Farewell, Grade 11

June 18, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Ohisashiburi, minna~~~

Welcome to the jungle. I'm back again. So after those tiring yet stressful exams, I managed to pass to 12th grade! Yokatta~~~ All my scores were good. And the average score was increasing compared to the previous semester :) Especially for Math. I got 83. Something that I didn't expect before. I thought I would be less than 80, but in the end, I succeed to make it up to more than 80 *thanked God*

Now, I have to say goodbye to grade 11. No more parties, no more craziness stuffs, no more 'hebeh-hebeh'. Very soon, there will be kartul-UAS-UN, university matters and so on. It's time to be more persevere, more serious.

I'm now starting worrying my life. I still can't decide about what major to take in the university. It's either Business/Economy/Management or Biotechnology or others. Gyaaaah~~ I'M TOTALLY CONFUSED. At first, I wanted to take Visual Communication Design as my major. But lately I've been thinking that this field needs a very good talent. And I thought that I'M NOT THAT TALENTED :( I'm just a DECENT graphic-designer~ There's still a time to think about it very intensively. I hope God show me what major that fits me best :))

Another problem is... study abroad or stay here in Indonesia? Maa~~ I'm also worried about that. Since I was a little, study abroad has been always my biggest dream. But as the time goes by, little by little, it seems that dream is starting to fade away. Why? We have to face the reality, dudes. But however, I will work hard and put all my very best efforts to grasp them : TO STUDY ABROAD WITH SCHOLARSHIP :D I don't want to be such a nuisance to my beloved dad. He's been worked very hard to raise me all by himself :')

I think, that's enough for today. Still many stuffs to do. I want to continue watching Code Blue Season 2. It's a JDrama which starred by YamaPi :D. You know, after watched the previous season, I've been thinking to take Biomedical as my major eventhough to be a doctor never crossed in my mind :p But I think I won't take that since it needs a big amount of money for the tuition, in fact :))

YamaPi as Aizawa Kousaku
(kyaaa >.< who doesn't want to be treated by a handsome doctor like him?)

Code Blue Season 2

I'll keep writing on this space, since I am in holiday. Three weeks left of free time, gonna use it wisely~

Ja ne~