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August 21, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

Hi peepers!
It has been a LONG TIME since my last post. Haha, my blog were dead for about two weeks . Sorry my 'lovely' blog *tee-hee* Now, I'm officially a highschooler. I've been in Sanur for like one month, more or less. I'm so proud to be the part of X5. (love the EMOTIONAL DAY EVER : August 20, where we were having "curcol". It's our SECRET actually. no need to know it further) And once again.. It's full of fun, craziness and LAUGH! Though everyday is full of tests and tasks, but I'm happy to do it..


With our home teacher, Bu Tanti

Picture taken by Shannen

The last one... What makes me feel like I am the busiest person in the world....


Today I was happy since there was no test for the day. Even though trigonometry with bu surti was surely torturing me a lot. I didn't expect that trigonometry with bu surti seemed so complicated. I thought it will be simpler (now I know the reason why many people being dizzy with trigono). Next week will be full of test too! Because the mid-test is coming to strike us! Algebra, Sociology, History, Citizenship and also Trigono. Gee! I'm so afraid with Algebra and Trigono now. Anyone can teach me, plissss? I have studied Math so desperately recently...

Well, I'm not aiming to be the best now. Because all of my friends in the class are smarter and more creative than me.. I should be change my belief : "Do my best." No matter how bad the result is, the most important thing is : I've done my best. I just can pray to God.. hope that I can survive on that all-girl school and improving my ability, so I can be a success woman in the future (AMEN)... ^__^

I heart X.5 - the best class ever :)

Picture taken by myself (don't take it without asking me first)

P.S : Next Monday, 20 students from St. Maria, Surabaya High School will be come to Sanur to have live-in activities for one week. Hope I will get along well with 'em :) Wish me luck ya bloggers :)

P.P.S : I just realized that my absent number remind me of 10th Anniversary of Arashi. Mine is X.5 - 10. It means 5 x 10.. Arashi (5 members) in their 10th anniversary! Bonn anniversaire, Arashi! I heart YOUUU GUYS....

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August 06, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

Well, peepers. I'm gonna tell you some short updates! Maybe this post will be the shortest post I've ever written XD Anyway, I've been in Sanur for about 3 weeks more or less. And it's fun. I love my class, love my new friends. X5 = LU LA BBY. It stands for sepuluh lima chubby(?) haha. My class was COOL and AWESOME, HAPPY and CRAZY! we won the 'MOS Terbaik' because of our SUPER-CRAZY 'yel' (where Ika, our class leader, need to be sliding in the end part of our 'yel'!)

Here's some snapshots :

That was me and my class in blue T-Shirt and CAMPERS was written on it

wants to know the facts? everyday here is full of cheers and laugh for sure! That means *drum roll effect*... gue udah mulai terbiasa dengan suasana di Sanur XD Thanks God!

Good news : Tomorrow I'll go to my ex-junior high school. And I bet it'll be FUN! Meet my old buddies! See you tomorrow, folks!!

PS : tadi ada pemeriksaan kesehatan dan guess what? tinggi gue cuman 155, 8 cm men!!! pendek banget T.T... in addition, i'm so skinny.. uh-oh. tapi overall sih bagus. cuman itu yang bermasalah...

PPS : I decided to join Japan Club and web/graphic design. I hope I'll improve my ability in Photoshop-ing and Corel Draw :D Furthermore, I want to make this blog has more 'sense' XD

PPPS : I love X5 and I don't wanna to be separated with 'em :D

PPPPS : update blog terakhir sebelum musim ulangan menyerbu minggu depan :( pray for me so I can do my best!

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