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Fangirling and Real Life Needs to be BALANCE

Today, I browsed to some of my friend blogs. Well, a post that caught my attention is about... being a fangirl. And it makes me inspired now, to write about this thing. Hmm, I think this 'sacred' word has occupied my mind.. for at least these 3 past year. I currently being a fangirl for Johnny's Entertainment. They are : Arashi, NewS, Tegomass and Hey! Say! JUMP! But fortunately, I won't let this 'expensive yet a' habit scatter TOO MUCH on my blog.

Reading some old entries of my blog... My blog supposed to be full of optimism and cheerfulness. Two thing that owned myself 3 years ago. Before I studying at my current all girl high school which drives me crazy and sometimes feeling lonely. Not because of the tons of assignment.... I have to say it's about friend. Peer pressure is tough -_____- I sometimes bash people at the back, I'm really sorry. It only because they don't even show a respect for me. I despise those hatred gaze towards me. Is it wrong to idolize Japanese idols, Japanese songs, Japanese dramas? I know that it'll be weird to talk about fandom that not all people know... But please, show me a little respect to my taste.

Everyone has their own taste, right? And my choice goes to Japanese Pop Culture. Why? You guys don't like it? You call me a freak, then? It's up to you~ I just wonder why people like us, the fangirl of (mostly) JPop fandom has to be called as a "freak"? Hey, we all have something we like or even to be obsessed, right? Why don't let us to fangirling for a while? Moreover, fangirling is not disturbing other people. I think it's okay to fangirling, but please don't go overboard.

Recently, there is Korean wave, which is very fenomenal yet attractive in every country. Including Indonesia. Even my classmates go crazy because of Korean stars. In fact, this fandom wasn't very popular back then. But now, Korean fandom takes over Japanese fandom and so so many people start to like it. Something you have to know that people in this fandom still like to bash minor fandom and claim that their fandom is the best.

This is the reason why I prefer Jpop to KPop. Until now I still don't get what's so attractive from Korean male idol? (for this, I'm really sorry to KPop fans *everyone has their own taste* --> so no offense, this is just opinion).

When I watched KPop boybands performing their song, I found that they are all the same for every boyband. Their music style, their dance movement and their concept of music videos are alike and similar~~~ I have to say that! You should realize that too~ Unlike JPop boybands, they are look different each other. You could spot the difference! While Arashi has a wide range of musical style (they can cover pop, ballad or even the techno one!), NewS has more relaxing and cheerful melody. While Tegomass has a cute melody yet the lyric, JUMP creates more youthful melody :) But, for this reason Korean melody is more catchy and attractive --> I ADMIT THIS! That's why people are tend to choose KPop.

About the lyrics... I have to admit that JPop wins :) *no-offense pls* I try to be objective. I do learn Japanese in my school. But that doesn't mean Korean language is bad. NOT THAT! I mean the meaning of the lyric. I found that most of Japanese songs have a good meaning behind their songs. Its lyric always makes me feel more encouraged and more spirited, somehow. Like when I was down, I listen to Arashi's Hatenai Sora (Endless Sky), because in Hatenai Sora, they're telling you that even when you're in a sadness or pain, there still will be an endless sky above you that offers you a chance to hope towards a better life and let you to dream of something :) When I was in happy situation, I tend to listen NewS's Weeek or even Koi no ABO. These two songs make me feel more and more spirited yet tension up! It's good right? That's why I prefer Japanese songs because of this main reason. Note: people who like Japanese songs or even Japanese dramas are smart and a good obsever because they like to analyze the meaning behind every lyrics or scenes :))

Last thing about fangirl stuffs. Okay. I'm not going to turn this post to be a Jpop vs Kpop post :)) Korean male is more handsome and attractive than Japanese male? Oh, yes. I admit that. But, but~~~ Handsome is relative, right? In every country, the definitinon of HANDSOME might be different. For Middle-East countries, man with beard and moustache would probably be called handsome, right? Unlike our country, man with that looks (beard and moustache) probably scares us hahaha :)) It is the same. We can't say Japanese male idols are ALL ugly. It's relative and it depends to our own taste.

So, FANGIRLING = FREAK? Please don't say that. Every people must have their own idol, right? Same goes with us, with me. But, fangirling is just a kind of activities that allows us to be more intensively knowing about our idol. Mind that! We are NOT FREAK. We are just too obsessed with our idol. Freak is a word that... undefineable and once again, it's relative, I think :/

About fangirling... It affects me in two side : positive and negative sides.
Because of fangirling, I know a lot of Japanese words and phrases. This thing helps me doing well on my Japanese class :) I once got 100 for Japanese in my report card. Besides that, from Japanese dramas that I've watched, I've learnt so many things : mostly about the value of life. Japanese dramas are very very good and recommended. They do have a lot of various theme :) Unlike, Indonesian TV dramas (honestly, it's very boring and not giving you a new lesson because the story is just always the same : a child who got lost from his/her parents since baby, a poor girl who is in a relationship with a rich boy, seizure of property, etc.). And more importantly, I also have some new friends that share the same interest with me.

But.. fangirling is also a bad habit. It's expensive. Why? I sometimes spend a lot of my money to buy their CD's, DVD's, uchiwa or even their pictorial book. You might think I'm too loyal for this kind of thing. But, the fact is I'm obsessed with it. Childish, yes. Another negative side is... it is restless. In a holiday, I usually spend more than 6 hours in front of my laptop watching JDorama. Dad once scolded me about this before I caught go to bed at 3 a.m in the morning. He protested and told me not to buy any of their CDs. It's too bad... But I do think that my dad is right, literally.

I think I've spent too much time in FANGIRLING. I need to go back in my REAL LIFE soon. Very very soon. Lucky, my school business didn't get distracted because of my fangirling habit. My score was beyond good *Thank God, for that*

Now, the matter is about BALANCE. You need to be balanced between your REAL LIFE and your FANGIRL LIFE. So far, when school's getting haptic, I just spend my time in Saturday and Sunday morning to fangirling. You can still fangirling as much as you like but... you have also think about stuffs in real life that are more important than being too obsessed with you fangirl life.

On this July 11th, I'm officially become a 12th grader. A year more, I will be a college student. I better stop playing around, and start thinking more seriously about my future. So, I think this holiday will be the last time for me to geeking over my fandom, to watch as many as JDrama that I can watch.

And more importantly, 2 months from now on, I'm gonna be 18. Time flies really fast :( I have to be more mature. I won't let fangirling occupy my real life. There are a lot of things in real life that I should more care. To socialize more, I guess. It's a way better than sitting for hours in front of your laptop doing nothing and sink too deeply in the endless fantasy. In the age of 18, I think it's the time to wake up of my dream. Stop dreaming, start executing your dream~

I have to be more smart in manage my time, so I can do and finish all the stuff (kartul matters, university stuffs, and lots of tests) well. I still don't know what I want to be in future, my future looks unclear :( I will give my best effort and pray for God's guidance.

P.S : just pretend this post as a precaution that I'm gonna leave my fandom for a little while very soon and take a rest from all of my obsession towards JE Boy :/

P.P.S : from this post towards, I think I will use English as my main :) I will try my besttttt in order to improve my writing skill

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