia is a country which is rich of local tradition. For example local handicraft. In Bu Arimbi's art class, we had a task to make a 'topeng' (read : mask).

Here we go :

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This is my 'topeng' (looks so creepy, isn't it? it doesn't neat at all -___- )

Take a deep look! What do you think?

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The finishing process of my 'topeng'

and... tada... there it is! my beloved 'topeng'

Honestly, it took me more than 5 days to finish it hehe :D but now, after the hard efforts to make the water-color doesn't 'bleberan' I feel kinda PROUD you know. PROUD to be the part of INDONESIAN. For me, I think the 'topeng' that we made, is a SIMPLE WAY to appreciate our local handicraft :) Do you guys agree with my statement? :D Aside from appreciating our local handicraft, we can be also more creative in and designing and coloring something ^^

Bunch thanks to Bu Arimbi who had gave us this task. ^___^

Anyway, tomorrow is October 2nd. The day where batik will be recognized as the World Heritage which is come from Indonesia by UNESCO. Let's celebrate it!!!

Don't forget to wear batik tomorrow, bloggers. Let us proud of the heritage that Indonesia has!

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