100 Truths of Me

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Don't know why I am interested and copied it, here's the 100 truth of me that I did.

NAME: Eugenia Septhariani
AGE: 18 years old and 7 months
BIRTHDATE: September 26 1993
PRESENT ADDRESS: Cawang Kaveling, East Jakarta

1. Last beverage = mineral water
2. Last phone call = my dad
3. Last text message = my friend (four hours ago)
4. Last song you listened to = Movin' On - Arashi
5. Last time you cried = I seldom cry, therefore I forget this one (^_^)

6. Dated someone twice = never
7. Been cheated on = never
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = never
9. Lost someone special = forgot
10. Been depressed = almost everytime now
11. Been drunk and threw up = never

12. Blue
13. Purple
14. White

15. Made a new friend = I guess yes, but it comes and goes.
16. Fallen out of love = nope :(
17. Laughed until you cried = Yes! Just now
18. Met someone who changed you = I think.. yes
19. Found out who your true friends were = I don't think so, still can't found any
20. Found out someone was talking about you = don't know, don't care though xD
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list = a big no no
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life = almost all
23. How many kids do you want = 2 would be nice :)
24. Do you have any pets = no
25. Do you want to change your name = Why should I? Even if renaissance is real, I want to be born as Eugenia though
26. What did you do for your last birthday = nothing
27. What time did you wake up today = 10 a.m
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = I watched Arashi's concert (in my laptop, though) hahaha xD
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = nothing :)
30. Last time you saw your Mother = 7 years ago :')
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = I love the way it is now
32. What are you listening to right now = I don't listen to any music
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = nope
34. Who's getting on your nerves right now = no one really :)
35. Most visited webpage = livejournal, youtube.com, twitter
36. Whats your real name = Eugenia Septhariani
37. Nicknames = Nia
38. Relationship Status = available ♥ (*^^*)
39. Zodiac sign = Libra constellation / Rooster year
40. Male or female = female
41. High School = SMA Santa Ursula
42. College/uni = Atma Jaya Catholic University (I hope can graduate well so I could enter this uni)
43. Workplace = plan to build my own business :)
44. Hair colour = black
45. Long or short = short
46. Height = 1.56 metres (really short!)
47. Do you have a crush on someone = yes :)
48: What do you like about yourself = I love how I can really focus on something I do
49. Piercings = ears
50. Tattoos = no
51. Righty or lefty = righty

52. First surgery = never
53. First piercing = ears piercing
54. First best friend = don't know who's my best friend yet :(
55. First sport you joined = soccer! totally love this forever
56. First vacation = I think it was a theme park (?)
58. First pair of trainers = nope

59. Eating = currently eating nothing
60. Drinking = currently drinking nothing
61. I'm about to = go to post office to send a package and postcards :)
62. Listening to = nothing :)
63. Waiting for = a boyfriend hahahaha *forget about this one!

64. Want kids = yep, bliss!
65. Get married = will be fun! won't be like other married couples, mine in the future will be total fun!
66. Career = anything related to my major and my hobbies :)

67. Lips or eyes = eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = hugs with kisses XD
69. Shorter or taller = definitely taller
70. Older or Younger = older :)
71. Romantic or spontaneous = spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = nice stomach!!
73. Sensitive or loud = loud :) because I'm sensitive and it's tiring
74. Hook-up or relationship = relationship :) hook up is immature

76. Kissed a stranger = noway!
77. Drank hard liquor = no hard liquor
78. Lost glasses/contacts = nope
79. First date = never :)
80. Broken someone's heart = don't think so.. but I rejected some guys long time ago
82. Been arrested = nope
83. Turned someone down = don't know.. maybe
84. Cried when someone died = yesss
85. Fallen for a friend = I think it always happens, right? But so far I've never experienced this :(

86. Yourself = not really
87. Miracles = of course!
88. Love at first sight = no, care is developed by action not by sight. I love people not by their look but by their heart.
89. Heaven = yes
90. Santa Claus = no
91. Kiss on the first date = I, honestly, scared of it ;)
92. Angels = a bit

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time = no ways!
95. Did you sing today = nope
96. Ever cheated on somebody = no.. horrible thing to do
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go = I don't want to go back in time
98. The moment you would choose to relive = when two heartbeats are meeting :)
99. Are you afraid of falling in love = not really. just let it flow
100. Are you afraid of posting this as 100 truths = I am, a bit afraid.. ahaha :P

Anyone want to do this?? Highlight all and ctrl+c it!

Forever My Soul :)

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Credits : Tumblr

And yes... I love five of them, because... they are ARASHI :) 

Blue Diamond Shop

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Berhubung bisnis pertama tak berhasil, sekarang mencoba plan B. Yang suka parchment craft visit my online shop http://blue-diamond-shop.blogspot.com.

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New Layout

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Hello all~ I've finally changed my blog layout. I need some "refreshments" :) So, here it is. I finally found a "mature"-like template for this blog~ Gonna change the header later :D

New Passion

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Tentang hobi gue belakangan ini... Jujur aja, agak aneh mungkin ya bagi orang kebanyakan. Gua merasa gua yang sekarang adalah tipe yang suka menentang mainstream. Yang ada di pikiran gua : kalau bisa beda, kenapa harus ikutan mainstream? Haha, sok bijak bener ya gua. Contohnya, ketika sebagian besar orang tergila-gila KPop, gua tetap keep calm aja tuh coy jadi JPoppers. Because I want JPop to be exclusive as it was, coz not many people like it, or even pay attention to it :)

Ok, back to the main topic. Seperti yang kalian sudah tahu, gua mengoleksi postcard dari berbagai macam negara. Sekarang jumlahnya udah banyakkk banget, satu dus sepatu udah penuh :p Gak hanya itu, sekarang gua juga lagi gila ngumpulin perangko dan juga ber-numismatik-ria. Numismatik itu hobi ngumpulin mata uang (logam/kertas)

Gak tau deh ya kenapa gua jadi old-fashioned gini. Itu semua kan hobi kakek-nenek yang biasanya udah retired gitu... But I think it's already in my gene. Even my grand grandfather was a money collector (I still have that collection and it's written year 1923 with his signature on it. I'm not lying!) and my mom collected two small boxes of stamps and coin money.

Gua memandang ini sebagai usaha investasi di masa depan. Konon katanya harga perangko dan uang-uang logam itu harganya bisa menjadi tinggi sekali di masa depan dan tentunya bisa jadi sumber pendapatan gua di masa depan (amin). Belakangan ini juga gua lagi money oriented banget. Selama ini kayaknya gua terlalu boros. Ada barang lucu dikit mesti gua beli, padahal di rumah endingnya bakal dibuang percuma. Sekarang gua lagi mencoba berhemat dan mengumpulkan setiap uang jajan yang gua dapat. Bahkan sekarang lagi mencoba berbisnis kecil-kecilan (jualan baju dan pergamano). Emang sih masih belum ada yang beli sama sekali karena baru Senin kemarin dibuka. Tapi gua harus optimis shop gua bakal laku di kemudian hari.

Gua lagi berniatttt banget nambahin saldo di tabungan gua. Entah buat apa, gak jelas. Gak tau. Yang jelas gua lagi pengen aja punya penghasilan sendiri. Bahkan April ini rencananya gua juga bakal nyoba invest karena lumayan kalo untung, labanya masuk ke rekening gua :))

Yah, tapi sebelum menghedon dengan rencana gua untuk mengii kantong sendiri itu sepenuhnya terlaksana, gua harus melewati 4 HARI UNTUK SELAMANYA itu dulu (baca : UJIAN NASIONAL). God, it's 3 days from now on, but I still pessimistic if I could do it well and great a maximal score~ Because statistics said to me it's really hard to get score above 85, specially for Bahasa almost all of Science subjects. I always stuck at 80 for Math and Physics and even 75 for Biology and Chemistry -___- Berharap saja soal UN tidak sebrengsek soal TO.

Gua cuma akan do the best buat UN sesuai dengan kemampuan gua. Ini perjuangan puncak selama di SMA. Gua juga gak bakal belajar kebanyakan karena nanti hasilnya malah gak maksimal. Yang terutama gua akan memperbanyak makan dan tidur, tentu saja :) Dan yang paling penting tekun doa dan Novena. That's all ^^

Untuk mengakhiri post gua yang panjang lebar ini, gua mau promosi shop gua untuk ketiga kalinya hari ini.

Readers yang baik hati, tolong dicek yaa Machino Hanabira Shop (Clothing and Parchment Craft)
FB : facebook.com/machinohanabira.shop
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Monggo dicek, barang-barangnya lucu dan kualitas oke punya! INFO ke 081586270164

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Enough Said

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Akhir-akhir ini gua jadi begitu sensitif. Pernah gak sih ngerasa kita udah berbuat baik sama seseorang, tapi orang itu justru cuek dan cenderung gapeduli sama kebaikan kita? Yang ada tuh orang semakin menjadi, mengharapkan pertolongan terus dari kita.

Memang sih, kesannya dengan post ini, gua terlihat seperti orang yang gak tulus, yang cuma mengharapkan pamrih. Gua paham bener kok, nasihat yang udah klise banget dari jaman kapan : menolong orang tanpa pamrih, jangan mengharapkan balasan dari orang lain, dll.

Jujur aja, DULU gua bukan tipe orang seperti ini. DULU gua akan dengan senang hati melakukan kebaikan, ga peduli apa reaksi orang terhadap gua. Dan kenyataannya, orang masih respek dan peduli sama gua. Itu DULU.

Tapi SEKARANG, ini yang kadang gua merasa kecil hati. Gua udah melakukan kebaikan tapi tetep aja gua gak dianggep sama orang2 sekitar. Gua merasa diabaikan. Seakan-akan gua invisible di hadapan mereka. Isn't it wrong for being nice?

Gua tau ini sikap yang buruk. Buruk banget. Entahlah, sejak duduk di kelas 11 di tempat ITU, gua jadi pribadi yang BUKAN GUA banget. Gua jadi makin introvert, pesimistis, apatis, gampang ngeluh, jadi ikut-ikutan perfeksionis dan gampang banget negative-thinking sama orang. Gua merasa gak berkembang. Gua 'mati' dalam arti konotasi di sini :( Mungkin gua dari luar tampak seperti orang yang cuek aja dan menerima keadaan, tapi lo gak tau kan kalo di rumah gua kadang bisa tiba-tiba nangis sendiri tengah malem? Gua meratapi nasib gua di tempat ITU.

Berkali-kali gua ungkapkan penyesalan gua di blog. Gua merasa banget gak dihargai sama orang-orang itu. Gak ada respek sama gua. Dari awal gua merasa ini keputusan yang salah. Tapi, kalau ini keputusan yang salah, kenapa Tuhan membiarkan gua diterima di tempat ITU? Gua selalu percaya Tuhan punya rencana yang terbaik buat gua.

By the way, anyway busway, it's H-8. Sebentar lagi UN kelar, dan gua akan putus hubungan segera dengan tempat ITU.
Sebenernya gua bukan benci tempatnya, tapi gua muak sama 'isinya' yang munafik. Gua cuma punya beberapa orang yang benar-benar bisa gua percaya, gak pernah mengkhianati gua, dan gak pernah meninggalkan gua. Gua sungguh muak dengan pertemanan di tempat ITU. Even they badmouthing their own close friends on the back -___- I despise their sweet mouth. They are not that faithful.

Enough said about bad things of that place. I'm really sure that I could make such a very long list about the bad side of that place. LOL XD

Remember this people : gak semua yang lo liat baik, adalah baik juga di dalamnya.

Lastly : "Ketika Anda menolong orang lain, sesungguhnya Anda sedang menolong diri Anda sendiri." - Merry Riana

Selalu berbuat kebaikan! Gak peduli apa reaksi orang lain, yang penting kita sudah melakukan kebaikan. Percayalah, Tuhan MahaTahu :)
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Hope (less)

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Akhir-akhir ini blog saya isinya makin hari makin sampah saja. Entahlah, sedang tidak ada ide untuk menulis sebuah tulisan yang ber'isi' dan ber'manfaat'. UN sebentar lagi, tepatnya H-9 (ohmaigat, H-9! tapi rasanya nilai-nilai try out saya masih saja tetap tidak memuaskan) Begitu banyak pikiran di kepala saya yang begitu mengganggu : rencana-rencana setelah UN selesai. Yang pertama, yang siap dijalankan adalah membuka sebuah online shop dengan misi menambah uang saku dan mencoba mencari penghasilan sendiri. Semoga yang satu ini berhasil. Gara-gara online shop ini, kegiatan belajar saya jadi agak terganggu sedikit dan membuat saya sulit sekali untuk duduk fokus dan belajar dengan tenang. Pusing memikirkan bagaimana mempromosikan online shop ini. Saya rasa sekian dulu post kali ini. Mau tidur siang dulu dan mempersiapkan diri mengikuti Misa Malam Paskah.


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Today my class took photoshoots for our yearbook.

Some snapshots :

Really love the costume. And for the first time, I went feminine, all the way ^^ But one of my friend still said that I looked sporty and cool :)) Thankyou Syane Agacy, for the make-up :) Love it so much :)

This (Y)

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"Live for those who love you.

For those whose hearts are true. 
For the heaven that smiles above you.
And the good that you may do."