First Post in 2014

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Another year has ended.  

Personally, 2013 had not been my best year. I would definitely need a time machine to reverse some decisions that I have done. But looking back, I had no regret for what have already happened in 2013. 2013 had so many ups and downs. I got so many lessons and experiences to be learned. 

Looking back in 2013…

I have finally done my short-term, 2nd term and 3rd term in the university. So far I have completed 72 out of 147 credits to be completed to get my degree. Well, it’s still a half-way to get there ;) Hopefully I could get my degree in late 2015 or early 2016 *praying hard*

3rd semester had been the biggest challenge in my university life. I joined two committees where I arranged two big events for my organization. It was confusing at first; because there were a lot of things to do – making poster, capturing the events, making video, making proposal and letters – but I finally managed it. It was something I rarely done in high school – since I didn’t join any organization when I was in high school.  

Not only committees matter, 2013 gave me a lot of experiences concerning my major. I tried the Battle Royal Accounting – an annual internal accounting competition – with 2 of my friends. We didn’t make it to the further preliminary round - of course - because from the very first, we were not expecting to win, so we didn’t prepare it well or more exactly we didn’t prepare AT ALL x) But the most exciting thing was we got the chance to go to OCBC NISP bank for company visit. In this company visit, we were so lucky that OCBC NISP bank has prepared a one day workshop titled “Smart Investment Planning”.  For me personally, this workshop was very valuable and it has encouraged me a lot to buy some investment products called “Reksa Dana”. It is very easy nowadays to open a bank account for this Reksa Dana. Up till now, I still manage my time to go to the nearest branch office of OCBC NISP to open my own account. In OCBC NISP bank, we also had a banking tour. We went to the treasury room – where stocks and obligations were sold & bought – something which was very new for me, private banking room, operational room – where the teller serves the customer, and also we had a very nice lunch and snacks  We were served so nicely here. At the end of the workshop, each one of us got a certificate directly from OCBC NISP bank. What a superb experience!

Aside from OCBC NISP, I also went to Deloitte for the next company visit. Deloitte is one of the Big-Four public accountant companies. Here, we were introduced to the career path in auditing field – from associate, the lowest to the highest position: partner. We were also informed about the recruitment process, Deloitte development program, experiences (pluses/minuses) in being an auditor, etc. Because the company visit to Deloitte was done in a very short time, it was more like a campaign “why you should enter Deloitte” for me LOL – since the HR of Deloitte told us that the rate of the student of our university who apply for Deloitte is declining. Even though it was done in a short time, it has broadened my mind that I have so many chances and opportunities to develop my own career.

Current career path: to be an auditor or a private banker. So far, I choose to be the last one. Working in a bank makes me doubt, at first. My thought was like, “What’s so good being a banker?” Being a banker is actually very good, financially. You can also develop yourself through the company various development program. For example in OCBC NISP, you can join MDP (Management Development Program); a career development program. What’s the privilege then? You are studying instead of working and then you get paycheck every month! Plus, if you graduate with outstanding scores from MDP, you are also hired to be the manager – a position which you can normally reach after 4-5 years of working; but with MDP program, you can be a manager in just 1-2 years! – DISCLAIMER : I’m not a buzzer for OCBC NISP, I’m just telling my experience, anyway ;)

To conclude, to be a banker is the best choice, at least for me, NOW – before I change my mind – 

In December 2013, somehow I feel like I become a sudden-movie-junkie. After the final exam ended, I rush myself to get The Hobbit 2 : Desolation of Smaug movie ticket. I finally had time for myself by watching a movie. Alone. For the first time in my life. This also happened when I watched Frozen.  In December, I thought I have watched 4 different movies in theatre – which was very rare for me. They are : The Hobbit 2, Frozen, Tenggelamnya Kapal van Der Wijk, and Edensor. I want to write the review of The Hobbit 2 and Frozen, but I still got no words to describe them. They are too amazing to be written in words.

2013 resolutions that have not been accomplished…

MotoGP! I failed to catch them last year because of that goddamn-mid-term-exams-schedule of my campus. If only my mid-term exam finished two days earlier, I could fly to Sepang to meet my favorite riders! But that’s okay… Remember, everything will be beautiful in its own time  I was really happy knowing that Marc Marquez finally becomes the youngest rider of all time to be MotoGP World Champion. I thought it would be that bastard, Jorge Lorenzo; but my baby alien managed it well :’) 


I feel so blessed throughout 2013. God is kind for me. I really feel his blessings and guidance in my life.  Thank to you God. In 2013, I also turned 20. Twenty. I should be far more mature and responsible than before, but I still have that childish side on me. Hopefully, I could learn to be a more mature and more grown-up in 2014

2014 gives me another new hope, new challenge and lots of lesson to be learned. I have a new part-time job in my campus as the assistant lecturer for Introduction to Information Systems. I join the Catholic community organization. I take full credits for this 4th semester. It means that I have to be more responsible of the choices and decisions that I have made. I hope I can manage my time well.

I also have some resolutions to be done in 2014, they are:
- Bought my first investment
- MotoGP live at Sepang, Malaysia
- Saves my money more intensive
- Start looking for an internship programs
- Trying to be a volunteer in a program
- Improving my English (because in some internship programs, fluency in English is a MUST!)

Note to self:
Accept who you really are and live life to the fullest. 
Never expect anything, just try to do your best.
Don’t worry, be happy!
Don’t be too sensitive, because it kills!
Why worry of other people who even don’t care about a single thing of you?