Words to Live By

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Well said.

Learn, Enjoy and Focus!

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Di edisi Nulis Random kali ini gue mau sedikit share tentang pengalaman internship gue yang sudah berjalan hampir 1,5 bulan lamanya ini (dan tersisa 1,5 bulan lagi).

I learned A LOT. Banyak hal-hal penting yang bisa gue pelajari dari pengalaman magang ini:

Lesson learned #1 
I know exactly what THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY - TGIF means. 

Yes. Tadinya gue selalu kayak "apaan sih ini TGIF TGIF. norak lu semua." Tapi setelah magang, gue jadi ngerasain luar biasanya sensasi datangnya hari Jumat itu. Bahagiaaaaa banget xD

Lesson learned #2
Kudos for all working parents!!!! Angkat topi beneran deh. Di kantor gue banyak banget yang anaknya masih kecil-kecil dan mereka tetap berusaha balanced antara working dan family life. Bahkan division head gue harus berkali-kali pumping ASI-nya di sela-sela jam kerja demi kasih ASI eksklusif buat baby-nya yang masih umur 5 bulan. Gue? Seminggu setelah magang tiap pulang pasti langsung tepar di kasur, udah gak kuat ngapa-ngapain. Makanya, gue salut dengan para orang tua yang bekerja banting tulang dari pagi sampai malem, tapi masih oke juga ngurus anak-anaknya :") 

Lesson learned #3

Makin kuat cita-cita gue untuk jadi entrepreneur instead of karyawan. Sebelum masuk kuliah gue sempat 2 tahunan buka bisnis online shop; cuma mungkin karena kesibukan jadinya kurang dikelola dengan serius, jadinya ada penurunan omzet dan akhirnya sekarang tutup sementara. Gue lagi mencari-cari ide segar untuk menghidupkan bisnis gue yang lagi mati suri itu.

Let it Be the Final KRS!

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Nulis Random Day 2

Today is KRS day for batch 2012. KRS is basically a process where you choose your subjects and classes according to the available schedule. At 6.30 p.m, I'm done with my KRS. Thank God it went well, although I have to wait for an extra 15 minutes because I got kicked from the system for a while. I am hoping so much that it will be the very very last KRS in my college *pray* Now, it's time to focus on choosing what the topic for thesis might be ;) May the thesis be completed as soon as possible (3 months hopefully), face the thesis defense very well and graduate on time; exactly next year on April 2016! And last but not least, got an amazing job where I can learn and grow professionally before I graduated *pray* Wish me luck!

Anyway lately I always get some kind of writers' block. Like, you have already got the ideas to pour down into writings but you just can't. Damn my brain :( Maybe I should just try to spit it out whatever crossed in my mind and quickly write in notes; before the ideas disappeared. I think that's all for now. Let's see how many days I can successfully completed this Nulis Random project in July ;) Have a great Sunday, peeps!

Hello July!

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First-half of the year has passed. Time flies, eh? Just like the picture above said : the second half can be even better! Yeah. I thank God for a lot of experiences that He let me gone through to it since the beginning of the year. It's been a great and wonderful first-half of 2015! Several targets have achieved successfully and I'm now looking forward to see what second half of 2015 can surprise me ;) I believe it will be impressive and extraordinary!

Starting this July, I'm planning to start some kind of a blog challenge called #NulisRandom;) For me, writing is a self-therapy. It releases stress and anxiety. I used to write a lot; years ago. Now I'm trying to force myself to get some "exercise" in writing so that it will be back to my routine. And just like the hashtag said, I bet the posts are gonna be random and maybe a lil bit weird. Well, pardon me. This is my own blog so I have the right to write anything that popped up in my mind ;)