Beautiful World

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“This is just my opinion, but I think perhaps ‘Beautiful World’ has already existed. Not something we need to create, instead it’s already here in this world. I think the problem lays in with whom we’re seeing it with. Family, friends, someone we love – someone precious, a senpai, a kouhai, grandfather, grandmother and others. The world we see with these people beside us, I think that’s the ‘Beautiful World’. It’s about how we’re going to see it, and at that time whom we’re seeing it with. This one with this person, another with that person, something like that. Not someone who’s conveniently there, but someone with whom we’re going to happily see it together, and I’d like you to choose these people from now on. For me, it’s these four guys. This beautiful world right here that I’m seeing together with these four guys, is truly a ‘Beautiful World’. I’ve had a great time. Thank you.”
-Ninomiya Kazunari

So True

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I like being alone, but I hate the feeling of being lonely. When you’re alone, you have time for yourself. Your thoughts finally catch up to you. You set your mind on things and everything is just clearer. Nothing’s bothering you and everything just feels right for once. When you feel lonely, you feel as if no one’s there for you. It feels like no one understands you or is willing to listen. It feels like you’re screaming in a crowded room, yet not one person hears you.

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My first attempt making Arashi's paperdoll :

Kageyama (Sakurai Sho in NazoDi) in hakama ^^ kyuuunnn :))

At first, I thought making a paperdoll is very easy. But I was wrong... it's somehow quite difficult, specially for making hands and feet parts :( Look at my paperdoll above, it's stil kinda messy and untidy hahaha. This is my very first time making such a paperdoll. Gonna try Arashi's Wild at Heart paperdoll on the next day^^ 

Gloomy All The Way

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Giveaway #1

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Travelling around the world has always been my dream since I was I child. I live in Indonesia by the way. Recently, I run a small business. I sell clothing items in an online store called "Machino Hanabira Shop". I'm willing to do it in order to fulfill my dreams : to be able to travel around the world. I really want to go to Greece. As usual, I try to ask Google for the pictures :)

Guess what country it is ? Yes. It's ITALY :)

Italy is also one of my Top 10 must-places-to-go list. I really hope someday I could travel there, bring my parents to go there, as a sign of my gratefulness for them^^ Someday... yes :)

Then, I found this giveaway on Facebook :) It's not wrong to give it a try, isn't it? Maybe the goddess of fortune  turns her face on me ;)

Sparkling Reviews (click on the words!) is giving away :
A Trip to Italy and 2 $1000 Visa Gift Card!

The winner will receive :
- A 6 day and 7 night all inclusive trip to Italy. This is for 3 people. Plane fare included! As well as meals and drinks at the hotel.
- 2 $10000 Visa Gift Cards

AMAZING, ISN'T IT? So, what are you waiting for, bloggers? Give it a try! Enter here!


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Yes, in the most wonderful way. They lit up a fire and spread warmth in my life. I would most probably be depressed for my whole life if not for them.

I love them very much <3 They are my inspiration, motivation and my soul :) I know, they even don't know me. But I will still support them, no matter what. I'm not that kind of fanatic fans. After all these days seeing my friends talking about KPop and stuffs *sigh*. I'm still the only one who totally devote myself for JPop rather than KPop. Seems I'm always against the mainstream *oh yeah so true*.

I don't really have friends who don't like any of those. Especially KPop. Why God? -___________-

Ah okay, forget that matters, if I continue to rant maybe people who read this post might be hurt. I'm sorry, I just try to convey all my feelings ;) Now, I want to show you some pictures of Mukai Osamu, my favorite Japanese actor.

I recently watch his drama titled "Hungry". "Hungry" provides you a lot of delicious French cuisine :)) In "Hungry", Mukai is taking on the role of Eisuke, a former bassist of a rock band who gave up his music dreams to carry on the tradition of his family’s French restaurant. The show will involve a love triangle as Kuninaka and Takimoto play rivals for Eisuke’s heart.

Kuninaka has been cast as Eisuke’s older girlfriend Maria, who works at a bank. She is shocked to learn that Mukai has abandoned his music to devote himself to the restaurant, leading her to uncertainty about their relationship. Takimoto’s character is a 20-year-old college student named Chie who comes from a farming family. Although she initially had a bad impression of Eisuke, she begins to develop feelings for him after tasting his cooking.

SMAP’s Inagaki will play Tokio, the owner of a competing French restaurant. In the past, he was fond of the restaurant that Eisuke’s mother ran, but after she passed away, he deceived Eisuke’s father and bought out the restaurant’s chefs and staff. Knowing of Eisuke’s ability as a chef, Tokio views him as a rival.

Eisuke’s friends, who were part of his band ROCKHEAD, are being played by Tsukamoto (guitarist) and Miura (vocalist). Both of them help Eisuke with his restaurant.

I think this drama series was very excellent~ Because Mukai and Shohei play role in it. Plus, you could see tons of French cuisines served in this drama :) Like this one :

Gyaaah >.< Suddenly I want to eat those French cuisines :) Must taste good! Anyway, what I can quoted from the drama is : "Love probably could start through your stomach first, rather than your heart." I think after this, I'm gonna looking for a boyfriend who could cook well :))

Enough for today. I am gonna post about a giveaway from Sparkling Reviews :) A trip to Italy for 3 people!!!

I Need Somebody

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Kayaknya gua memang benar-benar butuh seseorang yah. Butuh seseorang yang bisa gua andalkan. Yang bisa menyentuh hati gua. Yang selalu mensupport gua. Yang bisa menghormati keputusan gua. Yang rela berkorban dan mau melindungi gua. Yang selalu ada sama gua. Yang bisa jadi sahabat sekaligus pacar. Yang mau bikin gua ketawa di saat gua sedang gloomy. Yang mau membiarkan gua menangis sepuasnya di pundaknya. Yang peduli sama gua. Yang menerima gua apa adanya. Yang setia. Yang sayang sama gua dan keluarga gua. Yang rela jadi sopir pribadi gua. Yang bisa gua peluk. Tempat menumpahkan segala curhatan gua. Yang selalu memanjakan gua. Yang nomor 1 di hati gua.

Semoga bisa mendapatkan sosok itu secepatnya. AMIN deh :')

Akhirnya, maafkan post tengah malam seorang gadis 18 tahun yang galau karena tak punya pacar ini.

Sekian. Terima kasih. Salam galau.
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