Tutorit Friendship

September 27, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

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Arti Award:

Tutorit Friendship merupakan award yang diberikan untuk blog/web yang kamu anggap paling meng-inspirasi dan sangat bersahabat.

Homework to Special Friends :
• Buatlah postingan yang memuat gambar award ini di blog kamu.
• Sebutkan siapa yang memberikan award beserta link blognya.
• Hadiahkan award ini kepada 10 sahabatmu.
• Kunjungi blognya dan beritahukan kalau ada award dari kamu untuknya.
• Lakukan hal yang sama seperti yang memberikan award ke kamu.
• Copas dari "Begin Copy" Sampai "End Copy" di blog anda.

Special Friend's :
- Pingkan
- Velisa
- Melisa
- Rheta
- Kanya
- Ibeth

Buat anda yang namanya saya sebutkan diatas, selamat anda berhak mendapatkan Award Tutorit Friendship .

My Sweet Sixteen

September 26, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Today is my 16th birthday~ Crap DX I'm getting older!

This is my 16th birthday cake! LOL It's a lie~ It's not mine, just grabbed it from Photobucket

Thanks for my friend, Albert, who became the first person who wishes me a happy birthday ^^ A bunch thanks for all my friends who has given me the birthday's greetings on Facebook and text messages..
And also... thanks for my beloved dad : he bought me an Arashi 10th anniversary Photobook as my birthday gift! yatta~ arigatou na, oji-chan!

In this 16th birthday, I wish that I could be a mature person and grown up fully :D And I hope all my dreams will come true...

That's enough for today, I'm not in the mood of blogging.

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Random [Part 2]

September 20, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

This post will be full of random (again) things, so that's why I named this post by Random [part 2].

Yesterday, exactly on Friday, I have received my mid-term report card. And guess what? There's no highlights in my report card! It means that there were no red spots! I feel so grateful and thankiess God, you saved my life... and thanks for Your blessing on my first three months in High School.
Overall, for me, it's good. But, still, there are some parts that I need to fix, they are English and Geography. Yeah, those two kinds of subjects made me... grawrrr... I got 67 for listening parts and 76 for Geography. Need to study harder (dan juga butuh sedikit penyemangat dan motivator untuk belajar), esp. English! You've already known my broken English, right?

Well, till now, I haven't decided which program will I choose in grade 11 yet. Science or Social or even Bahasa? Obviously, my dad told me to take Science program, but from my deepest heart I still want to take Social program. Even my score is qualified for Science program, but I don't like Science that much. In the other side, I want Social, but sometimes, I also have a desire to enter Science program. Srsly, I don't know!!! So now, every night I just can pray to God.. please enlighten me and give me the sign, which program should I take? Only God who know... I believe that He will show me the program which is suit me the best. I believe it!


I just watched Sakurai Sho playing a gesture game in Arashi no Shukudai-kun. At that time he wore the white Adidas Stan Smith with three black stripes. And it makes him cooler, as always! ^^I was searching about that shoes after I watched it. Suddenly, I want these badly :

Adidas Stan Smith Gazelle Easter
warna birunya soft banget apalagi pink stripes nya itu .. ugh.. bikin tambah pengen

Adidas Stan Smith Graphsimple :D

Argh.. I need a new sneakers so I want that shoes badly :( Huhu..
someone buy one for me, please?


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Happy 10th Anniversary ARASHI!
Thank you for being my BEST STORM in MY HEART!
*udah telat 5 hari! gomen, Arashi-chan!*

semoga :
- makin sukses
- tetap EKSIS
- awet muda :)
- bisa konser di Indonesia (Amin)
- personilnya gak berubah, tetap satu, ARASHI

"tetaplah menjadi
BADAI di hatiku... "



Ok. Peepers. Enough for today.
Need to go.
See ya tomorrow. Dorama maraton is waiting me! LOL XD I'm going to watch Atashinchi no Danshi.
I'll be free at home for this whole week! YEAY!

[PS: since my Internet connection is unlimited, at least, in this boring holiday, I still had something to do, like wrote this post and watching many Arashi's funny videos at Youtube]


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September 13, 2009 7 Comments A+ a-

This morning I went to Sarinah Thamrin with my lovely dad. I was hunting for the local handicraft, so Sarinah is the right place to buy it. Then I went up to the 5th floor where we can find loads of handicraft. And amazingly, almost all of the handicrafts have patterns from batik! Omona! When you look around you will find BATIK everywhere. (trust me!) I was surprised at that time. Here's the pics at Sarinah Local Handicraft's section :

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Traditional Puppets
Picture taken by me

These are the things that I bought at Sarinah :

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Batik Lasem Greeting Card
and this is the description written in the back side of the card :

"The design on this batik from Lasem has rare colourings black coloured motifs on ivory background. It's tumpal (base of the cloth) is an adaptation of the geometric 'patola' from India. The 'hiasan pinggir' (border decoration) and the 'papan' uses floral motifs, whilst the 'badan' (body of the cloth) depicts the peacocks amongst the plants. Generally, this batik is worn as a sarong. Original Size of this batik : 105 cm x 200 cm, Approximate Age : 80 years old."

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Batik Pekalongan Greeting Card
and this is the description written in the back side of the card :

"The motif of this batik from Pekalongan is divided into two sections, named 'pagi-sore' ('morning-afternoon'). One of the sections depicts bouquets of chrysanthemums on dark blue background, whilst the other depicts bouquets of roses on turquoise background. Generally, this batik is worn as 'kain panjang'. Original Size of this batik : 108 x 244 cm, Approximate Age : 40 years old."

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Batik Bookmarks

Now, somehow I feel like.. I'm proud to be the part of Indonesia. My body was a bit trembling when I saw those local handicrafts. I'm truly amazed. In fact, we have so many cultures. We are a unique nation! We, as a good citizen, need to appreciate it!!! For instance : buy the local products! It will help! And for our government, please kindly take an action to patent all of our original culture. Last week, we've heard the news that UNESCO has already recognized batik as the WORLD HERITAGE which is come from Indonesia, right? UNESCO will formally notice it next month. It's told that batik term is derived from Javanese words "amba nitik" (so read as batik). It describes a work how to paint point by point on cloth using special liquid called as "malam" by a mean called as "canting". This local traditional handicraft originates from Majapahit era for the king family's fashion and continues to the Mataram Sultanate era in Central Java. Nowadays, batik becomes public fashion. Wow! Can't you see how amazing batik is?

Due to that term, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, our incumbent president, told us, the Indonesian, to wear batik at October 2, 2009, as a form to appreciate batik coz batik is now recognized as the WORLD HERITAGE! Will you wear batik on that day? Hehe XD

Anyway, did you guys, bloggers, notice this...?

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Enough for today, peepers!
Need to prepare for tomorrow tasks.
I'm leaving now.

[P.S : If Sho Sakurai scared of heights, then my dad feel the same too.. so the equation goes here : ]

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International Literacy Day

September 08, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

gah. finally I brought myself to turn on my computer and going online. -.-

tomorrow I'll be having economy with accountancy on one day. That will be the best couple on the midtest! grawr.

Today is a special day. September 8 was proclaimed International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 1965.

On International Literacy Day each year, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. Celebrations take place around the world.

Some 776 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women; 75 million children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or drop out. (source : wikipedia.com)

There will be no book without literacy

No blog without literacy

I can read

I can write

So I wrote this blog!

Thanks to literacy...

Selamat Hari Aksara Internasional!

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Why So Worried?

September 01, 2009 5 Comments A+ a-

Hey! This is my 145th posts! Yeay!!! Claps your for me plisss people~
Hehe :)
Gak kerasa udah September lagi.. dan itu artinya.. ulang tahun gue yang ke-16 makin deket! gawd, I'm almost 16, but I still haven't totally grown up :( Help me God...

Btw, udah berapa hari yak gue gak nge-blog? Sejak SMA gue jadi jarang banget update blog.. Pengen ganti layoutnya tapi gak ada waktu. Pengen ngebalesin tagboard pun gak sempet. Jadi maaf ya saudara-saudara buat yang tagnya gak saya reply :) Oh ya, link exchanges are off for now. Sorry peeps, next time, ok?

Ngomong-ngomong (lagi), mid udah makin deket. Tanggal 4 besok udah mulai mid. Tahun lalu sih Sanur gak ada mid, baru tahun ini aja ada mid. Bisa lo bayangin gak sih? Pelajaran resmi mulai tanggal 27 Juli 2009. Sekarang tanggal 1 September. Itu artinya baru 1 bulan lewat beberapa hari udah harus mid! Pantesan guru-guru kesannya kek rada ngebut gitu ngajarinnya. Yah, tapi ambil sisi positifnya aja deh.. kan dengan adanya mid kita bisa nyicil buat ulangan umum jadinya pas ulangan umum gak gitu berat belajarnya :D, yegak???

Mid semester I mulai dari tanggal 4-12 September. Dan itu gak cuma pelajaran formal di kelas aja, tapi juga bahasa dan humaniora. Tes bahasa Jepang? Okelah..Tapi, kalo web/design grafis? Gimanaa coba... dasarnya aja gue masih kagok pake Photoshop CS3... Yang kek gini nih yang bikin gue worry. Udah gitu juga untuk mid matapel religio. Ada 1 bab yang belom diajarin sama sekali. Gimana belajarnya coba??? Ah.. @__@ pusingnya :(

Seperti kata Romo yang pernah mimpin misa awal tahun ajaran, "Why So Worried?" Bener juga sih, gak usah worry-worry lah.. Dijalanin dulu aja. Yang penting prosesnya bukan hasilnya. Why so worried? Ada Tuhan yang akan selalu menyertai kita (that's why I titled this post with 'Why So Worried'). Betul kann? Selama ini gue masih aja tuh yang namanya mengeluh dan jarang banget mensyukuri berkat Tuhan, terutama buat hal-hal yang sepele. Perlahan-lahan sih gue mulai sadar....

"Hidup itu bukan untuk mengeluh dan mengaduh." - W. S Rendra

At last, kayaknya segitu dulu untuk hari ini. Baru inget ada PR Bahasa Inggris, Ekonomi sama Mat.
I'm leaving now :)
bye-bye peepers! see you next time!!!

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