Saturday, July 09, 2011

Short Updates

Some new stuffs I got during this holiday :

Finally.. my first brand new Android phone! It's Xperia X10 Mini :) I have to say that this small phone is very SUPER. I could do many activities which I can't when I used the old Sony Ericsson one :D And the Wi-Fi facilities makes me like... WOAHHH for the first time :))
P.S : I already named it Tego >.<

All the specification can be seen here :


My new hair cut! >.<
OMG I look very chubby there... Geeshh..
The hairstylist said that it is Japanese style, but I still didn't believe. It looks awful on me T.T

What do you think???


A new wristwatch!

It's soft blue which is my favorite color! Yeay~~

That's all for short updates. Gonna turn off this laptop bcos of the critical battery.

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