Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stuck at Home! Geez! X(

HEY WORLD! i'm stuck. stuck at home. i woke up at 10.30 a.m. like usual, i always wake up late. huh. now i'm stuck in front of my PC, watching some arashi's videos, chatting, and writing on this space. it's boring... X( it's already dec 24th. a few hours till the Christmas eve! oh.. time has flown fast. i didn't realize it. mm.. i don't have any plans to go during this holiday. the holiday is too short i think. we have only 14 days holiday.

my plans during this holiday :
* reading books : facing the giants, twilight and maryamah karpov
* eat more snacks! hehe XD in case gaining up my weight!
* downloading funny videos from arashi!
* sleeping.. of course!
* studying science >o<

what else..?

i think that's all. and.. enough for today.. i will go to the church at night! follow the second holy mess at my church! hope everything goes well! amen XD. HAPPY CHRISTMAS for all!

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