Saturday, June 13, 2009


Still in boredomness. *sssh*
7 days to go to my upcoming "graduation" (gee? 7 days = 7 X 24 hours = 168 hours..)
"God please do the rest. I beg you..."
What should I do, people?
Any suggestions, please?

Anyway, I currently reading this books :

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Hai, Miiko! (Kocchimuite, Miiko!)

I just found how priceless this comic is. Miiko is too cute! And.. I'm starting to collect this manga. Until now, I already have volume 1-5 and volume 8. I want to buy more but I can't afford it anymore. The price is too expensive (IDR 15.000 per books). This is my second favourite after Detective Conan! Kocchimuite, Miiko! is an ongoing shojo comedy manga series by Eriko Ono. It has ben published by Shogakukan in Ciao since 1995 and collected 18 tankobon volumes as of 2006. Furthermore, popular stories from this manga have been reprinted in three collections called Miiko Selection. It's a sequel to an earlier series, Miiko desu! (I'm Miko!), and it depicts the home and school life of a cheerful fourth-grade girl named Miiko. The series received the 1996 Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga. Together, the first 17 volumes had sold 2,300,000 copies as of 2006.

I also read..

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Benny & Mice : Lost in Bali

Yep, I read this hillarious and ridiculous book! I'm a great fan of them. Hahaha. This time, Benny and Mice went to Bali. They saw many interesting things and pictured it as a cartoony-picture. As usual, with their own unique style, they explored Bali, starting from Kuta to Jimbaran. And they started to make a funny-detailed-story to picture things they found during the trip. For example : "Bikini Bikers", "Turis Jepang", "Tukang Tattoo", etc. Just read by yourself and you'll laugh hardly LMAO XD.

~~Subject changed~~

I'm confused. Do I need to buy Arashi 27th single?

Well, I want to buy one. The newest one. Arashi : Everything. But, I've spent IDR 228.000 for Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon. If I only follow my-"ya-ampun-yang-itu-keren-banget-yang-ini-juga" for cute/nice/good things, then ... I'll say : "Okane ga arimasen..." Ne? My money will gone in only one month!! Ah.. But, I REALLY REALLY want this one! It's IDR 200.000 (geez~ lama-lama Om Johnny gue gantung juga deh di pohon toge >.<

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Should I take it or leave it? HELPPP! I need your HELP!
Do comment, please! It'll help me!


I REALLY REALLY WANT THAT~ (in the other side, I don't want to be a kind of people who always (and always XD) spend their money for that useless (many adults say it : useless) things -- haha. jadi para fangirl tuh rela buang duit cuma buat beliin barang gak berguna? >.<> hmm...)


I've tried to save my allowance, but it haven't work much. Maybe, I need to wait till the late of this June. I hope I can afford it.


Enough for today.
I need to take a rest, because I catch a cold. So annoying, feel dizzy, and running-nose.

So, people, okaeri~
Pray for me ya guys, hope I can get the best!

Ja, mata ashita~~

"People can do their best, but in the end, they have to let God do the rest. No matter how bad or good things and problems they have done, God always decides the results."
A quote by M. S. P (my senior -- I'm totally agree with her said)


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