Proud To Be A Sanurian

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well, peepers. gomenasai for the late updates! i haven't been updating my blog yet. the last post was about 7 days ago. and now.. i'm too tired to type and to tell to you about my new life at High School (read : not in the mood of blogging). so this post goes in Indonesian *don't blame me for you strangers, learn Indonesian first!*. here they are :

jadi sudah hampir 1 minggu ini gue melanjutkan SMA gue di SMA Santa Ursula. yang pasti SMA gue itu adalah sekolah khusus cewek. jadi ya sejauh mata memandang yang lo temukan hanya cewek, cewek, dan cewek xD gue sama ovi masuk kelas X5.

Yovita n Me
(bukan di Sanur sih, tapi di Vincent :3)

jujur kesan awal masuk ni sekolah gue sempet nyesel dan berpikir : duh gue gak salah ya masuk SMA ini, kok gini banget sih? disiplin luar biasa, anak-anaknya juga keknya sombong banget (secara mayoritasnya adalah anak-anak yang SMPnya dari Sanur juga). apa gue kuat bakalan bertahan di sekolah yang notabene nya salah satu sekolah favorit di Jakarta? tapi semua keraguan gue untuk bersekolah di situ akhirnya perlahan-lahan mulai sirna seiring dengan MOS 5 hari yang diadakan oleh OSIS. gue bener-bener jadi ngerti deh 'many reasons' why we should study in this school. dan ternyata, kelas gue anak-anaknya lumayan asyik dan gak sombong seperti yang gue bayangkan sebelumnya. anaknya gokil, kocak, tapi juga kreatif dan tentu saja CERDAS (baca : JENIUS) haha xD xD

pada intinya, walaupun gue baru seminggu di Sanur, tapi berasa udah berbulan-bulan di situ dan rasanya sekolah ini bakal dengan cepat jadi rumah kedua buat gue. banyak banget nilai-nilai dan juga pengalaman berharga yang bakal didapatkan kalo kita sekolah di situ. mulai senin besok, gue udah mulai belajar. doain ya guys, supaya gue jadi lebih rajin belajar (dan gak internetan mulu) juga bisa memanajemen waktu dengan baik. gue pengen serius di sana karena untuk sekolah di sini biayanya gak murah lo. gue berharap masa depan gue lebih terjamin dengan sekolah di sini. amin amin amin^O^ proud to be a Sanurian! gak nyesel deh masuk sekolah ini!

oya hari ini ada Open House Sanur. jadi pada open house yang secara tahunan rutin digelar ini, ditampilkan stand-stand Bahasa, Humaniora, dan pertunjukan ekskul-ekskul seperti TPSU, TTM dan Marching Brass. gampangnya : PROMOSI.

here's some snapshots :

Putri Santa Ursula Marching Brass (cool, isn't it?)

Sebenernya ada majalah yang isinya Arashi, tapi sayang gak gue baca.. T.T

Yeah I will join the Japan class! >.<

I love Onigiri! It tastes good!


Ich Lerne Deutsch! Haha

Ayos kitos semuos belajaros Espanos! ROFLMAO XD

Kamsha Hamnida!


sampe sekarang gue masih bingung menentukan pilihan Bahasa dan Humaniora. tapi kayaknya untuk Bahasa gue putuskan mantap di Bahasa Jepang . humanioranya masih bingung antara desain grafis, tatting atau gamelan Bali ya? (comment please!!!! COMMENTS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!)

kayaknya segitu dulu yah. i'm gonna hitting my bed. doakan semoga seminggu ke depan gue semakin betah dan bisa bertahan di Sanur. amin~

bye bye peepers!
see you till the next updates!

status : SEMI-HIATUS

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Blasts At JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Jakarta

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Today is such a bad day ever in my life. This morning I woke up with the heartbreaking news : bombs minute apart ripped through luxury hotels in Jakarta, JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton. First explosion happened at 7.45 (located on JW Marriot). Two minutes later the second bomb exploded (on Ritz Carlton). The attacks came just two weeks after the presidential vote expected to re-elect incumbent Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. So far 9 kill and at least 50 injured. 9 foreigners were among the dead and wounded. The 50 injured people have ben taken to the nearest hospital such as RS Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC), RS Pusat Pertamina and RS Jakarta.

This was surprised me a lot. What the hell is this? I wonder how the bomb could be entered both of the hotels. I thought that the security level is high enough. John Towriss, the former CNN producer, said the Marriott has beefed up security since the 2003 attacks, making it impossible for people to drive up to the hotel in cars. Both hotels set up metal detectors and thick concrete barriers to prevent car bombers. "I always thought I was safer at the Marriott because I thought it had already been bombed once," Towriss said. "I thought that another hotel would be targeted. (source :

Police said the bomb at the Marriott likely came from the basement beneath the coffee shop on the ground floor, which would have been busy at breakfast time. I also heard that there were 3 explosions in Jakarta today, but the media confirmed that the third explosion (which is located on Muara Angke, North Jakarta) not come from the bomb.

The CNN and CNA also reported it. Now I'm still watching and listening to MetroTV (our local channel). It still airing the news about this topic. On my Facebook, many people updated their status about the explosion. I could see our incumbent president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono held a press conference, he somehow looks so sad because of the bombing attack. At least two times he stopped his speech towards the media. His voice was trembling and he was like .... er... lost words. He said that his life is also in danger. But he didn't obstructed to run his duty as head of the state and the head of government. It's so damn touching. I'm proud to have a president, just like him. (source :

Due to the past attack, most major hotels in Indonesia take security precautions, for instance checking incoming vehicles and requiring visitors to pass through metal detectors.

And then.. what does the impact for us, Indonesian? Media said Manchester United wouldn't come to Jakarta. It's surely not safe for them to stay here now. As far as I know, Ritz Carlton will be the place where MU's players spend their night. I thought it maybe postponed According to the schedule, Manchester United will come to Jakarta on July 20 to compete with our National Football Team. This is not good for us for sure.

* I put my big condolences for all of the victims *
(write this with the trembling hands)

The view of JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton after bomb explosions

The wounded man in the picture was Timothy Mackay, a foreigner, and he is the CEO of Holcim Indonesia. He's been outside for about 10 minutes before a taxi brought him to the hospital. Unluckily, this man were died because of the serious injury :'(

pictures source :

Why do they like to see people in sorrow? Why do they don't have any humanity sense? And why Indonesia must experience this? :(

"Dear God, forgive them who did this bombing action. Please take care of them who got injured and wounded. Please let the people who died, rest in peace. I hope after this, there will be no such incident like this. Please God... let us live happily in peace. Protect all of us from any threats. deliver this prayer through the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

At last, please notice carefully this message, for those who live in Jakarta :
Taken this from Vivin
"About 4 bombs haven't exploded, avoid these places:kuningan, fx, gi, pi, sensi, pp, clubs&bars, cafes, hyatt, inter school, usa embassy.."
- via msg

PS : Until I finish my post now, our local channels are still airing this incident. Non-stop.
PSS : Tomorrow is my first day school in High School. Wish me luck ya peepers. Hope I can easily get some new friends. Amen.
PSSS : I think I wouldn't watch Harry Potter 6 due to this incident.

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Harry Potter 6, Very Please...!

July 16, 2009 6 Comments A+ a-

Uh-oh. Hello peepers! Coming back again.. 2 days before my first day entering my new high school.

Today is the world premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. KYAAAH!!! As a PotterMania I really want to watch it desperately... Can't wait it.. >.<


Nino said it!
pictures credit to tasshi@wordpress

I'm planning to watch HP6 at the Blitz on Saturday. But Saturday is my first day entering my new high school (with the new uniform *tee-hee*). So, I need to re-schedule it now. T.T

Anyway, which HP6 poster do you like the most? I've found 4 so far.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

I like Poster 3 the most. How about you, bloggers? *comment please!* Love the tagline above it..."I AM NOT AFRAID, I AM WITH YOU" This sentece is referred to Prof. Dumbledore. He said it to Harry when they searching for the Horcrux.

At last, I can't stand waiting for HP6 anymore. Need to watch it very soon!

Off now. I'm going to Kumon. Catch you later!

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July 13, 2009 7 Comments A+ a-

Good news peepers. Now, I'm watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun on NTV, LIVE!!! Streaming via KeyHole TV. Thanks to Reinal-san who has informed me this superb application (arigatou!). With KeyHole, we are able to watch a few channel of Japanese TV live (those availables are Fuji TV, TBS, NTV, Japan TV) or in the other words... REAL TIME, fellas! As well as we watch TV Cable!

Really, this must be a great way to watch Arashi (or other Japanese groups) shows real time. The post is new so the show schedule must still apply. Though take note that Japan time is 2 hour ahead of Indonesian Time. So 8AM in Tokyo is 6AM in Jakarta.

KeyHole TV is a Windows P2PTV application that broadcasts all the regular Japanese TV channels (with the exception of NHK) and the occasional American channel, webcam, or whatever random thing that might pop up. With this program, you can stream Japanese channels in real-time. The quality of the audio and video isn’t that great, unfortunately. The sound can be downright terrible, especially when music performances or loud audiences are involved. But overall, it’s decent enough to hold us over until the show is uploaded or a better-quality alternative comes along.

So bloggers, whoever you are, which have interest in Japan (culture, music, news, etc.). It's a must to have this lovely application! Just go to to install, and download the latest installation file (currently version 3.13).

P.S : To have a clear video, you may also need a good Internet connection!

I watched it just now! Arashi no Shukudai-kun. So funny, as always. And I love SHO in his Polo shirt!!! I don't know who the guest star is, since I doesn't really understand what were they talking about. Haha.

For the Aibaland part, I also don't know what game they play. But I think they played the baby race, since they wore a thing like the baby stuff in their head. Like this :

This is Riida. Kawaii, deshou?

Anyway, I've just got another award from Ayame-chan. Arigatou, Ayame!

Here are the rules.. just fill in this profile!
1. Nama : Eugenia Septhariani
2. URL/Web :
3. Email :
4. Hobby : blogging, designing, browsing Internet
5. Cita-cita : I just wanna make my Dad proud of me
6. Mulai nge-blogwalking : januari 2009
7. Kota kamu : Jakarta

I'll give this award to all people who wants to grab it. xD Because I'm too lazy to tag!!!

And.. don't forget to vote for Sho (The Quiz Show 2) and Jun (Smile) for Best Actor Category and Best Drama at Nikkan Sport Drama GP. If you wanna vote, click here (try Googling - Google Translate, if you have difficulties in voting, because they're all written in Japanese!). To be honest, I confused about which one should I choose, coz Sho and Jun is the best pairing for me. But at last, I voted for Sho! Haha. Since he is my REAL ICHIBAN~

Enough today. I think this post is too "short" but yet it is written. Haha. Another weird side of me.

Good night!!
Oyasumi ~

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日本語 です。

July 13, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-





Comment please !


P.S : Thanks to Naoko-san for the help!

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I'm a Dreamer

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Hello bloggers! How's it going?

Today I got 2 awards from Vivin @ (a bunch thanks to you! haha^o^)

First Award

I "Heart" Your Blog Award

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all you have to do is :
1. copy and paste this award to your blog
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I would like to give this award to :
Ayame, Kymisa, and Qi Wen

Second Award

Sweeth-licioush Blog Follower Award

Got this from Vivin
Since I was her follower, she gave this award to all of her followers
Click on her name to check out her kawaii blog!

During this very long and boring holiday, I've decided to spend it with learning Nihongo. I already bought many books to learn it by myself. It sounds funny, eh? But I did. Now I'm able to read all Hiragana characters. I haven't learned for Katakana. It a lil bit hard to me. I just know the basic Katakana like a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko.

I don't know what's forcing me to learn Nihongo desperately. It might be because of Arashi. Yeah, those 5 guys has made me more fell in love with Japan. I also put a big interest in Japanese culture. They have so many festivals. I like Hanami the most. It is a festival where you can enjoying the beauty of Sakura. It also known by "Cherry Blossoms'. From the mid January to early May Sakura bloom all over Japan. Ah.. so sweet (click on the word "Hanami' for further information) Well, I hope I can talk in Japanese fluently and wish I were there someday.

Anyway, if you're a regular-reader of mine, did you hear something different with the background music? xD Yep. I changed it. Now, the music is from Maaya Sakamoto, Purachina (it's Japanese phrase from 'Platinum). This song is opening theme for an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura Season 2. And I just love the soft and gently voice of Maaya Sakamoto. Turning on that song is like reminisce my childhood memories, when I sat on 5th grade. Haha. Natzukashii naa... (means 'so nostalgic')

In the very first of the song, you'll hear "I'm a dreamer... hisomu pawa (means 'hidden power')..." That's sooo mine. Yeah, I'm a dreamer. I have so many dreams to pursue and also many goals to achieve. I love the word "D-R-E-A-M". It sounds like a magic word for me and it may also affected my life.

What 'dream' means according to my Oxford Dictionary :
1. [C] series of images and events that happen in your mind while you are asleep
2. [C] wish to have or be sth, esp one that seems difficult to achieve

In this matter, I'll talk about 'dream' in the definition number 2, okay?

All people in the world, might be have a dream. I've told you above that I've so many dreams. I've ever been dreaming have a trip to Japan and studying in Keio University. I put a big interest for Japan. The another 'unimportant' dream is... I really really wanna meet Arashi in person!!! Back to the reality. For the first one : go to Japan. That's very impossible to pursue. The main reason is I'm not come from the wealthy ones. The other reason : I don't talk Japanese at all! How can I study there? And for the other dreams : meet Arashi. OMG. This one is moree impossible than go to Japan. Haha. It just ah.. not a dream I think. It's just current obsession. Hehehe^^ (but I don't know if it'll be a long lasting obsession)

In my opinion, dreams are divided into two main parts :
* Your dream in short period. Example : study more hard next year, be able to buy a thing that you think expensive, etc.


* What you plan for the future. It means 5 years or even 10 years from now on. Example : study abroad, build a family, travel around the world, be a doctor, etc.

Nah, peepers, listen to me, as long as we keep the good effort and always pray to God, no matter how improbable your dream is.... SURELY will come true! Trust me. I'm not trying to teach you all LMAO, ok? I'm just wanna share what I think and what I feel.

This is my favorite part of my background music

"Watashi no sekai.. yume to koi to fuan de dekiteru
Demo souzou wo shinai mono... kakureteru hazu

Mitsuketai naa.. kanaetai naa..
Shinjiru sore dake de koerarenai mono wa nai.."

in English it means :

"My world is made of dreams, love, and worries.
But there are still lying things hidden that I can't even imagine.

I want to find my dream.. I want to make it come true..
There's nothing that I can't overcome if I believe.."

Purachina (OST Cardcaptor Sakura)

Lastly, look at the wise words about 'dream' :

"Dream. And God will hug that dream."
Andrea Hirata

Too much blabbing today *giggles*. I need to sleep, daddy has scolded me many times to turn off the computer. Catch you later, peepers. Kindly please do comment, click on the word "dreams" in the end of my post to proceed. THANKIES!

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Brand New Layout!

July 09, 2009 6 Comments A+ a-

finally... I made my 1st ever blogskin! YATTA! what do you think? is it good?

well. I made the layout by myself and took some reference on That So Easy. And yah.. here it is! I'm just a newbie in making a blogskin. But, I do hope that this blogskin is good enough for this lovely blog *giggles*

*subject changed--a lil bit RANDOM*

anyway. kamar gue akhirnya udah hampir beres dari segala sampah, kertas, buku yang udah gak kepake. sekarang tinggal beresin majalah-majalah lama. capek juga bongkarin seluruh isi lemari dan box-box yang bertumpuk di kamar gue. mana tanggal 18 udah masuk, tapi gue belom nyampulin buku tulis *males mode : ON*. pokoknya liburan kali ini semuanya bertitel MALES dah. mau ini males. mau itu males. bahkan jalan ke luar rumah aja gue males setengah mampus.


look! how messy my room is...


yabaishite! >.< creepy stuffs are sparkling here and there LOL

oya. berhubung tahun ini adalah 10th Anniversary nya Arashi, mereka keluarin album "All The Best 1999-2009". di albumnya nanti bakal ada 3 CD (31 lagu). dan lagu-lagu yang ada di CD ke 2 itu lagu-lagu favorit gue sejak gue mulai fangirling Arashi. yang jelas sekarang gue lagi ngidam banget sama albumnya. tapi... harganya bikin kantong robek. haha. yang First Press Limited Edition aja harganya setengah juta alias 500 ribu. belom lagi kalo yen naik. duh! yang Normal Edition aja 400 ribuan. haha. Arashi bikin fans nya makin jatuh miskin aja nih. Om Johnny gue gantung dah beneran. mau nabung sebulan juga kayaknya gak bakal cukup deh. jadi kayaknya kali ini gue pass dah. haha. gak beli. lagian udah punya gitu DLnya.

*subject changed*

updates yang terakhir.. tentang Michael Jackson's Memorial.
7 Juli kemaren diadain peringatan MJ untuk terakhir kalinya di Staples Center, LA. lucky I witnessed it streaming via (terlalu males untuk nyalain tivi). Dan itu tuh... bener-bener ya. gak cuma waktu MJ masih hidup, pas udah meninggal juga diperingati secara mewah. kabarnya peti matinya dilapisi emas 14 karat. ZOMG. di acara peringatan itu, banyak artis yang diundang macam Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Judith Hill. sayangnya, gue udah keburu tepar duluan pas bagian si Paris Jackson, anaknya MJ, kasih sambutan. tapi gue liat di Youtube dan itu... mengharukan banget...

"Ever since I was born Daddy has been the best father you can never imagine. And I just wanna say I love him.. so much"

Dan justru setelah kematiannya, gue malah jadi ngefans sama MJ. sama lagu-lagunya. sebenernya dari dulu juga udah gue dengerin lagu-lagunya dia. bokap sering nyetel kaset-kaset MJ. tapi gue ya gitu. cuek bebek atau gak tau ya kalo lagu-lagu MJ tuh top markotop? haha. Pokoknya gue suka MJ = Michael Jackson = Matsumoto Jun (loh?)

The world cried for you. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. May God bless you.
The greatest entertainer ever. The best human being. You will be missed

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credits to tinypic

enough for today. need to neat up my messy room.
catch you later peepers!!!

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