Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is What We Called FREEDOM

Finally.. the final exams was over today. I was like... WOW! 7 days of test had gone so fast :) and now I just can hope for the best. I've done my best, and Let God do the rest.

Anyway, I've been abandoned this blog for like... years, ya know. Haha. I'm planning to change the layout. Got any idea?

Hmmm.. This post gonna be very short.

I got no words to say.

AH! Forgot something. Next monday I'll be working on a pre-school *tee-hee* It's my school program called "PENGENALAN DUNIA KERJA". Simply call it 'magang' for a week. And I was very lucky to be placed in pre-school. Bet it'll be totally fun!

Yoiko no Mikata wanna-be :)

I'm off now. Gotta youtube-ing :)

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