Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yukata photoshoot with one of my bestest friend, Theresia :)
Thank you for always listening to my complains
Thank you for always supporting me~
A place to convey all my feelings
A place to go when nobody understands me :D
Thank you for being kind and care for me :))
Thanks for everything~~

"どれくらいの奇跡が重なってさ 僕らはこうやってさ 出会えたんだろう?
照れくさくてなかなか言えないけど 心の中で叫ぶ 「いつもありがとう"」

"I wonder how many miracles piled up for us to meet like this. It's embarrassing so I can't really say it, but in my heart, I shout, "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING" - Friendship - Aiba Masaki

lyrics : yarukizero@LJ

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