Last Day of Internship

August 31, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Today is my last day of internship. I got mixed feelings. I felt so relieved that finally it's over so I can focus only on my thesis; but on the other side, I'm gonna miss the warm environment and the people there. They are all very nice and friendly :") Well, I used to think that being an entrepreneur might be cooler than just being an employee (or I should say : a professional) - because the job is so mundane at first; sitting all day from 8-to-5 looking to the computer, doing your task, e-mailing, meeting, etc. But this company has changed my mind and made me realize that IT IS OKAY to be a professional; as long as you take a 100% focus in it. Ah, I forgot that aside from my last day of internship, some of my colleagues were promoted today. Congrats, Mbak Niken, Mbak Lia, Kak Ricky & Mbak Ira. I wish you success for your career and future endeavors!

Guard Down

August 12, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Words to be pondered.

Seventh Semester

August 10, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello! It's August finally. It means one month to go before I'm turning 22. Yes, I'm gonna be THAT OLD hahaha. It's time for Taylor Swift's song to continuously playing in my head. Can't believe time passed so fast. It feels like I just graduated from high school, but now I have to be ready to face a professional working-life.

Today is the first day of 7th semester. Got no class anymore; thank goodness. I went to campus to submit my thesis topic. Really hope that my thesis proposal got accepted successfully and get a thoughtful and supportive mentor who can guide me during the writing process of the thesis. Thesis should be done in 3 monthsss! AMEN for that! Starting today onwards, I will try to write more posts in English so I could improve my English. I'm really sorry because this blog looks messier (and slightly boring) day by day since I haven't found the right thing to write here. Soon after I completed my internship, I will keep this blog updated ;) Wish me luck for everything!