Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Going On, Johnny's Ent?

Well, I don't know what's going on with Johnnys lately. That company has been cursed, no? Just asking xD

First, Ryutaro's issue (6/28/2011)

Yesterday (after almost a day without Internet), I almost got a slight heart attack after knowing the news from my Twitter's timeline that Morimoto Ryutaro (Hey! Say! JUMP) caught smoking in a photo. Unfortunately, he's UNDERAGE. He's only 16 and the youngest in JUMP. At that time, I was like : "What the hell are you doing, Ryutaro? Are you stupid?" So, yesterday I was reading all the timeline tweets all day long. I also read and arama@LJ for more information.

So, Ryutaro smokes. He has been smoking for a while. The photos (from Shukan Josei's magazine) show him smoking at the age of 14 or 15 -->
hmm, that's why he has a low voice. Well yeah, for the case like this, I have to say that Ryutaro is at fault. He couldn't blame no one, but himself. And now he has to face the consequence : suspended indefinitely from all JUMP's activities. For your information, after a Johnny's got suspended, usually it takes time to make him come back to his group. It will be very hard to come back to the spotlight .____. In other words, probably suspended means soft warning before he will be kicked out from Johnny's? I don't have any idea :(

I know, teenagers who start smoking at a young age may escalate in recent years, but as AN IDOL,
Ryutaro needs to open his eyes. He's an idol and he has a very big responsible to be a good example for other people, especially for those who adore him. You guys might not want people to say things like this : "You idolized a guy who smoke...?" That's why, I'M AGAINST PEOPLE WHO SMOKE. I HATE SMOKERS.

Ryutaro, there were also Uchi & Kusano who caught drinking underage. They were 18 at that time. Uchi got back to be Junior and Kusano got back to be a trainee. And after a while, Kusano left Johnny's and until now Uchi didn't back either for NewS or Kanjani8 -____- And that will be happen to Ryutaro too. Ryutaro might not learn from his two senpai and now history repeats itself :( Poor boy. I just think he's not lucky. According to the source I've read, about 7 out of 10 member of JUMP has been smoking underage.

How on earth he could be so careless / reckless/ stupid? Life will never be the same for
Ryutaro. He ended up his career on entertainment just because of smoking. How ridiculous is that. He has to face the consequence : an indefinite suspended. Be it only for 5 months, be it forever. I don't care anymore about him *sorry Ryutaro's fans* It's his own fault.

HSJ is only a group with 9 people -_____- Lucky, Ryutaro is not my favorite in JUMP. Ryutaro even don't get my attention in every performance with JUMP. I myself have to say that it's not a big deal if Ryutaro kicked out from the group. There are so many choices : Johnny's can add Yuma to replace Ryutaro, right? In my opinion, it's the best choice so far. Moreover, NYC has been always together with JUMP (eg : in a concert).

What I learn from Ryutaro's issue :
Ryutaro has a pretty baby face you know. Who knows a cute boy like him would do such a bad thing like smoking while he's underage? Briefly, don't judge people by his/her looking. Pretty face doesn't mean he/she also good inside. Take that.

- More importantly, please:
DON'T SMOKE. Be it you are underage or not. It's TOTALLY NOT GOOD for your health. Towards other people, smokers might be a killer! So, I don't like people who smoke. They are better go to hell! Even if you are a good-looking person but if you're smoking, you look very very very ugly for me!

P.S :

Second, our miracle boy's issue (6/29/2011)

Masaki Aiba (Arashi) was hospitalised due to left spontaneous pneumothorax. And the doctor diagnosed that it needs one week hospitalised. OMG .____. Again, it was a shock for me. After Ryutaro, now Aiba. All of these makes me wonder : "What on earth is happen with Johnny's Entertainment?" Too many bad news from this agency in a very short gap of time.

Back to
Aiba's. Probably, it was the effect due to previous operation (Aiba once hospitalized in 2002 due to pneumothorax too). Plus, he and Arashi have been work very hard. On June 24-26, they held a charity concert called "Waku Waku Gakkou" in Tokyo Dome. That must be very tiring yet restless for them.

For those who have never heard what pneumothorax is :

- Pneumothorax basically refers to air in the pleural space, which is the tiny space between your lungs and the inside of your chest wall.
- It results from the rupture of small sub-pleural blebs (in other words, air blisters).
- The lung collapses when air enters that space, because what keeps it open and expanding is the tension between the surface of the lung and the chest wall (for a quick and easy analogy, imagine putting a glass on a small puddle of water on your table and moving it about a bit before trying to lift it up-- it would most likely feel like something is tugging at the glass and making it difficult to lift).
- The lung does not collapse entirely.
- Spontaneous pnemothorax mainly occurs in tall, thin men ages 20-40 years without any underlying disease factors. That means there's usually no reason as to why someone would get spontaneous pneumothorax (as suggested by the name itself).
- It is true that people who have had it once have an increased risk of a recurrence; another risk factor is cigarette smoking.
- The week long stay is probably just to keep him in the hospital for observation to see if the air in the pleural space will be absorbed by the blood stream, or try to reinflate the lung by non-surgical means.
- If the lung collapse is greater than 15-25%, they will put a chest tube in to suction the air and any accumulating fluids out. They do sometimes do surgical procedures for recurrent pneumothorax, but as his last case happened in 2002, it might not be of concern enough for them.

Credits : arashi_on@lj

I hope
Aiba's condition is not too serious and he can recover soon. GET WELL SOON OUR MIRACLE BOY~~ Don't work too hard or think too much about your work and stuffs, people around you especially your FOUR BROTHERS and the Arashians top priority is your health :) I will miss your hyperness! Arashi, please take care of Aiba-chan!


  1. I agree with what you said about Ryutaro, he knew the consequences and chose to ignore it.

    As for Aiba, I really hope he quit smoking after the 2002 incident and that this is just due to fatigue. I really don't understand singers that smoke, but even if he does he's at least not underage lol

  2. Oh, wow! haha. I kind agree with you. I hate smokers too! *high 5!*

    I was shocked when I read the news because ONE, no more Chitaro (Chi is my ultimate bias, hehe) and TWO, I wonder how Hey!Say!7 is going to look like with just 4 members.

    Ryu-chan IS stupid for doing that but I think teenagers do make stupid things in their life. It's part of life. I agree with you, he should realize he's an idol. HSJ has that clean good boy image and he just ruined that.

    p/S : 7 out of 10 smokes underage? Really? Do you know who?
    *praying it's not Chinen since he has the squeakiest voice ever in Johhnny :P*

    I follow youuu~

  3. @Steph : Thanks for the comment!

    yeah. Ryutaro must have know the consequences .___.

    For Aiba, I hope he make a quick recovery! :)

  4. @Psyra : yeah. Smokers is TOTALLY UNCOOL!

    Ryutaro is at fault, at all. He ruined HSJ image, I have to say that, psyra *gomen*

    About 7 out of 10 smokes underage. It's just a rumor I think. But I totally think that one of the 7 is Takaki -_____- Ryutaro just having a bad luck he got caught :(

    Thanks for following me! :D

  5. I was thinking the same thing when I heard of those two events! First Ryutaro and now Aiba... I wonder if Johnny's Ent. is going to be Ok.

  6. @anonymous : yeah! its somehow johnny's ent has been cursed or else HAHA :D