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And even if no one supports my dreams, my effort... No one helps... I will stick to my belief. Keep on believing the power of dreams... Keep on fighting with my own power... And keep praying...

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Believe in your destiny
It’s full of everything you love
Dreams that might become free
Full magical moods there of
It’s a way of your own day
Making it clear and bright
As every temperament play
From your onward own flight

Those yesterdays weren’t that clear
But now there is all tomorrow
With your own oars to steer
Flows of the waves that borrow
In green fields of happiness
And everything in it to be true
With your own destiny caress
On to the heaven of the blue

Believe in all that’s beautiful
Sky of the far and the deep
Never let those colors be dull
They are yours forever to keep
It’s a way of your own day
That you can reach to and try
There need not be any of gray
To reach your own goal and fly


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... it has been a long nightmare for me, and thank God, it's OVER now. I'm officially free.
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Oke. Ceritanya gue LULUS SMA nih :') Akhirnya gue bebas dari penjara itu xD Nilainya? Ya gitu dah haha.

Nilai UN murni : 54,45 >> angka cantik bro B)
Nilai US : 52,41
Nilai Akhir : 53,70

Not badlah. Gue udah kayak gapeduli nilai yang penting gua lulus.

Oke jadi rencana setelah semua hutang ini terbayar lunas adalah misi penggendutan badan. Ini yang utama dan terutama! Masih butuh 5-6 kg lagi untuk dapet berat ideal -___- Terus selanjutnya download Beautiful World Concert dan Waku-Waku Gakkou! Gua pengen ngeliat performnya Niji no Kakeraaa <3 Bet it was beautiful as the name has said : BEAUTIFUL world
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A Dream of a Fangirl

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Found this on tumblr :





"You may not know it Jun, but Arashi was already able to link different countries around the world. We may be of different races and cultures, but all of us have one thing in common, that is the undying love for you guys. Your music inspired everyone of us. The challenges you’ve faced until you reached the peak of stardom have became an inspiration for us to never give up. It may not be today or sooner but for sure, we will come there in Japan. We will fulfill our dream of someday, be able to sing “Arashi, Arashi, for dream” together with more than 70,000 fans in your Kokuritsu concert."

suddenly cried after reading this T_____T

And yes...... that dream will be always live in my heart. GO TO JAPAN AND ATTENDING ARASHI'S CONCERT. Someday, I will surely come to your concert, and sing along with more than 70.000 fans in Kokuritsu concert :''''''''''''')

I'm gonna work hard to fulfill that dream... to be able to see that 5 guys standing in front of my eyes...