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Twenty One

So today is my day. And next year is Taylor Swift's turn to continously singing in my head. I'm officially being 21. It doesn't feel weird anymore since I've reached my second decades in my life a year ago hehe. Well... to be honest, I'm just feeling grateful, happy but somehow I feel "biasa aja". Mixed feelings. Don't you think as we grow up, we somehow lost that "happy feelings" of celebrating birthday? I do. This morning I don't feel like expecting what will my birthday looks like. It's just like another regular day.

LINE Official Event - LINE Let's Get Rich

On September 4th-5th there was an event on my campus (Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta) titled LINE Official Event - Let's Get Rich. It was such a very well-received event, since all students on my campus were going crazy about it. LOL xD

Yesterday, I arrived on campus at about 9.50 a.m. As I walked to the class, I saw a very big crowd on Hall C. Apparently, it was a LINE Official Event. All  you need is to download LINE Let's Get Rich and then invite 30 friends to get two turns to roll the dice and get LINE's merchandise. If you succeed to place the dice in the red spot, you get one big Cony or Brown. Blue spot, you get one small plush doll of Cony or Brown. Last one, purple spot, you could get a folder or a pen.