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Today I am officially starting my journey as an auditor (which means I am also officially ended my 5-months-hermit days). I know it is never easy to find a job after you graduated, but thank God I managed to secure a job within 4-months after my graduation. God is so good all the time :") I'm not gonna take anything for granted. Be grateful and maximize your own potential. Don't forget to pray. Let's FIGHTTT. And welcome "lembur" and "begadang" days.... :") Well, wish me luck! *demi bisa membahagiakan orang tua, jalan-jalan keliling dunia dan meningkatkan taraf hidup yeay xD*

Semarang Travel Diary (Part 1) : Discover the Part of Yourself

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"Travel is discovering the part of yourself that you never knew existed before". Critical Eleven, Ika Natassa

My trip this time was the memorable one. It was my first time traveling alone (practically not all alone sih), tapi sepanjang perjalanan PP Jakarta-Semarang, I was on my own. Now I proudly declared it as an achievement *smug face* Thanks to the introvert main trait, I am now dare to travel again ALL ALONE HAHA. It was somehow relaxing when you wandered alone, getting lost and learn more about yourself. 

For a well-planned and organized person like me, this was the most spontaneous and unplanned trip. I bought the train ticket two weeks prior the date and even WITHOUT ITINERARY (which is definitely a big no for me xD). I was impulsively and quickly saying "YES" when my high-school friend asked me whether I want to visit her in Semarang or not xD I could say that this very trip is some kind of "vow". I said to myself months ago; that if I made it to the dream company I would like to work for, I would visit Semarang. Since I already got a job so here I am... fulfilled the vow x)

I found that this lion statue is cute tho haha

Spotted Sakurai Sho on a Local TV

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Okay guys, this post is going to be the most useless post of all time.
I couldn't resist the temptation to share this thing xD
When you watched Olympics badminton women single group match (Lindaweni Fanetri - INA vs Okuhara Nozomi - JPN) and then suddenly the camera zoomed in... THIS GUY... BOOM! *OVARIES EXLODED* SAKURAI SHO APPEARED ON INDONESIAN LOCAL TV!!!
I mean it's very rare to see a Johnny's talent appeared on TV; specially on your LOCAL TV. OH MY GOD. I literally jumped out *dan hampir kejengkang* and screamed the seconds when he appears x)) Sakurai Sho is a News Zero reporter and he is currently on duty to do Rio 2016 coverage. It's his 3rd day in Rio. 

GOD thankyou cameraman-san for this!
Pic credit : Yunhotic/Twitter

Kameramennya tau aja ada cowok ganteng xD
Pic credit : Twitter
And suddenly my Twitter timeline overflowing with his pictures. All Arashi fangirls (especially Indonesian fangirls) were like heboh gak jelas. Emang deh kelakuan fangirl semua sama aja HAHA. And yeah I forgot one thing, I had to say sorry because I didn't even pay any attention to the Indonesian Lindaweni :( since my focus was only to search him among hundreds of spectator xD Too bad Lindaweni lost from Nozomi. But I think Lindaweni wasn't eliminated yet (?) since it was still a group phase. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think that's it for now. Just want to share that a hot Japanese reporter just showed up on local TV channel LOL.

Explore New Things : Archery

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"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming."

Actually I've been longing to do archery since the beginning of the year. It's already on my bucket list. Due to some reasons we had to cancel it many times LOL. But we had the perfect time just last Saturday so we went to Gelora Bung Karno Archery Field and do archery. As a person who likes to learn and try something new, I don't wanna miss the chance. We had a coach to teach us as a beginner in archery. At first, it's very hard to pulled out the arc and the arrow missed the target so many times. But as the time goes by, we were getting used to it and at one time we successfully placed the arrow on yellow area (center area). Who knows that archery could be this fun ;) I learned how to be calm and remain focus to the target. It's somehow addictive you know, the feelings when you pulled out the arc and made the arrow shot into the target. Here's to trying more new fun (and challenging) activities!

Say yes to archery!

Katniss Everdeen stranded in Senayan LOL
Today's achievement : not that bad, rite?

Archery Field,
Gelora Bung Karno Pintu 7
Coach : Pak Prayitno (0813 1225 7009)

[J-Drama Review] Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (Spring 2016)

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This is going to be my first J-Dorama review ever haha. Yep. I'm gonna review Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (World Most Complicated Romance) or Cinta Paling Sulit Di Dunia in Bahasa. Reasons for watching? Sudah jelas karena ada Ohno Satoshi-nya dong hehe xD Dorama ini munculnya barengan sama doramanya Matsujun : 99.9 ~ Keiji Senmon Bengoshi. Awalnya sih gue kelarin 99.9 duluan karena di Twitter rame banget pada share foto Matsujun yang lucuk imut gitu dan temanya gue suka karena tentang detektif. Kelar 99.9 gue juga penasaran dong pengen nonton deh doramanya Ohno, soalnya pada bilang lucu dan menarik. Selain itu ratingnya juga cukup bagus. Apalagi ini tuh first Ohno-san's romance drama. Well, rom-com sih lebih tepatnya. So, here it is my J-Drama review (spoiler alert!)


Samejima Reiji (Ohno Satoshi), 34 tahun, CEO sekaligus founder Hotel Samejima yang sudah terkenal di tingkat dunia. Banyak pengalaman di dunia perhotelan tapi Reiji is compeletely zero experience in love. Reiji orang yang benar-benar teliti dan perfeksionis. Hotelnya harus senantiasa tertata rapi dan tidak mentolerir sedikit debu pun. Perfeksionis dan menyebalkan mungkin beda-beda tipis. Pagi itu, Reiji melakukan pemeriksaan mendadak di salah satu cabang hotelnya di Hakone. Dua orang karyawan dipecatnya hari itu hanya karena masalah sepele. Yang pertama yang dipecat adalah seorang resepsionis pria yang kedapatan sedang menerima telepon saat sedang berdiri di depan pintu (padahal resepsionis itu sedang menerima telepon yang memberi tahu bahwa istrinya akan melahirkan). Yang kedua adalah seorang wanita kepala pelayan yang sudah 10 tahun bekerja di situ hanya karena Reiji mendapati bahwa di karpet hotel masih ada sedikit debu.

August Wish

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Time flies so fast. It's August already, which means the beginning of something new in my life. Yep. Welcome to real jungle LOL I'm gonna work on my very first job at the end of August. Hope everything goes well and I can once again adapt real fast to the company *finger-crossed* In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy this summer break to the fullest before it's over. 

Target this month : crossed everything on my list before job taking over my plenty precious time! Wish me luck!