Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A lot of things happened 2010. Time flies really fast. Just three more days to 2011. And now is the right time to see back what happened in these past 12 months. Sorta caleidoscope, I think :p

early 2010
mm nothing much happened.. one thing that I remembered was that I got my 1st Arashi single : Troublemaker. it was the limited edition! I was so excited :))

down moments
I lost my 2 lovely people who have been very nice to me, since I was a child :(( I'm mentally down at that moment. Good bye my dearests. May God be with you up in the heaven.

rainbow after a storm
so there comes rainbow after a storm. after those tiring exams and assignments. God sent me the best present ever : I'm officially majoring Science. well, this was a blessing for me. it was kinda hard to get into this major. I was die hard to get into it. at first, I thought I was good in social major. But I was wrong. lucky dad told me that science was not a bad choice. Thanked to him~ and hopefully I could survive longer in Science. So far, science suits me the best, actually.

School was okay. I'm not burdened by the tons of assignments and another stuffs. The one that I concerned the most was : the friends. Just read my previous post, okay?

best moments
well, there are lotsa best moments in 2010, such as:

Ursuline Youth Camp 2 took place at Hotel Sativa, Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java. UYC this time was uber cool and exciting. I've got a lot of friends and new experiences too. Plus I got my first time experiencing the trip within 14 hours in the train. here's the sneak peek :

With Sanur Pos and Sanur BSD participants

Me in front of Candi Bajang Ratu (as always, I dont look good on cameras)

OMG This was the highlight of the year! I got the chance to see them practice. One of my favorite players goes to AHMAD BUSTOMI. For me he was the real fighter. He didn't easily gave up in the last final match between Indonesia and Malaysia. I'm quite amazed about the way he dribble the ball, passing to his mate and also his shoot. Although the accuracy isn't that precise, but I think if Riedl trained it well, I'm sure his shooting would be "tendangan gledek" HAHA. Sounds silly, eh? But however, I will always remember him as the best Indonesian holding-midfielder. If another girl mesmerized with Irfan Bachdim, my heart would go on him He's CUTE, too<3

Alfred Riedl gave the players some instructions

#3 I WANT ... 17 FOREVER
I want ... 17 FOREVER if I could. Being 17 isn't easy ya know. Being 17 doesn't merely mean that you are officially legal. Being 17 needs more responsible. I don't want to be 17 that soon, honestly. But I have to. I'm already 17 since 26 September. It is an inevitable truth. Everyone grows up. As for me, they grow up very FAST. I was 17, but I act like a 14-years-old girl. I am 156-cm-tall and "only" 43-kilos-weight. First I thought that people will think that I was just a kid. But not. Every time I meet new people, they were like, "What university do you enter?" and I was like "EH? I'm still a highschooler!" That (maybe) proves that soome people have seen me as a mature young woman, right? Based on that, I need to evaluate myself to become a more mature person. I promise.

Me at my 17th birthday bash. Looks so messy right? Look at my sunburned-hands -___-

oh yeah! I'm proud I'm still single till the time I'm writing on this post. Since I'm entering the all-girls school, it makes me impossible to get acquainted with some boys HAHA *poor me* Sometimes I wonder when my status in Facebook would change into --> "in relationship with.... " *pardon this one LOL XD* But, wait. Wouldn't it better without boyfriend? Things would go more smoothly. No need to cry because of the betrayal or some stuffs like that. I'll just time answer it. I haven't found the best one :) And I'm still hoping that my prince come at the right time, right place.

long-term plan?
I still can't decide about what major I'm going to take in the university. Either business or biotechnology, probably? Please enlighten me, somebody. Which one is the best?

at last...
I NEED TO MOVE ON!!! 2011 is coming! No matter what is going to happen afterwards. I'm living my own life! I'm trying to forget the past. While for tomorrow, I will leave the future to decide. I wonder what kind of future will I paint. Heaven knows.

well yeah.
that was a sorta 2010 memories, based on my short-term-memory. not much, yeah I know. I used to think about the memories that I've painted... but I couldn't find anymore. wait for my next post about 2011 resolutions and wishlist!

cao :)) I'm gonna continue watching Arashi ni Shiyagare *quite late, yeah*
so byee :D

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