Sunday, July 04, 2010

Oh My God It's July!

Well, this post will be a short post (AGAIN). A flash update.

Time flies so fast, ne. It's already July. Fourth. 2 months before my (sweet) seventeen and... 15 more days before school! I can't imagine what will I be in Science class. I'll be surrounded by the smartest and probably the most genius students in my school. My God, that sounds bad. Sounds horrible. I wonder if I can survive in there. Only God could help me .___. I have decided my own path : to be in Science class. Hope that I'm full of luck in this semester :)

Well yeah. That's it.
Right now, I'm searching for a good story to write here. Recently, this blog is like a dead blog coz of the corny things and unimportant stuffs, right?

Ja, oyasuminasai~~~


  1. yahh sis, I agree time flies soo fast.. ehhehe.. I know you'll do better on your Science class sis.. :)

  2. thanks! :) wish me luck on Science class, that'll be very hard, tho .__.

  3. agree with you, time flies so fast, like yesterday I just celebrated the new year and now we arrive on the middle of the year. XP

    good luck for your science class. I'm on science class too *and now become 'suffering' for the class, you can read it on my blog'
    AR Subrata