The Greatest Inspirator

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Bersabar dan ikhlaslah dalam setiap langkah perbuatan

Terus-meneruslah berbuat baik, ketika di kampung dan di rantau

Jauhilah perbuatan buruk, dan ketahuilah pelakunya pasti diganjar, di perut bumi dan di atas bumi

Bersabarlah menyongsong musibah yang terjadi dalam waktu yang mengalir

Sungguh di dalam sabar ada pintu sukses dan impian kan tercapai

Jangan cari kemuliaan di kampung kelahiranmu

Sungguh kemuliaan itu ada dalam perantauan di usia muda

Singsingkan lengan baju dan bersungguh-sungguh menggapai impian

Karena kemuliaan tak akan bisa diraih dengan kemalasan

Jangan bersilat kata dengan orang yang tak mengerti apa yang kaukatakan

Karena debat kusir adalah pangkal keburukan

Syair Sayyid Ahmad Hasyimi - Ranah 3 Warna (A.Fuadi)


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"People are people, you are yourself. Once you start comparing then you are the one that loses." - ARASHI - FIGHT SONG

Another Reason Why I Love Arashi

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the dorkiest yet handsome and AWESOMAZING boyband : ARASHI


"I am not afraid of a future I haven't seen yet
I just believe in the world in front of my eyes
Things I have in my hands Things I've lost
We'll be shown the way to happiness
Living in the present... Walking with you."

Arashi - LOTUS

Unspeakable Thoughts

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Hello again bloggerssss.. What's up?
I'm here again like ... finally. My blog was abandoned for like yearss. I'm planning to the change the header, but until now it never be fulfilled *sigh* Too many works to do *poor me* Moreover, I still don't get the idea about what to make :( KYAAAA it drives me crazy. No much time to arrange this blog to be a nice blog with full of writing.

Despite of that, the mid-term test is... over. Hmm, it's not REALLY OVER, there's one day left for P.E theory test on Monday (but that's not counting, right? I should call P.E is"less important" LOL) I've already done my best for mid-term test. But still I get some difficulties specially in Physics and Bahasa. That two subjects were sooo ... ergh I can't even describe it. It's so abstract yet so 'evil' *evil-smirk* too many tricky choices. I just hope that all of my grades are above 75. HOPEFULLY YAA. OMG this 11th grade is just a bit scary >.<

Anyways... There are so many things I want to do. So many things I want to achieve. Therefore, I'm now arranging to join this scholarship : UWC 2011 :) Currently in progress to collect the stuffs required and also the essay that is compulsory .___. I still don't get any ideas about what to write. You know, in fact, my brain works optimally when it comes to the deadline :( In the application form, I have to choose in what college I will spend my 2 years? Singapore, UK, Norway, New Mexico, or even India. For now I prefer UK but Dad seems to prefer Singapore .___. Hmm, for me every place is okay except India. It's way too dangerous to be there. I have no intention to study abroad to India. Well, I will try my best to join this scholarship. It's good if I really get the chance :)) Who knows if my DREAMS BECOME REALITY ;)

This is the castle of UWC Atlantic, United Kingdom :)

No matter what will happen, I will follow my dream and just go for it!
I will do my best and let God do the rest :)
I believe that God has planned every details of my life

"Man jadda wajada." - Negeri 5 Menara

Turns Up and Down

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Life is a game. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.
Life is definitely a roller-coaster. It turns you up and down.
Life is weird. Sometimes you laugh. The other day you will cry.
- Eugenia Septhariani

My life now is being very different compare with my life in the past. In the past, my life was very very great and I thanked God for His blessings. I'm not trying to be boast here, but since I'm in elementary till junior high, I am a kind of popular person. I get a lot of friends. I always in the big 3 in the class. In junior high, I was a vice chief of student organization for 2 periods, I joined so many competition, I got many achievements, I got along very well with some teachers, I smiled and laughed a lot. I got so many experiences, for instance Konferensi Anak Bobo 2004, Asia Pacific Ursuline Youth Camp 2007 and Kuis Bintang Pintar Ultra 2009.

All my life been good in the past but now I'm thinking WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLL NOW??? I'm feeling too much worry about what my future will be, always in a deep regret every time I got a bad score (even other people looked very calm each time they get bad score), feeling very lonely these days, feeling like other people don't care with me (even a slightest attention--am I too transparent? ha-ha // I'm not trying to get attention from you guys) and probably the most important thing for me now is : WHEN I CAN SLEEP WELL? Everyday I sleep for only about 4-5 hours per day. OMG, I could destroy my health *sigh*

Well, this proves that life really turns me up and down. Tell me God, HOW DO I SURVIVE FROM THIS SITUATION?

Artwork :)

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Yume o Shinjite~

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'Never underestimate the power of daydreaming.'
- Aram Bedrossian

30 Days of Challenge : Day #2

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• Day 02 - The meaning behind your Blogger name

Well, my blogger name is : Escape From Reality. There's not much meaning behind it. It just as simple as you guys thought. "Escape from reality" means this blog is the best place for me to escape from my real life which is "kind of" not goes well as good as I hope. Well yeah that's it. It just simple, right?

30 Days of Challenge : Day #1

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• Day 01- A recent picture of you and 6 interesting facts about yourself

Well yeah... From now on, I'll post this kind of challenge : 30 days of challenge. Kinda interesting, no? LOL :D And that was me. Without glasses *lol for that fail peace sign* My bangs is very... ugghh annoying :( Once you see it, I swear you will say things like : oh-my-god-this-girl-is-very-weird-yet-very-ugly XD I always don't look good on cameras. I have just done my study for math test tomorrow. Wish me a bunch of luck for math test tomorrow *cross-fingered*

6 interesting facts about myself : *I'm stuck on this part and thinking hard how to write 6 facts about myself*
  1. I am a kind of person who is very like to stay at home : well, quotes "home sweet home" suits me the best. during the regular day either on the day-off or even holiday, I spend my time a lot at home. I really love my home. There's no other place on earth which is better than my house. That's why when my friends sometimes ask me to hang out, I often refuse it just because this reason : I want to stay at home rather than go out. But dont worry. I am not a kind of anti-social person ;) I prefer to be home when I am in a bad mood. But when I am in a good mood, I'll say 'YES, LET'S HANG OUT' to you no matter what :)
  2. I can sleep anytime anywhere : lol I LOVE SLEEPING VERY MUCH you know. Especially in these busy day like this. Sleeping is kinda addictive for me.
  3. I'm obsessed with most of Japanese boybands : Many people who don't know me very well, probably don't know about this. Well yeah, I somehow hide this from many people who think that everything about Japan is freak or somekind like that lol XD I just tell this to some close-friends :)
  4. I eat a lot but didn't get fat at all : Should I hate this fact or love it? *sigh* Probably for other girls, they may envy me much. But this is the main problem for me. I'm 17 years old and only 43 kilos weight! Could you believe that? I am soo tiny for a girl in my age. I wish I could gain 5 kilos~~~
  5. I have Indonesian - Chinese - Dutch blood : but my appeareance don't really show that I have that three different kinds of blood. People might say that I'm look half Javanese and half Chinese fufufu but I'm so NOT LOOK LIKE I have Dutch blood in my vain -________- Only my dad once said that I have a sharp nose which probably shows I have Dutch blood. Do my nose is sharp, guys? lol please ignore this one
  6. I am not obsessed with doll, but I do have about 10 dolls on my bed -________- : This is... freaking weird and silly, isn't it? Basically I don't like dolls very much. But the fact say different thing : I got 10 dolls on my bed and it consist of different kind of animals. There are dog, cow, panda, dolphin, sheep and so on. And guess what? I'm now looking forward to get a pig doll xD Oh yeah I'm so silly :)

What Am I Currently Doing

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