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Fangirling Mode : ON

Hi peeps!

I'm striking back LMAO

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Since I'm still in heavy boredomness and doing nothing till today, now, the fangirling thingy goes here... hehe (kinda complicated to be a good fangirl)
As you know, I idolise Sakurai Sho from Arashi. And here's his message/comment about their latest single.

First one is for Ashita No Kioku :

This is the song which is played at the ending of "The Quiz Show".
I listened to it as "Kamiyama", so I can't separate it from the image of the drama.

The lyrics is based on the plot of the drama, so it's a mysterious song which is a mixture of sad feeling and words that contradicts it at the same time.

"Joy" "Sorrow"
"Warmth" "Hatred"
"Tomorrow" "Memory"


By the way, concerning the title "Ashita no Kioku" (Tomorrow's Memories)...

"Tomorrow, memories will be regained"

That is how I interpret it.

Because I'm Kamiyama.


"It sounds like a positive song"

There are members who said that as well, so I think it's a song which shows different face to each person.

Please feel "Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~" using your eyes.

And feel "Ashita no Kioku" using your ears.

Best regards.

Sakurai Sho

Credits to : yuckiechan@LJ (thanks for subbing!)


Well, compared to other members, I love Sho's message the most! This is not because Sho is my number one, but Sho's thought is interesting! His message is always divided into paragraphs and have many empty lines LMAO XD. Brainy Sho I just love how he plays the word. I love his thought about : "the contradicts words in the same time" (I even didn't realize it! I've heard the song many times!!!). It's interesting when Sho interprets the title of the song from Kamiyama's point of view. This song is very suitable with the plot of The Quiz Show (see my previous post). Like Sho's : "tomorrow the memory will regained". It will kinda hard to interpret (of course, I'm not Kamiyama :D)

And this one is for Crazy Moon / Kimi wa Muteki :

"Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~". It's a song that has been heard by many people through KOSE commercial.
The last song-only tie-in was "Kiss Kara Hajimeyou", wasn't it.

Eventhough it's our own song, I automatically react to it everytime the commercial is shown.

By the way, at first the title that was given to it was...

"Muteki (tentative)".

...just that!

"So, please listen to this song. Arashi, 'Muteki' "

Sou-- Sounds strong!!

It's dazzling!

Such thing did happen as well, so it got settled down to the current title.

As for the video clip, we're totally dancing in it.

Please enjoy "the dancing Arashi", which is a different kind from "truth".

Because it's muteki...

Sakurai Sho

Credits to : yuckiechan@LJ (thanks for subbing!)


During his second message, somehow I pictured him saying in caster way. Anyways, "muteki" can means unbeatable, unrivaled, invincible, or literally "to have no comparable opponent on earth". Simply you can say : 'have no enemies.' Wow! What a magical word : MUTEKI. Sho's last line made me giggle XD "Please enjoy "the dancing Arashi", which is a different kind from "Truth". Because it's muteki..." I can't stand while imagine Sho saying it (because it's muteki..). GAH!!! NOSEBLEEDING!

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Sho is already invincible and win my heart. *awww* I can't stop replaying the PV. The dancing is TOO INVINCIBLE TO INSIST! For sure, this song has raised my tension! Sho is freaking true : "Crazy Moon / Kimi wa Muteki" with your eyes and feel "Ashita no Kioku" with your ears". KYAA~ *FAINTED*

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Back to the first subject. For me, first time heard "Tomorrow's Memories" is very strange for a title. It's hard to interpret. "Tomorrow's Memories" is kinda dramatic and pathetic about the past memories which maybe goes very bad and painful (like Kamiyama's past in The Quiz Show). But there's still HOPE for the better tomorrow. That's why the members say "this song is also positive". So people, what comes first on your mind when you heard Tomorrow's Memories? Comment at my tagboard! PLEASE... PLEASE XD This will be lots of FUN! Tanoshikatta ne~

Too much blabbing here..
Somehow tired to be a good fangirl^^

I need to take my lunch!
Catch you later, folks! Bye-bye..
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NOTE : 11 days till MY DAY (OMG~ God, I really need your blessings... This will decided my future..)

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