Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tearful Thursday

So today... was the last time my class being taught by Mrs. Ersi, our beloved Biology teacher. It was like kind of shock therapy for the rest of my class, knowing that tomorrow, April 15th, will be the last day for her to teach at our school. We might probably wondering why? why? why? It's... so SUDDEN. According to her, she decided to resign from this school because she want to be more concentrated in taking care her children, especially for her newborn baby, that might be born on the end of May. OMG~ Honestly, I can't accept that reason :((( And all of my friends yesterday were keep struggling to persuade her decline her resignation. But it still can't work. She insisted. There's nothing we can do.

Today, at her lesson. We shared our story together. She told us a story from her journey at Santa Ursula, from the very beginning. She also told us how she met his husband. She told us everything about herself. Actually, there were no tears for today. There was only laughter :')

As for me, Mrs. Ersi is one of the best teacher I've ever had. With her, Biology seems to be easier and interesting to be learned. I probably couldn't get any good marks for my Biology without her. I couldn't imagine school without her. No more laughter at Biology class.

I'm not gonna type a long post here. I just can say : thankyou for everything, for the knowledge and encouragement especially. I'm gonna miss you for sure! wish you all the best~ and God bless you always~ Semoga bisa melahirkan dedek dengan selamat~

2nd Ursuline Youth Camp, Pacet, Mojokerto, Jawa Timur
Mrs. Ersi was on the left side :'(
Taken from her Facebook

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