Friday, March 04, 2011

When Newton's Third Law is Not Valid

Newton said on his Third Law :

"For EVERY ACTION , there is an EQUAL and opposite REACTION."

According's to the Genius Uncle Newton, F action equal with -F reaction, simultaneously. But, based on my personal experiences, these are the reasons why it doesn't valid (in some cases). It means like when you do an action, it doesn't have a feedback. Means the result is not good as it would be. Something like, useless? :P

Don't take it seriously, this is just for fun :) Pardon me Uncle Newton, for joking around your law :)

Reason #1
You have already given your best efforts in doing something, but unexpectedly, the result is not as good as you predicted before. In contrast, someone who doesn't really struggle that hard gain a better result than you are. Disappointed? Of course.

Reason #2
You taught your friend when they asked you about the part of the subjects they didn't understand. In the end, your friend's score is better than yours. Jealous? Yessh... (I might think "OMG what on earth you get better score than me, whereas I'm the one who taught you!")

Reason #3
When you smile and greet to other people, but they don't give you even a slightest attention. Feeling transparent? Definitely.

Reason #4
You care so much for someone. But they don't care about you.

Reason #5
You give someone your time. But in return, they only say, "Sorry, I'm busy. Next time, maybe?"

Reason #6
You study extremely hard for your final exams, but in the end you only got B.

Reason #7
You've been very very kind to your friends. You always there when your friends are in problem. But, when you need them, they are gone. They have no time for you.

Reason #8
You've been very honest to your boyfriend, but he betrayed you in your back. He got affair with another woman.

Reason #9
I DO LOVE you, but you DON'T LOVE me. Unrequited love, no? LOL XD

Well, finally I could listed 9 reasons why SOMETIMES the actions we've done doesn't goes smoothly as well as we predicted. I'm not trying to grieve all the time and not grateful to His blessings I've got until now. This shown us that we need to wait patiently. Because what? Because God will always listen to what we wish in our heart. God will grant our wish, believe it. But He will grant it in a way that we sometimes can't understand. Or He probably postpone our wish. Or maybe He will change it to something better. Who knows? God is powerful. All we need to do is just waiting patiently. Because A. Fuadi in his book, Ranah 3 Warna, said : "whoever wait patiently, he will be the one who is lucky" or "man shabara zhafira" in Arabic. For now, I take those words in my head and keep saying it loudly in my heart :)

Finally, that's all my thoughts for today. I should be grateful today. Hum Hallelujah praise the Lord! I got 81 for my Physics-midterm test! The score is beyond my expectation! The questions was so damn hard. I was very hopeless at that time. Everyday I just can pray to God, hope that I'm not make any bad score again for this semester. And what? He just granted my wish! God is awesome :) So, thanks God for today :D

See you on my next post!

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