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Life Advice: What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about five years?

1. If you do anything, do this first one: learn how to work hard and stick with something. Learn how to turn off Facebook and control your addiction to social media. You’ll instantly be ahead of 90% of your generation.2. Video games are a time sink. If you can play for an hour and say “That was fun, let’s do something else” then you’re ok. Otherwise, just get rid of them.3. Pick up an athletic hobby that you can do through the years, or your sedentary academic lifestyle will do horrible things to your posture, back, and gut.4. Learn how to deal with interpersonal conflicts. Read Crucial Conversations and practice - it’s a lifechanger.5. Learn as much programming as you can. It’s never a bad idea to learn a programming language (unless that language is COBOL—just kidding, you can even make money coding in COBOL).6. Learn how to display data in R.7. Learn how to talk on the phone with people you don’t know. It still terrifies most people. Get a phone sales job and quit after a few weeks…


"Everything will be alright. We just keep dancing like we're... 22!"
Now it's TayTay's song to keep continuously playing in my head. Happy birthday to myself! How old are you now? Well, I'm 17... 5 YEARS AGO :D Yes. I'm 22 now! Can't believe it though cos my outer appearance still looks like a kid. It's more like a 22-year-old mind girl but trapped in a little girl's body HAHAHA. But thank God for all Your blessings until today. Thank you for everything :") Thank you for those who wishes me 'happy birthday'. Really appreciated it!
Time flies. I'm on my (hopefully) very last semester in college and gotta be ready for the "real life." I hope I can be even moreeee mature and wise than before. Gotta keep reminding myself that I AM 22 NOW. TWENTY-TWO. You are not a little girl anymore! I'm now lady in the making. YESSS.

Bicara tentang harapan. Gue berharap di umur 22 ini semoga bisa menaikkan diri ke level yang lebih…

At Least I Believe

"I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I live as I believe." (Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston)

Luck Favours the Brave

I'm back again, fella'! Haha. It's already 1.43 a.m here and I still can't sleep. Masih segar bugar kayak abis nenggak Krating Daeng. Hem. Seperti biasanya, kalau jam-jam segini pikiran gue lagi melayang ke mana-mana. Pondering about things that I want to do, projects to work on, etc. Beberapa hari terakhir ini fokus gue gak bisa jauh-jauh dari yang namanya skripsi. Beruntung minggu ini gue udah set target dan puji Tuhan berhasil tercapai. Yang di kepala gue sekarang isinya gimana skripsi kelar dengan tempo yang sesingkat-singkatnya. Padahal niatnya sih abis kelar internship mau doing some projects (other than just stuck at home doing thesis). Reactivating my online shop, make new business line, join some competitions, writing more blogposts... hem. Tapi kok gak tau kenapa rasanya males dan akhirnya masih ga jadi-jadi deh semua itu. There's something that bugs me yang bikin susah banget buat get done something. Kadang gue suka kesel sama diri gue. Banyak maunya, m…

One Step Closer

It's September already! My favorite month of the year (you-know-why) xD Anyway, 2015 itu tinggal hitungan jari ya. September, Oktober, November, Desember. Four-months left to achieve our goal in 2015. Salah satu target gue di tahun ini adalah skripsi harus bisa selesai dalam jangka waktu 3-4 bulan. Which means Desember udah mesti kelar! Bisa gak yah? Harus bisa dan optimis! Berhubung udah dapet tempat untuk magang lagi di Desember jadi mau gak mau skripsi harus buru-buru dikelarin sebelum negara api menyerang :") Berharap banget bisa sidang di akhir Desember. Amin!

I'm now in my 7th semester. Bicara soal skripsi... hem nano-nano deh rasanya. Kalau yang lain udah mulai kelar bab 1 nya (dan bahkan sudah ada yang mulai bab 3), hari ini gue baru aja di-accept topiknya. Thank God banget deh sudah mulai ada setitik pencerahan sih mau dibawa ke mana topik skripsi gue ini. Jadi hari ini gue sedang berjuang menyelesaikan bab 1 dan bab 2 sekaligus. Target gue minggu depan udah kel…